Top 5 Shoe Brands and the Story Behind Them (don’t miss the 3rd one)

SHOES, essential daily wear for each person, whether he is a marketing agent or an athlete. But how does one select footwear which best suits all his credentials? What are the factors a person considers before buying a shoe? How comfortable it is, does it fit properly, the material used and lastly the overall quality, right? Nowadays, manufacturing shoes has evolved into a new definite category which considers the demands of the consumers and uses various types of embedded features to meet their requirements and also to attract a more significant number of them. 

Shoe companies have started to convert their shoes of simple plastic and leather into a technological gadget. And how to do these always strive in bringing the best features for boots? It is primarily due to the healthy competition they face from other companies which are bent on outdoing each other. After all, in business, you need a higher number of customers to make profits. And this happens to be the main reason why all the shoe companies thrive to provide the customers with all the essential requirements.

Over the past few decades, the footwear market has witnessed in growing uniquely globally, courtesy the increased demands and usage of the customers. It is also due to the expectations of the consumers met, and the way consumers have started to perceive shoes as their way of comfort. So how has this helped the shoe companies? It has increased their sales revenue exponentially, and this impressive growth rate has assured then that it may not slow down until the couple next years, as global demand for shoes has kept on increasing.

Analysis of the Global Shoe Market:

Seeing the sales of this footwear through various online and offline distribution retail chains and also considering the broad range of footwear products being sold in quick time everywhere, it is estimated that the footwear sector will gross a sales revenue of around $353 billion US dollars in the next couple of years, i.e., by 2022. 

Footwear products are always in demand and the prime reason being the innovation of the companies in manufacturing them and also their creative strategy, which has worked in luring the audiences towards them. This factor shows that every year, the footwear market is growing at an exponential rate of 2 %, which is astonishing and phenomenal. Now, let’s have a look of the top five shoe brands who have embarked themselves as top companies in the footwear sector.

Top 5 Shoes Brands Around the World:


What are the factors which have swung in the way of success for Nike? The development in technology it has been able to produce in the footwear sector, the cutting-edge innovation it has been employing in its products has somewhat been the main factors which have made Nike surpass most of the footwear companies around the world in terms of sales revenue, popularity, and marketing. 

And moreover, the marketing campaigns started by Nike has also proved to be fruitful in its success, especially the “Just do it” campaign which featured eminent personality ‘Colin Kaepernick.’ This unique promotional campaign has also resulted in getting enormous amounts of sales for the company in online distribution outlets and markets. Such is the aura of Nike in sports footwear, that is has been classified as the largest sportswear in the world which has reinvented itself in this digital area through its fundamental research in technology. 

The company always strives hard in research and development and has time to time, given unique and efficient products to the footwear market. It is also stepping towards its goal of becoming a retail-tech company in the footwear sector and has even invented many flagship products to the footwear industry such as ZoomX, VaporMax, AirMax 270 and React which has been lauded in every industrial area and also by customers.
The main interest of this American multi-national company has been in promoting a unique design for its footwear products and also in developing and manufacturing them with sheer excellence. This interest of the company in manufacturing excellent products in the footwear line has gifted it with astonishing and outstanding sales in the global market for footwear and apparels. 

Launched by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in the year 1964, Nike has climbed aboard to be one of the biggest manufacturers of both sports footwear and apparels and is currently reaping an annual sales income of over $26 billion US dollars.

The original key in the development of Nike as a footwear company has been its way of satisfying its customers. The consumer satisfaction on Nike is so formidable that, though it is priced heavily in some quarters, people still buy it because of the happiness, durability, and comfort it offers to them.

2. Adidas:

A German multi-national company, Adidas, can be easily categorized into one of the top shoe brands in the world. Such has been its user base and response, that it nearly manufacturers about 900 million products relating to both sports and lifestyle collaborating with multiple manufacturing partners who are independent all over the world. Because of these reasons, Adidas has a gift of an annual sales income of around $25 billion US dollars in the year 2017. These astonishing numbers prove as a testament to the fact that Adidas is a company which is quite large and multi-faceted. 
Adidas has launched around 1000 plus stores all over the world with the reason being expanding its user base and also helping its consumers find their right products at a store close to them. It is reaching new heights of success daily in the footwear market, due to its presence of mind in areas such as research and development, marketing and coming up with unique and creative products suiting to the needs of customers. 

Because of these steps, which shows its caliber and prominence, Adidas has become the symbol of sportswear for most of the youth nowadays.  It has also been successful in presenting its composite image in areas such as pop-culture, street culture, sports, music, and the other regions which don fashion statements. And this existence of the company has been primarily due to its innovation in marketing strategies.

Adolf Dassler, its founder, launched the company in the year 1924 and over the years this Bavarian-based company has risen to be called as the biggest sportswear company in Europe and the 2nd largest sportswear in the world due to its annual revenue and percentage production rate.

3. New Balance:

Do you know any company in the world which shies away in endorsing renowned celebrities for their brand marketing? New balance is one such footwear brand which has also been one of the top brands in the world, without calling in any celebrities for promotion. This multi-national company which is Boston based. Focuses on the motto that “quality in a product will speak for its own” and has achieved success in this footwear market. The company also underlines its reason for success being its way off dominating the substance of the product rather than its style.

New Balance has a clean niche of manufacturing both men and women sportswear and training apparel and its products are of use for all types of occasions because of their comfortable fit and durability. It has also exhibited its high performance in manufacturing fitness apparel and shoes for children, which also encloses the comfort performance shoes Aravon. 
The company is working hard for its success day and night and has prepared a complete blueprint in expanding its business beyond the US and has already launched its first store in the UK in the ever-busy Oxford Street of London.

But how does New Balance manufacture shoes which always ensures the perfect fit and combination to its customers? It’s simple. They virtually scan the feet of a customer to provide them with the best product they can manufacture. Adding to this fact, they are also pretty much consistent with the sizes of their shoes. And lastly, the customers nowadays are wailing towards New Balance for the quality they are offering in their boots, which can bring New Balance forward as the top shoe brand of the world in the coming years to follow.


One of the topmost footwear companies in Japan, ASICS has come away long since its inception in 1949. ASICS, from the day it of its inception, has always committed itself intending to the essentials of the teens all over the world and has predominantly involved itself in helping individuals who contribute themselves to the sports sector. It has been six decades till now, but the company has never thought of changing its values owing to the changing generation and still respects quality more than quantity, the amount which it has inherited long ago. 

This sports company has always strived hard in manufacturing qualitative products which promote themselves in this social environment through their comfort and durability. Its new set of products which were released include the ‘Solution Speed’ footwear, uniquely designed and manufactured for tennis aspirants which assist them in enhancing their speed and agility during the game. The shoe also encloses three of the company’s popular advanced tech features such as the TWISTTRUSS, Court specific Flyte Foam and the FLEXION FIT.

5. PUMA:

PUMA is a company which is an embodiment of developing an amalgamation of both luxury, quality, and styling in most of the brand products. It also supports most of the brand endorsing footwear such as Volcom, Bottega-Veneta, and Gucci. It has become the leading brand for manufacturing both lifestyle and sports products, which includes apparels and accessories. The best thing PUMA promises is that versatility it provides in all of its products, which include footwear, garments, accessories, and many more.

It encloses an extensive and diversified portfolio of products which include the attractive and alluring products such as Roma, Basket, Suede, Easy Rider, and many more. These products all released with proper planning and marketing to ensure that it stays on the headlines and grabs the eyeballs of every customer out there. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, has been selected as the brand ambassador for PUMA, boosting its success to a whole new level.

Another feather in the cap of its innovative marketing strategy is the collaboration with motorsport leaders such as Ducati and Ferrari in manufacturing its motorcycle sports collection, which includes co-branded sneakers. It is a well-known and established multi-national company of German origin and its founder Adolf Dassler first launched the company in the name Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik in the year 1924, which eventually got changed to PUMA. Its parent company, Kering, brought it in the year 2007.

The Upcoming Trends in Future for this Footwear Market:

In the future, most of the footwear companies have to think about their marketing strategies in bringing out new and unique ways of impressing the consumers. Time has been the most potent weapon of all, so procedures involving faster delivery time is considered as a useful strategy. Also catering to the personal needs of the customers, mass production of their products, expanding their business in dominant markets can help them in progressing their growth and allow them to reach top levels as a brand.

But the above said factors are all the time steered by areas such as technology, user-base, user-registry, and organizational structuring. Not to forget the quality here, as depletion in class may result in it erasing the name of the brand forever. Also, by building strong brand loyalty among the customers will help in reaping the right amount of profits in the advancement of years.

So, we saw which are the top 5 shoe brands all over the world today, and also in detail had a glance at their success story and their working process. Most of the brands have been founded nearly decades ago, but are still prominent in the footwear markets, which itself speaks volumes of their success. And not to forget their unique and stylish designs and promised genuineness to their customers, which are assisting them in growing to reach their long way.

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