Step-by-Step Guide to get a Twitter Internship

A Twitter internship can be an enriching experience. Read this article for tips on how to get a Twitter internship

How will you feel if you are among the first people to know what about the latest trends in the world? Twitter is all about that! With more than 3,500 employees, 30+ offices in different countries, it is one of the coolest companies to work at these days. A Twitter internship means that you will be associated with a very reputed company.

Doing an internship at one of the most popular social networking sites will not only boost your resume but will also add new skills and boost your confidence.It will definitely improve your bank statement, as Twitter offers one of the highest salaries to its interns.


Twitter internships that are offered


Twitter Internships expose students to different fields. In Twitter, interns are called “terns.” They are assigned mentors who will support them in learning and assist them in building new products. There are many perks, as well. Amenities like free food and a gym are provided. Twitter internship opportunities are available and not limited to:


  • Engineering
  • Design & UX
  • Trust and Safety
  • Business
  • Support
  • Data


How to prepare for the Twitter Internship


Obtaining an internship at one of the most popular websites in the world is not an easy task. There are going to be many applicants for this golden opportunity. From the many number of applications, yours will have to stand out, and you will have to present yourself as a confident person.


These are some of the key points


  • Participate: To show leadership qualities, volunteer for activities, solve online challenges, and show interest in extra co-curricular activities. You can also initiate actions at any level. You have to stand out from everybody else, and for that, you have to show your previous work, which says you are efficient.


  • Resume: Create a precise and detail-oriented resume. Emphasize on your achievements. Edit and proofread to avoid any kind of errors.


  • Learn to Code: This is the most essential part. You will have to solve a coding problem within an hour. They will check if you can code or not.


  • Company details: Research about their company, vision, goals, their products, etc. Understand how, when, and why it was built. 


  • Passion: Have a clear idea in your mind of why you want to do the Twitter internship. Understand the things that you will gain and learn, and in what ways you will be able to give back.


  • Mock Interview: Prepare yourself well for the interview. Do not give frequent pauses and stuttering between the interviews will reduce the chances of you getting selected. Prepare to provide crisp and clear answers.


  • Oratory skills: Learn to express your ideas and thoughts precisely. Good communication is one of the highest demanded skills. If you won’t be able to express your opinions and views, it makes you seem like a weaker candidate.


  • Be an early applier: Apply as soon as the application process starts so that you can avoid unnecessary stress or mistakes at the last minute. Be an early applier!


Some Twitter internship interview questions


1] HackerRank problems

2] Implement a problem to sort integers in an obfuscated setup to use radix sort 

3] Data structures questions

4] General coding questions

5] String parsing questions

6] shell script functions 

7] Implement a word counter that can count the number of characters, words, and lines.

8] Find a weighted probability given an array of doubles that stores the probabilities as doubles. 

9] What projects have you previously worked on that are similar to the work that you would be doing here?  

10] Write code to show all co-prime number smaller than n. 

11] What kind of projects would you be interested in? 

12] Why Twitter? How do you use Twitter? 

13] Basic questions on arrays, strings, recursion, trees 

14] Given a passage or a text, etc., how would you parse it for proper nouns?

15] What are the top three traits you would want to see in a manager?


Stages of the interview


1. First step is the Online Coding Challenge

2. A 45 min technical phone interview going over basic concepts, data structures, and coding.

3. Follow-up telephonic interview

4. Final interview


Eligibilty for a Twitter internship


  • Should be 18 years or more
  • A student enrolled in 2 or a 4-year educational institution 
  • Interns can be undergraduate or graduate level 
  • Candidates should be able to complete the 12-week internship program
  • International candidates can also apply

How to apply for the Twitter internship


Twitter offers spring, summer, and fall Internships as well as support students in school programs each year.

  • Applications Open on August 1
  • Applications Close on February 12

After the application period closes, the team will start to review student’s profiles and select the most desirable candidates for an interview. There are going to be totally two rounds of the interview process:

  • Round One will be On phone or video,
  • Final Round Two will be Onsite or video

Both rounds will include questions and discussions on values and technical knowledge. By March 30, results will be out, and selected intern’s work is going to begin.


A Twitter internship can be a life changing experience. It is a golden opportunity to work with talented people from across the globe and to explore new professional paths. There is always something trending on Twitter, an internship with it will help you turn your career towards luminosity.

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