Types of Communication and How to Improve Them

Communication is one of the most basic features in life as it allows as to convey our thoughts, opinion, and emotions. We communicate with everything that surrounds us directly or indirectly. In this modern era, it has now become an immense requirement for communication and how it affects our daily life. Here is everything to know about different types of communication and how to improve the overall skill.


  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Types of Communication
  3. Non-Verbal Types of Communication
  4. Other Common Types of Communication
  5. Final Note



Different types of communication shape a primary feature of our lives. Everything that surrounds us has different types of communication with us both directly and indirectly. Our brain is intelligent enough to utilize some of this information to understand the meaning behind it.

In this modern ear, different effective types of communication skills are one of the essential requirements. People need it for their professions, jobs, social lives, family, and many others. Hence, it is of the utmost necessity for us to know about the different types of communication and how to make it useful for our prosperity.


Basic Types of Communication

All living being possesses some essential ability to make different types of communications, like basic communication.

In the basic communication, there are two major types of communication:

  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-verbal Communication

1. Verbal Communication

Verbal types of communication skill is an innate ability of humans and animals. Your verbal communication skills are essential for your professional life as well as in day to day life. 

These days, recruiters are only hiring candidates with excellent communication skills. 

Written Communication

We humans started communicating in written form around 5000 years ago. In modern times, excellent writing skills are essentials for preparing letters, notes, memos and other notices. Written communication has now become an integral part of our lives. 


Electronic Communication

Different types of communication also include electronic communication like conveying information through the telephone line, email, instant messages, websites, multimedia, radio, and likes. We could get and give verbal and written types of communication via electronic communication.


Non-Verbal Types of Communication

We could define non-verbal types of communication as an inborn or acquired skill. Like various other types of communication, non-verbal forms of communication is also an integral part of our lives. 

Body Language

Body language is one of the most important types of communication in non-verbal forms. These days, people don’t exclusively hear what you have to say during a conversation. They also notice your body language to determine your overall personality. 

It is essential to keep our body language in mind while communicating with others because your body language could betray you and may reveal your thoughts that you may prefer to cover. Hence, make sure your body language matches with what you are trying to communicate verbally. 

Examples of body language include eye contact, hand gestures, walking style, boy movement, and more. You could improve your body language by reading books that would help you with personality development.


Graphic Communication

Graphic communication is an essential skill in many professions like doctors, logistics, engineers, and designers. It is one of the types of communication that requires interacting with people through graphic designs and pictures. You will find various examples of visual communication in your office, home, and surrounding.


Haptic Communication

Haptic is one of the types of communication that we commonly use in our daily lives. In haptic interaction, you express your feelings via your touch without the use of words. 

Typical examples of Haptic communication includes hugging, back-patting, indicating danger, giving directions, and various other gestures that are non-verbal.


Olfactic Communication

Olfactic communication involves our sense of smell of communication. It is one of the types of communication that includes perfumes, deodorants, or the favors of food. It is a significant business globally that requires highly skilled professions to make fragrances to match different personalities for various brands or creating flavors to induce hunger in the food industry.

Further, people may find you unpleasant even if you have a great personality if you give off a foul smell. Hence, we must smell good to remain presentable under any given circumstances.  


Musical Communication

We all know that music is one of the types of communication that uses tunes and songs to convey various emotions. It is one of the oldest forms of communication. Many brands involve music as a form of identity for their products or brands or inducing nationalism via patriotic songs. 

Music is still continually developing while allowing people to express their feelings and emotions to stir masses or aid with stress. There are broad categories of instruments and themes that portray various forms of musical communication globally. 


Other Common Types of Communication

  • Braille (1)
  • Sign Language (2)
  • Morse Code (3)
  • Semaphore (4)


Final Note

People need to acquire various verbal and nonverbal types of communication to prosper in their daily lives. Comprehensive non-verbal types of communication require an exceptional level of EI (or emotional intelligence). Many employees in the market are seeking candidates with high EI these days. Hence, do great in your career and find well-paid jobs by acquiring many types of communication skills with excellency. 

Rucha Joshi
Rucha Joshi
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