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Cricket games

One sport that is religiously followed throughout the world, especially India is "cricket." The sporting game receives an unmatchable enthusiasm in the country, and people here 'don't miss a chance to convert any place into a mini playground for a quick game of Cricket. So why leave your smartphones out?

The play store is overflowing with cricket game apps that can somewhat fulfill your cricketing appetite and guarantee the best experience. Most of these apps, however, feel shoddy. We have handpicked a few that make the most sense and are also free.

The Top 10 Cricket Games for mobile phone are as follows:

(1) World Cricket Championship 2

The World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most dynamic and best graphic cricket game for your phone. You can play Cricket here in all three formats – Test, ODI or T20 – across 32 world-class stadiums and with your favorite national team.

The app also offers tons of customization option and multiple modes to play with. You can maximize the Play with several cricket shots including the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot as well as the Upper-Cut.

World Cricket Championship 2 packs in the finer details of a cricket experience- action replays, shareable match highlights, a choice of English or Hindi commentary, and even the ability to create banners to cheer on your players. A social element adds to the fun- you can challenge your friends to a match or play with a "Gang."

Why love this game:

1) Rich in features, the game caters to amateurs and advanced players equally well.

2) Comprehensive match options - play test cricket, T20, and even matches based on live tournaments.

3) A practice mode with 65 batting shots to learn and master.


(2) Real Cricket 19

Real Cricket 19  is a notable update to Real Cricket 17. This retains all the features which the earlier version had like customizing your teams and choosing where you want to bowl. It has included a bunch of features like Test Cricket, Stadiums with time progression, Decision Review System with Snicko and Hotspot, auction and post-match presentations.

Now players play the same shots differently, making it look more realistic. Each batsman is divided into one of the four categories: Defensive, Balanced, Radical, and Brute. This game is the right fit for you if you are looking for the most comprehensive gaming experience.

"Most Competitive Game of 2018" - Google Play

It's bigger and better than before.

Welcome to the most authentic, complete and surreal Cricket experience on Android - Real Cricket™ 19 now with 3D Gameplay & Real-Time Multiplayer.


RANKED – Create your team (with customized jerseys, logos, and bat stickers) and compete with others. 

UNRANKED – Choose an International, Masters, or Premier League team and compete with others.

PLAY WITH FRIENDS – Create a room and invite friends for a match-up.



Select your team and set up a tour against any test playing team.



For the first time, feel the difference between various batsmen and their styles of Play with Batting Types – Defensive, Balanced, Radical and Brute, each with their unique cricket shots and aggression levels making it one of the best games in World Cricket.



Choose between our Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk and Night timings and experience different day times as the match progresses.



Review the umpires call for edges and LBW with the most enhanced technology of the ultra edge review system, which includes both Hotspot as well as Snickometer. 



Weather is unpredictable, and it may rain anytime. Same is the case in the most authentic cricket game on the store. Now introducing Rain and Duckworth-Lewis method for a rain-curtailed match adding unpredictability to the outcome of the entire game.



Experience the most authentic live stadiums including Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata. Each stadium providing a unique feel and guaranteed to deliver an experience different from the other.



Play from the eyes of the batsman and feel the thrill of the ball hurtling towards you at 90 MPH. Bat yourself into form and show nerves in crucial moments!



Real Cricket™ 19 has 16 Different World Cricket Championships  including the World Cup, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19 World Cup and Premier Leagues including the Indian Premier League, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash Cricket and Caribbean Premier League



The only Mobile Cricket Game in the world to allow users to participate in the IPL Auction building their Dream XI and competing for the most coveted cup in Premier League history!



The longest and the purest form of Cricket is now available to you in Real Cricket™ 19 with a right to life Match Conditions and Gameplay along with New commentary and Field Setup options along with Pink Ball Test Cricket giving you the surreal experience of playing Test Cricket under lights with the Pink Ball



Get stuck in and grind out through the tough moments. Hitting sixes in no more a piece of cake.



Get individual player faces, great looking team jerseys with numbers on the back!



The best in class and most authentic Decision Review System is now included. Also, Experience Third Umpire referrals for Run Outs and Stumpings.


(3) Big Bash Cricket

KFC Big Bash League inspires the Big Bash Cricket gaming app, and a domestic T-20 tournament played in Australia during summers. The app is almost a carbon copy of the real game, and it will give you eight teams to choose from, has players with authentic names, and offers a 360-degree ground experience.

What differentiates the Big Bash Cricket app from other gaming apps is that you can play any shot that is possible in Cricket. Further, it offers three modes that you choose between Quick Match, Tournament, and Challenge.

Its a First Official BBL & WBBL game. First time on mobile men and women's Cricket!

The brand new BIG BASH CRICKET game is now BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!

With improved gameplay and graphics, you can enjoy the most realistic mobile cricket experience yet. Play authentic shots as your favorite player for your chosen BBL or WBBL club in their home stadium. Realistic animations, intuitive controls, and improved player likenesses take you closer to the action than ever before. Authentic visuals mean you'll want to celebrate that slogged six or well-worked wicket. Choose between a quick play contest, a complete season or take on the unique challenge of a Super Over, all for in-game gold. 

And for the first time, you can play online with your friends as you battle it out in Batting Multiplayer.   Big Bash Cricket - get the most fun, exciting and rewarding cricket gaming experience you can have outside a stadium!


(4) World of Cricket

World of Cricket gives a Real Experience with a cartoony graphics. But the fun element of the game is to play a wide range of around 25 shots. Here you also get several bowling options with different bowling actions.

Welcome to the Next Generation world of Cricket! All the fun and excitement of the Cricket is now in your hands - take your country team to victory & become the world champion star in the best mobile cricket game yet! 

Experience Cricket with friends or against real players in online multiplayer PVP mode or play local multiplayer. Show your best cricketing skills against different countries.

Every cricket lover can now have the best real mobile cricket game at the palm of their hands! You can bash the maximum number of cricket shots.


'World of Cricket' has features that make it the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile Cricket. Be prepared for real insane fun!


Realistic Bat & Ball physics for extraordinary cricket experience.



Play different modes, get your favorite players, power & train your team and make sure you beat your opponent to ashes in all leagues.

Modes include Quick Play, Multiplayer, Test Match, Tournaments, T20 cup & Challenge Mode. You can win all cups & make your country proud in International Cricket community.



Want the Game to Be Harder? Well, we tried! It's your turn now to smash & bash like a champ, Play like a pro.



High-quality graphics, professional commentary, and the best team that you create to defeat your opponent. 

Another list of excellent Features includes:

•    25+ different batting shots

•    Autoplay mode for bowling and batting! 

•    Electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches & quick throws to surprise the opponent.

•    16 international teams.

•    Professional audio commentary & ambient sounds for the ground

•    Intuitive batting controls & innovative bowling controls; Control the speed, line, and length.


(5) Stick Cricket Premier League

In Stick Cricket, you have to stand and deliver. Which is to say, that you don't have to move around your batsman or swipe on the screen to play shots, there are just two optical buttons for shot selection. Simple. Timing is the key to success in this game. The app is for all those people who hate bowling. There is a target that you have to achieve in limited-overs.

From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world, Stick Cricket Premier League offers you the chance to:


Create and customize your player before taking guard against the world's best bowlers.



From Mumbai to Melbourne, your skills are in demand! Team owners in India and Australia are battling it out to secure your signature.



Your owner will bankroll the recruitment of Star Players from around the world, boosting your chances of winning the League.

Choose from more than 50 Star Players to bolster your squad. Star Batsmen are more likely to clear the rope, while a signing a miserly Star Bowler will ensure the targets you chase aren't as demanding.

If your squad needs some experience, you can coax an ex-player out of retirement on a short-term deal.  Alternatively, try to confound the pundits by winning the League with a team of rookies. The choice is up to you.



You've got five seasons to establish your team as a force in the Premier League. Your success-hungry owner will want five trophies, don't end up with the dreaded wooden spoon instead.



Hiring a batting coach will soon have your created captain slogging it like a Star, or reduce the runs your team concedes with the expert guidance of a bowling coach.



The crowd wants maximums! Each League provides cash bonuses for every six you smash, as well as stumping up an appearance fee. You read that correctly: cold hard cash, just for showing up!

Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricket Premier League - optimized for tablets - boasts two leagues, 16 teams, two stadiums and the same "hellishly addictive" (Gizmodo) gameplay that helped Stick Cricket to become a productivity-destroying phenomenon worldwide.


(6) Smash Cricket

Lay this one for the different quality and gameplay mechanism. Here you have to make maximum runs in the selected number of overs. At the same time, you have to protect your wickets with the bat. You could hit to the right or left side by looking carefully at the ball movement. In online mode, you can play this game with any of your friends.

Battle your Friends and win the World Cup in SMASH CRICKET LIVE 16. This is the best cricket T20 game on the play store.

⦿ Free to play: Download now and play this best cricket game!

⦿ Play Friends Online: Battle Friends Live Online and Become World Champion. 

⦿ Offline Mode: Play Smash Cricket anywhere anytime! You don't need an internet connection.

⦿ Super 3D graphics: Play Smash Cricket in Full HD 3D.


Smashing Features are:

1.  World Cup Defeat India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Pakistan to become world champion!

2.  Online War Super Showdown! Play against friends or enemies in live online matches.

3.  Dream Teams Over 40 real cricket batsmen and bowlers to collect and manage.

4.  6 Cups to Win World Cup 2015, Premier League, Super Series, Champions Cup, Challengers Cup, and World Cup 2019!

5. Real physics Protect your wickets with Realistic bat physics and ball movements.

6. Upgrade Train and upgrade your team to become better, faster, stronger! Smash harder!

7. 6 Unique Game Modes Chase Down, Friendly, World Cup, Limit Overs, Challenge, and Online mode!

8. Level up Smash sixes and win games to level up. Unlock new Modes and Cricketers!

9. HD Sound Feel like a real cricket player as the crowd cheers and reacts to your every move.

The objective in Smash Cricket is to score as many runs as you can in a set number of overs. To win, you must oversee the ball delivery and tap the left/right swing buttons at right timing to score runs. In online mode, you play live with an opponent in a race to the top score in four overs.

6 Unique Game Modes

1)  Challenge Mode Beat over 100 unique challenges for big rewards!

2)  Friendly. Select your difficulty and play a close game. 

3) Limit Overs Play Twenty20, international Cricket and everything in-between! 

4) Chase Down Play with an All-Star team to chase a score.

5) World Cup Battle world famous teams from India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Pakistan to become champion

6) Online War Battle Friends online in a live cricket match!


(7) WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals from the popular WCC series was introduced recently, which gives real-time multiplayer gaming experience like Smash Cricket. You could play batting and bowling innings against real human opponents. But the gameplay and graphics are different here.

In WCC Rivals, you get to see a different type of control manual that gives you a much better experience. Apart from this, you customize your team and play to reach the top of the rankings by winning a match in real-time and also offers a different bonus on each Play.


(8) Cricket T20 Fever 3D

The Cricket T20 Fever 3D is also an excellent app to fulfill your Cricket appetite. It is a complete action-packed game with decent graphics to play either in tournaments or one-off ODI or T20 format.

Moreover, the app allows you to score runs all over the park and make your bowlers bowl a tight line to their opponents. The timing is again a key here, without which it will be tough to score runs.


(9) Epic Cricket

Next, we have a cricket game with decent HD graphics and an option to play your preferred format in both the ODI and T-20 formats. It is custom made for the Indian audience, which is evident from the Hindi commentary.

Apart from this, you could also experience a lot of batting and bowling moves like helicopter shots, reverse sweep, googly, etc. The reason for its lower position could be attributed to ads and lack of some gameplay features found in our top picks.


(10) Stick Cricket Super League

If you want an Easy-to-Play Cricket Game in Free Time, then Stick Cricket Super League can prove to be the most accessible game for you. Another Stick Cricket game has made its place in our list which is T-20 Variants of the same game. Here too, you get some excellent Graphics for a fun and quick gaming session.

The gameplay of this application is almost like the first Stick Cricket game, which means that even here you also get left and right button controls, which can be used by looking at the movement of the ball. Here too you have to score as many runs as the primary goal.

Want to start your own cricket game? Check out these awesome website and app names.

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