Top Government Internships In India

Government internships have many perks. This article contains a list of the top Government internships in India.

Indian government internships not only help you to gear up for a full-time government job but will also introduce you to the events that occur in government agencies. An internship in the government sector is going to help you to build your career.


Importance of Government internships


1]You can build connections

If you actually want to learn from the right people and also create a good future for your career , government agencies are the best choice. And usually, people who work in the government will have their own advantages in general and sometimes can take the easy way out.


2]You can gain useful experience 

Government offices usually have a good reputation because they serve the public. If you want to be disciplined, you could learn all the office manners that you should. Government internships will provide good training.


3]You might get a job offer

Even if the pay isn’t that high, long-term benefits will secure your future until you retire. Depending on the industry you work in, employers give high regard to the applicants who have already had experience working for the government.


List of top Government Internships


1]Ministry of External Affairs

Ministry of External Affairs offers online and offline internships to students where they will have to conduct research, write reports, and study evolving developments.

Eligibility: Students who completed their 3rd year in a 5-year integrated course or those who have completed their graduation can apply for online internships, while other undergraduate students can apply for the offline internships

It lasts for a time period of 1-6 months, and it is an unpaid internship.

How to apply: Applications will be open throughout the whole year. Students need to send a copy of the application form, their resume, NOC, self-attested mark-sheets, introduction letter from the head of your university, and also copies of 3 proof of identity with your passport and Aadhar Card to the MEA headquarters in New Delhi, addressed to the joint secretary.

For more information on MEA, visit


2]Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance offers government internships in the Department of Expenditure and the Department of Economic Affairs. 

Eligibility: Research scholars, those who completed their graduation in first class, or students pursuing a post-graduation in economics, finance, or management are eligible to apply

It can last for six months, and the stipend offered is 10K.

How to apply: Students can apply at the Department of Expenditure in the Finance Ministry by filling in the application form. You can fill the application form online for an internship at the Department of Economic Affairs.

For more information, visit


3]Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Eligibility: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs offers internships to the students who are doing their post-graduation in commerce, law, economics, and finance for the Serious Fraud Investigation Office and for the offices of LO.

It lasts for six months, and the stipend is 10K.

How to apply: A notification call is issued every year, and students who are interested can apply by sending their applications along with their resume by post to the department at MCA, New Delhi, or by email before the deadline.

You can visit for more information.


4]State Bank of India

Eligibility: The State Bank of India offers internships to students who are doing a degree in law, management, engineering, commerce, and other related fields.

SBI internship lasts from 10 to 12 weeks and offered 15-20K monthly.

How to apply: Students can send an email containing their application to the Chief Manager, Learning & Development. You can also submit your application form at the nearest SBI branch.

Visit for more information.


5]Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha offers two types of internships 

3-month internship – Students who completed two years in their post-graduation degree are eligible and are offered 20K monthly

1-month internship – Students who are doing their graduation or post-graduation in science, social sciences, finance, management, etc. can apply for the summer internships at Lok Sabha.

How to apply: Students can apply for the Lok Sabha internship online. You need to attach a recommendation letter from the principal or the head of your institution, NOC, and a cover letter in which you have to mention why you want to do this internship, your career goals, and how this internship would help them.

For more information, visit


6] Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Eligibility: Students who are currently doing their B. Tech or M.Tech in fields like IT/ITeS industry, cybersecurity, research, etc. can apply

They open twice a year and lasts for 2-3 months, and you will be offered 10K monthly.

How to apply: You can do an online registration by applying on the web portal. The applications should be forwarded by the institution where you have enrolled in.


7]Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Eligibility: Students doing their graduation, post-graduation, or research in engineering, management, economics, computers, etc.

It lasts for five months, and students are offered a stipend of 5K monthly.

How to apply: Students can apply by writing to the joint secretary. 

8]National Museum

Eligibility: Students who are doing their graduation or post-graduation in history, science, architecture, design, engineering, photography, and library management can apply.

The time period is 6 to 12 weeks, and it is unpaid.

How to apply: You can apply by filling in the application form and sending an email attaching a cover letter, resume, SOP, copy of college I-card, reference from a professor, and a writing sample.


9]NITI Aayog:

Eligibility: students who are doing their bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. Students can apply to a NITI Aayog internship from the 1st to the 10th of every month.

It can last for a period of 6 weeks to 3 months. It is an unpaid internship.

How to apply: You can apply online.

Visit for more information.


10]Reserve Bank of India

Eligibility: Students pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in can apply. 

It lasts for a period of 3 to 6 months, and students are offered 15 to 35K monthly.

How to apply: You apply to by sending the required details to the concerned department.


You can also look for government internships at the Ministry of Statistics & Program Implementation, Ministry of Law and Justice, Competition Commission of India, etc.

Government internships with CMOs, Government of Andhra Pradesh, district collectors, etc. are also available.

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