Top 20 Beauty Brands Around The World

What attracts human beings the most? Beauty right! So everyone likes to look beautiful, and for this reason, they look out for objects which will aid them in inflating their appearance. Hence, this happens to be one of the reasons why most of the beauty industries are coming out with up-to-date and better products which can guarantee the consumers with the results they wish for.

But how will a person find out which is the beauty product which suits his needs the most? That’s an important question to ponder on right. Any person would love to have the product which is best in quality, and their usage on the skin does not lead on to disastrous problems to the surface. 

The changing in a generation has led to the change in the mentality of the people. As nowadays, people do not ponder a lot on the price but instead focus on the quality and the brand of the beauty product more, because of which infinite numbers of beauty brands are entering into the market overnight.

Even in times of economic inflation, beauty industries stay strong, based on their consumer interaction, which strengthens their ability as a multi-billion-dollar industry overnight. Also though most of the customers are calculative over the price of a beauty product, they never stop spending on beauty products as they believe that “personality matters the most” in everything. This increases the rate of growth of these beauty industries exponentially.

Let’s have a look at the top 20 beauty brands across the world:

1. L’Oréal

Considered as the largest beauty brand in the worldL’Oréal embarked on its journey into the beauty industry in 1909, which is a century of years ago. It is quite a big name in the beauty industry as it generates around 30 billion US dollars annually by the sale of its beauty products. 
It has a wide range of products which includes sun-care products, skin care, color cosmetics, fragrances, and hair care. L’Oréal is also the amalgamation of famous brands, which include Garnier, Softsheen, L’Oréal Paris, and Maybelline New-York. It also holds the shares for selling most of the luxurious brands like Giorgio Armani, Kiehl’s, Yves-Saint-Laurent, and Lancôme. 

In hair products, the brand has made its name in specializing some of the best products such as Matrix, Redken, Pureology and Kérastase, Redken, Matrix, and Pureology and also has its beauty distributor by the name The Body Shop

L’Oréal is precisely a French-based company with its headquarters located in France.


One of the largest consumers based and consumer goods-oriented companies in the world Unilever is the most heard name in the sector of beauty brands. The reason, it is the most significant consumer interaction and registry in the world. The reason it is classified as one of the top beauty brands in the world is primarily because of its inheritance and production of favorite beauty brands such as Dove, Close-Up, TRESemme, Vaseline, Sunsilk, Suave, Axe, and Lynx.

Unilever, to expand its business to a whole new level, announced the formation of a brand-new company, the Unilever Cosmetics International, in the year 2017. This step initiated by the company has extended its portfolio to a prestigious brand for both cosmetics and fragrances. 
Unilever happens to be the second largest beauty brand in the world, and its headquarters is located in London. With a sizeable annual business of over 21.3 billion dollars and with its involvement healthy initiatives like P&G Shiksha, Unilever has marked its presence as one of the well-known reputed beauty brands in the world. Because of such actions, it has been able to have a wider reach among the famous beauty markets in masses. 

Being an ergonomic brand, they almost sell cosmetics in every category prescribed, and most of their beauty products are amongst the top 10 in every respective category. It orders further strengthen its base, Unilever has also acquired another company of a similar taste, by the name Alberto-Culliver.

3. Estée Lauder

When there is a discussion about the leading manufacturers in the world for quality skin care and also creative marketers for fragrance, make-up, and hair-care products then only one name strikes the chord of the customers which is Estée Lauder. Such is the range of the company that it supplies and distributes almost all types of attractive products of all categories, which include skincare, make-up, hair-care, and perfumes. 

, and it is spread around 150 countries which showcases its diverse portfolio. The company was founded in the year 1940, and from that day till this day, it has been an embossing a resounding mark in all considerable aspects of the beauty industry. Even today, the company strives hard in each way to push its boundaries to classify itself as one of the pioneers amongst the most popular beauty companies.

Recognized most often as a trendsetter brand because of its creativity in bringing new products and innovation in marketing them in the cosmetic market, Estee Lauder has bestowed its enormous presence in this segment of the world which is growing fastly.

The founders of this company were Joseph Lauder and Estee Lauder, and it has its headquarters located in the scenic locations of New York. It is one of the rare beauty brands which promotes its beauty products through both e-commerce websites and retail outlets.

It proves its name as a “trendsetter” beauty brand as it ropes in eminent personalities for the promotion of their beauty products by providing them with stunning endorsement deals. Some of the celebrities employed by the brand include Kendall Jenner, Elizabeth Hurley, Hilary Rhoda, and Willow Bay. The primary purpose behind hiring these celebrities is to promote their products onto a whole new level. 

Coming to initiatives, it is predominantly involved in the Research Foundation for Breast Cancer and has assisted the foundation in raising vast amounts of money for this meaningful cause. Elizabeth Hurley, Hilary Rhoda, Kendall Jenner, and Willow Bay to act in its brand campaigns. The company has involved itself entirely in the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and has raised millions for this worthwhile cause.

And finally, this New York-based company boasts of an annual sales income of over 11.8 billion US dollars and this astonishing growth is primarily because of their innovative strategies and a vast number of prestigious beauty products in their brand. The main reason for the success of this company is that its products are not superlatively priced and the prices are according to the worth or quality they deserve or possess.

4. Proctor and Gamble

The leading manufacturer of beauty brands, Proctor and Gamble has its headquarters located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Comparing to most of the beauty brands in the market, Proctor, and Gamble has an essential place in the hair-care and skincare businesses because of its blend with different types of brands such as Oral-B, Crest, Scope, Safeguard. Head and shoulders, Herbal Essences, Gillette, Art of Shaving, and Aussie and many more. 

This showcases that the company provides a wide range of beauty appliances and personal care products for all types of genders and age.
Now we will get into some number which this company has been working for nowadays. Recently, this company has product sales annually at around 11.8 billion US dollars. But previously some years ago it was pulling approximately 20 billion US dollars from its annual product sales, which means it has come down exponentially. 

Because of this inefficiency, the company has taken a step by selling a bunch of its brands to Coty, which has helped them regain their efficiency. Though its sales are entirely down in recent years, it still holds most of the dominant positions in the hair-care and skincare market. And to add to this fact, most of their color cosmetic products have already been sold out in most markets.

5. Coty

A New York-based company, Coty has built its name as a beauty brand primarily from its recent acquisitions in the market. Rather than other companies, Coty is a dominant name when it comes to perfumes or fragrances, skincare, and personal hair-care products. 

The company has built its reputation into a further level by owning well-known brands such as Covergirl, Adidas, Clairol, David Beckham, Clairol, Max-Factor, Katy Perry, Sally Hensen, Rimmel, and Wella. They also own some of the luxurious brands such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Philosophy, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Hugo Boss.

In the year 2017, which was considered their most significant year in terms of revenue, they had an annual sales value of around 7.7 billion US dollars

6. Shiseido

Shiseido, a top beauty brand founded in the year 1872, has its headquarters located in Ginza, Tokyo. It is also called as the first Western-Style pharmacy in Japan, as it was the first beauty brand that to establish there. The name Shiseido has a meaning it to which means a desire to discover new value.

It was the founder’s only which that his company has to have the desire which has enough fuel to discover a new product or value. This unique company has a history of 140 years, which is primarily because of its passion for creating something new. 

From all types of personal care products to hair-care, body care, sun care make-up, and perfumes, everything this Japanese company can manufacture. It also houses a lot of prominent brands, and some of them include Sea Breeze, Za, Nars, Anessa, and Bare Essentials.

The primary reason behind the success of Shiseido is the innovation it supplies for its brand marketing. The rate of success is also increased by the addition of essential ingredients in its product portfolio, helping its brand in globalizing, using tools which are modernized for production and invoking new types of strategies, substantially revamped has helped in boosting the annual sales figures along with the brand name of Shiseido.

As already mentioned, it is the oldest and the largest beauty brands in Japan and consists of an extravagant area, making it the fifth largest beauty brand in the world. The best thing about Shiseido is that it is operational in both national and international markets. 

Adding to this, it constitutes around twenty brands, which includes Jennifer Connelly, Elixir Superieur, Integrate, Jessica Jung, Zhang Ziyi, and Maquillage. These brands have already accepted Shiseido as their brand ambassador and have proposed for lifetime sponsorship. The annual sales income of Shiseido is over 7.3 billion US dollars.

7. Beiersdorf

For more than 30 years from now, Beiersdorf has been the most prominent beauty brand for skin care. It encloses a broad range of beauty appliances and personal care products, which also includes body care brands. It also houses a prominent number of brands which includes Labello, La Prarie, Nivea, Eucerin, and Florena. 

The most noteworthy feature of the company is that it caters to all types of needs of the customers and according to that bestows its operation in most of the markets, for more comfortable purchase of their products in different areas including dermo-cosmetics and premium beauty markets. The annual sales income of this company, which is German-based is over 5.9 billion US dollars in the year 2017.

8. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson first started as a pharmaceutical company and later enlarged its roots into the beauty industry. But the beauty products of Johnson and Johnson do not include the natural cosmetics product and encloses products such as baby care, oral products, and skin care. 
Some of its popular products include Aveeno, Neutrogena, Listerine and Johnson’s Baby. This company had an annual sales revenue of over 76 billion US dollars in the year 2017. The company has its headquarters located in the locales of New Jersey USA.

9. Amore Pacific

A South Korea based company, Amore Pacific, is actively and slowly entering into the clubs of top beauty brands in the world. Launched in the year 2002, it did not take much time for the company to be one amongst the top successful beauty companies in the world. 

A rare feature of the company is that it has completed devoted its focus primarily on evolving natural products which help in enhancing the beauty of an individual. As many might know, that natural beauty has already started to make its name in the beauty industry, and nowadays lots of people are showing their interest in natural beauty product rather than usual cosmetics.

Because of these factors, the company has been rapidly growing at an exponential rate, and the demand it is witnessing is increasing day by day. It also encloses some of the top brands such as Innisfree, Annick Goutal, Lolita Lempicka, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde, and Laneige. It has witnessed a growth of 18% in its annual sales revenue, which proves its rapid growth and has made an amount of 5.6 billion US dollars as its yearly sales income in the year 2017.

10. Olay

Do you want to look younger? Do you want to look the best at all your outings? Then Olay is the perfect beauty brand for you. Trust me; this has been the marketing strategy of Olay through which it has convinced and earned the trust of consumers. The confidence it has gained is worth for, as it used high-quality ingredients in the production of its products because of which it will make people look younger. 

The main reason for the success of this brand is the way it evolves every minute to cater to consumer needs and the way it processes the needs of every individual. It also maintains a constant relationship with quality experts and dermatologist to ensure high-quality every-time in their products with the proper use of innovation and technology. 

It is an American origin company and is owned by another top beauty brand, namely Procter and Gamble. A high-profile brand, it has become the first choice for most of its customers because of the color combination of its products and the marketing strategy which involves most of the eminent personalities such as Katie Holmes, Madhuri Dixit, Katrina Kaif and Kajol.

Because of these noteworthy factors, today Olay has become a multi-billion-dollar company which primarily focuses on producing products with regards to categories such as moisturizers, cleansers, anti-aging products, acne treatment products, and cleansers.

11. Avon

Consisting of a network of around 6.4 million customersAvon has been one of the upcoming top beauty brands and is steadily expanding its root in the beauty industry. The success of Avon as a beauty company is mainly due to its products which are of high quality and customers who are loyal to the company. It distributes its products in around 100+ countries and comprises of a wide range of products which include various categories such as hair care products, fragrances, body care products, make-up, and skin care products.

David H McConnell, its founder, established the company in the year 1886. It is the only British origin company which is recognized in multi-levels and is also a direct selling company for beauty and personal care products. The company operates from its headquarters, which is in London, The United Kingdom.

It comprises of several celebrities who are roped in as its brand ambassadors such as Ashley Greene, Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Aditi Rao Hydari. It also has taken part in initiatives such as establishing the Avon Foundation to bring its social responsibility senses in light to the public. It is the first company to prohibit product testing on animals completely.

12. Neutrogena

One of the best beauty brands which comprise of a diversified product line, Neutrogena has kept its onus fixed by sustaining its growth in the beauty markets by holding onto its quality of product line which produces mainly personal care products. The personal care products enclosed in the company comprises of products such as skin care, hair care, cleansers, moisturizers, bath, and beauty products.

Primarily, from an American origin this beauty brand which was founded by Emanuel Stolaroff in the year 1930 consists of a market for its products in around seventy odd countries and is owned by its parent company Johnson and Johnson.

It is the dermatologist’s favorite and recommended by most of them courtesy, its higher quality. It also focusses on increasing its brand visibility, by roping in eminent personalities such as Olivia Holt, Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman, Emma Roberts, and Diana Lane as its brand ambassadors for efficient marketing.

13. Nivea

A trustworthy beauty brand, Nivea offers highly reliable, better quality and safe products at a user-affordable price. In terms of marketing, Nivea has provided a breakthrough which most of the beauty products failed to invent in terms of marketing, brand evaluation, and in the production of high-quality products.

Founded in the year 1882, by Beiersdorf Nivea is originally a German company but was launched in the beauty market in the year 1911.  A personal care beauty brand, it keeps on adding new products in its list time to time to engross the interest of the customers. Its wide variety range of products includes lip care, grooming care, hair care, body care, and face care items.

Like Avon, even Nivea has completely banned testing its products on animals. It promotes the usage of recyclable packaging materials to reduce waste as a by-product. As a plan for marketing its products efficiently, it has roped in favorite artists like Parineeti Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Rihanna, and Taapsee Pannu as its brand ambassadors.

14. Lancôme

What is the success story of Lancôme, which landed it in the group of top beauty brands in the world market? Brilliancy in research, Excellent insight in business, and a notch of outstanding creativity are the reason behind its success. A fashion house from the French origin, it is a high dealer of beauty products in international markets. 

L’Oréal being its parent company, Lancôme in the year 1935, was founded by Armand Petitjean. At first, the company started to sell only fragrances and later shifted its base into selling skin care products. The most famous products of the company are the Hypnose mascara and Visionnaire range of perfumes, both of which enclose patented ingredients in them which help in enhancing the texture of the skin.

As a part of its marketing strategy, the company has roped in eminent personalities such as Drew Barrymore, Nancy Dutiel, Isabella Rosellini, Carol Alt, and Kate Winslet as its brand ambassadors.

15. Dove

A beauty company offering its products at considerable prices, Dove helps in providing its customers the desire of their heart and satisfies them thoroughly. A qualitative and premium brand, this top beauty brand was benefitted mainly due to the recognition it got like a brand during its launch.

Unilever, being its parent company, Dove was first launched into the beauty market in the year 1955. This British origin brand comprises of products which can be used both by men and women and is sold in around eight countries in the world.

It boasts of enclosing a diverse range of self-care and personal care products which include body wash, facial care, beauty bars, deodorants, lotions, moisturizers, and hair care. Like other top brands, even Dove engrosses itself in philanthropic activities by operating its social service hub called The Dove Self Esteem Fund.

16. Biore

A well-known skin care brand, Biore’s prime focus deals with products promoting skin care beauty, and within it specifically targets eliminating the pores clogged on the skin. Its specialized products include facial masks, strip, beauty bars, liquid products, scrub, and powder, which aid you in fighting the problems of skin favorably. This step of the company primarily resulted in the process of its extensive research on the surface.

A Japanese origin brand launched in the year 1887, Biore works extensively with its parent company Kao Corporation for developing products which promote personal care efficiently. Most of its products supplied all around the world in seventy countries include cosmetics, UV protection products, and make-up removers.

17. Chanel

A beauty brand which focuses primarily on women beauty, Chanel helps in making women realize their actual perspective and also assist them in attaining the best version of their looks. Not just adding beauty, but its high-quality products also help in boosting confidence into a new level.

A French origin fashion house, Chanel was created by Coco Chanel in the year 1909. Today, Chanel has an extravagant market as well as a user base in over 310 locations in both domestic and international markets with its headquarters located in Paris.
Chanel has a well-defined product line, which includes make-up, fragrances, and skincare. 

18. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of those luxury brands whose primary goals lies in providing superior quality products to its customers, which in turn satisfies both professional and personal users. Making use of advance guard ingredients and modern technology has been the driving gear of this company, which is the reason for its enlarged user base and a highly effective growth rate. 

It is a fashion house purely originated from America and deals with goods which enclose both luxury and high quality. Initiated in the year 1968by Calvin Klein himself, it also runs in co-operation with its parent company PVH. The famous goods released in the market by Calvin Klein consists of famous colognes and perfumes, which are in popular demand at international markets.

19. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a top beauty brand which deals in the cosmetic industry, predominantly in personal care products. Introduction of bold colors, products having high pigmentation and superior performance has been its critical innovations in the field of the beauty industry. 

This American origin company was launched in the year 1996 by David Soward, Pat Holmes, Sandy Lerner, and Wende Zomnir. Its work operation lies both in domestic and international markets with its main base located at California, United States.
Its introduction of a broad range of diverse products includes nail colors, lip care, eye care, skin care products, and eye palettes.

20. Kao Corporation

Kao Corporation has an annual sales income of around 5.3 billion US dollars and has its headquarters located in Japan. The prime operation of this company is the sales and distribution of cosmetic products in various categories.

The popular products sold by this company include hair care, color cosmetics, facial care, skin care, and body care. It is also working in amalgamation with top brands such as Goldwell, Biore, and John Freda.

The Days in the Future:

Technology, consumer behavior, changing demographics are the three things which increase or decrease the potential of any market. As people have noted that “Beauty has never looked so good” uncertainties still make their way into most of the highly skilled markets, which sometimes lead to an increase in the prices, decreasing of the user base and completely bloating the supply chain. 

Cosmetics industries have experienced unparalleled levels of disturbances in recent years, which were steered by the overwhelming speed of technology. When these things are evaluated along with the changes in the behavior of the customers, it will lead the manufacturer to rethink his way of marketing and handling the business and come up with an effective option of getting back the interest of the consumer by serving them and earning their trust never like before. 

These factors are always open for competition and who reads it the best way stays on top forever. Are you looking to start your own beauty brand? You should surely check out these catchy brand names.

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