Top 15 Most Expensive Domain Name Sales

Every day thousands of domain names are bought and sold, and it all seems reasonable to us. But some domain names stand out of those thousands of domain names and make it in the news.
Below is the list of 15 Most Expensive Domain Name Sales that made a considerable profit to the seller of the domains.


The latest news in the world of domain name sales is the purchase of the domain name that is made by the company Brendan Blumer, the CEO of made this purchase on May 30, 2019, for $30 million. This sale has set a record of being the most expensive domain name ever sold. procured the domain from Microstrategy, a business analytics and mobility software firm, and GoDaddy facilitated the deal. It paid more than $30 million when you consider its undisclosed commission to GoDaddy. The company was savvy enough to scoop up several domains early in the dotcom and is now selling them for big bucks. Other domain names available with Microstrategy are,,, and is a multi-million dollar startup that provides end-to-end solutions to bring businesses onto the blockchain from strategic planning to product development.

Although this is one of the most expensive domain names to be sold, is going all out by spending big bucks on its upcoming social media platform, Before this announcement was made official, the company had already bought up $20 million worth of RAM. Brendan Blumer has openly made the statement that he is willing to spend up to $100 million on social media influencers in a bid to lure away the users from other platforms. The purchase shows that perhaps is ready to go against rival social media platforms.

Voice is a more transparent social media platform for the world, where the value of good content gets circulated right back into sustaining the community, not corporate bottom lines. It is a blockchain based application designed with users of the platform in mind. The beta version of the app is available on


The was established by  David Litman and Robert Diener back in 1991 as the Hotel Reservations Network (HRN), providing hotel booking via a toll-free phone number in the United States. In 2001, David Roche bought the domain name for $11million, and he agreed to the fact that it was a crazy sum of money for a domain, he believes it to be a good investment now as the value has increased over all these years. is a website for booking hotel rooms online and by telephone. The company has 85 sites in 34 languages and lists over 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations. Its inventory includes hotels and B&Bs, and some condos and other types of commercial lodging.


In 2008, a notice was going around the internet for the sale of a domain named The deal for the domain was private, and the buyer wished to remain anonymous. The domain was allegedly sold for $10 million. However, the sale was a little suspicious, and the domain was left unused for many years of the name being inactive, it is back on sale. is brokering it, and they hope to sell it at a significant amount.

4. was a domain name that was bought by Elon Musk for his first startup, the online banking portal back in 1999. Later on, this startup turned into the money transferring application known as PayPal. It was amongst one of the few single characters domain names that are available, and it stayed with PayPal ever since. But recently Elon Musk worked out the deal with PayPal to get back this unique single character domain name back. Sources have suggested that Elon Musk must have paid somewhere between $8m-$10million for the domain name to PayPal. He has no plans for the domain name yet and it stays empty even now, but he just bought this domain because of its great sentimental value to him.


Due to the not-so-subtle meaning behind this highly sought domain name, the bid for it was sky-rocketing, to say the least, back in 2007. After a commendable battle for the ownership of the domain between the contenders, it was finally sold to MXN Limited for more than $9 million, as reported by the broker for this transaction –
According to Moniker, this is the largest all-cash transaction of a domain name in history, and the second-largest domain sale in total after, which sold for about $13 million in cash and stock.

6. used to be owned by the American Farm Bureau Federation, until 2008 when Mark Zuckerberg bid a high amount of $8.5 million for it. Since then, the domain name has become synonymous with Facebook, exclusively.

Mark Zuckerberg made this purchase because they needed an additional domain for their company since the employees were using the domain for their emails. Often people type instead of the whole name so to avoid the issues of losing website traffic, they used this domain name along with to redirect traffic to the main website.

7. was a domain that was bought by two people,  Andrew Miller, and Michael Zapolin for $80,000 back in 1998. As the name suggests, this website was used by them to provide a platform to the user of the internet to visit the site and rate their favorite brews. Later in the year 2004, this domain name was sold to a Belgian brewing company called Interbrew for an amount of $7 million.
Interbrew had many brands under them, such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and many more international and local brands. Later in that year, they merged with Brazilian brewers, AmBev to form InBev, which back in 2004 became the largest brewer in the world by volume, with a 13% global market share.


An anonymous buyer bought the domain with the help of the domain broker website, on June 4, 2010, for $5.5 million. This domain is used for online poker gaming and uses bitcoins as a form of payment to buy the in-game currency. The website is up and running and has several games that a person can browse through and play online. is another website that is used for the same purpose as this one.


Sale of the domain back in the year 2013 broke the internet because of the price at which it was sold. The deal was co-brokered by Marcus Kocak, and Tessa Holcomb of on behalf of the London based IG Group for a whopping amount of $4.7 million. The report says that figure includes several domain names, including and


The Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi Corporation spent a good $3.6 million on a new two letter domain as it went global, making it the official site of the company. The purchase was made in the year 2014.

Part of the reasoning behind the change is simple – non-native Chinese speakers tend to have trouble pronouncing the “xiao” part of the name, often getting their tongues twisted. Most will wrongly pronounce it as “shaow,” but the actual pronunciation is closer to “she-ow.”
Keeping it to a simple “mi” makes it easy for everyone, especially when the “mi” branding is frequently seen on their products such as the Redmi, MIUI and its new range of wireless routers, the Mi Wi-Fi.


In the domain business, has been one of the most desired domain names by various people and companies due to it being a single word domain name along with the cool factor of its name. It was an online jewelry store that started in the year 2000, and with time, it raised around $50 million in funding.

Back in 2006, bought rival Odimo for $9.5 million. That included $2 million for inventory at $7.5 million for its domain name — making it one of the most expensive domain names ever sold.

But it didn’t make it, and in 2014 it was bought by an Austin based company for $3 million. And again in 2018, it was sold for $3.5 million making it one of the most expensive domain sales of that year.


The two brothers, Michael Castello and David Castello were living in the future. In the year 1995, Michael decided to register a domain in his name, the domain was, and he got it. Fast forward to the year 2014, Michael, along with his brother, David figure out a way to work out a deal with a broker, and they had a buyer for their domain name. The deal was finalized at the price of $3.1 million.

This website is all about the types of whiskey’s that are available all around the globe, and all the information that you need about them is present on the site,


Domain names with the name of the product in them are trending, and one of them is Conglomerate Russian Standard, controlled by Roustam Tariko, paid $3 million to an undisclosed seller in a deal completed December 4, 2006, according to a spokesman. The company bought this domain to use it as the website for its main product, vodka. Russian Standard controls not only two-thirds of the sales of premium vodka in Russia, but also owns Russian Standard Bank, the country’s largest private bank.


Following the trend of using product names in the domain, another opportunist, Chris Clark hit a minor jackpot in the year 2008 when his domain name was auctioned and fetched him $2.6 million. Clark registered the domain at the cost of $20 back in 1994. held the auction.


Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese technology company owned by BBK Electronics that designs and manufactures smartphones and smartphone accessories in China. Before coming to the market, they spent a hefty $2.1 million to buy the domain name for their business, making it one of the biggest domain sale of the year 2016.

A software company named real Networks sold the domain name.

In 2014, their competitors, Xiaomi, bought  as part of their expansion into international markets. Before purchasing, Vivo operated on for its global website and for its Chinese site. This is one of the reasons why they paid such a significant amount for the domain name as they were planning to expand their brand internationally with a short domain in a globally recognized extension. There are always questions raised for why a Chinese brand is not owning a .com domain for their company, so it gets important for a Chinese brand to own one no matter what the price is.

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