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What is the Staff Selection Commission (SSC)?

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an institution working under the Government of India. The primary goal of SSC is to appoint distinct staff for different posts in the various departments and ministries which are under the governance of the Government of India. Apart from these it also helps in recruiting staff for subordinate office working under the government.
The Staff Selection Commission is a connected office of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). This department consists of a chairperson who looks after the working process of the commission, two members and secretary who also works as the controller of examinations. The post of the secretary is equivalent to the position of the additional secretary working for the Government of India.

The headquarters of the Staff Selection Committee is in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The Parliament of India recommended the proposal of setting up the Staff Selection Committee in its 47th report conceding to the year 1967-68. This proposal was brought forward by the Estimates committee to conduct examinations for employing personnel to the lower categories of the Ministry Department. 
The Government of India constituted a commission in the year 1975, which is by the name The Subordinate Service Commission. This commission was renamed as the Staff Selection Commission in 26th September 1977, for the sake of providing a name which aids in the giving apt information to the people. The Government of India with the help of the Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances formulated a structure which consisted of the functions of Staff Selection Commission on the year 21st May 1999. 

These functions and regulations of the Staff Selection Commission were modulated correctly by the new constitution and was proposed from 1st June 1999. The Staff Selection Committee supervises the SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination almost every year, which helps in employing non-gazetted officers to different jobs in the government. It also houses a regional setup which assists in conducting these exams smoothly and in a proper manner. 
Currently, the Staff Selection Committee has a total of seven regional offices located in various locations in India which include Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, and Guwahati. It also encloses two sub-regional offices at Chandigarh and Raipur.

As said already, The Staff Service Commission organizes competitive examinations for employing people into various posts and service in the government. From group B to group C, it consists of more than 20 types of jobs. Any person who has finished his graduation from a reputable university is eligible to apply for the competitive exam conducted by SSC. The commission conducts competitive examinations to recruits various services and posts. For some posts on the Sub-Inspector and the Narcotics department, the eligibility criteria extend to physical measurement and fitness.


What are the Major Functions of Staff Selection Commission?

o    To supervise the employment of officials for the Group B posts in the Ministries or the Departments of the Government of India and their subordinate offices.
o    To provide recruitment for all the Group C posts which are considered to be non-technical in the Departments of the Indian Government and their subordinate offices.
o    To regulate the exams in a smooth manner
o    To conduct interviews for the posts within its range for the persons qualifying in exams.
o    To supervise reviews related to each department for promotion form one division to another.
o    To organize typewriting tests for the officials periodically in both English and Hindi. 
o    To accomplish the functions bestowed to it by the Government of India.

The Staff Selection Committee conducts its exam in the form of three phases:

Phase I: It consists of a written examination which involves objective and multiple-choice type questions.
Phase II: It consists of a written examination which also involves objective and multiple-choice type questions but is of a harder level.
Phase III: It consists of various types of examinations such as Document Verification, Computer Proficiency Test, and a Skill Test which depends upon the different departments to which you have chances of getting recruited. 
Phase IV: This examination is at the discretion of every department and is just of the purpose of knowing your qualification skills. 

All candidates over the country are invited for writing the Staff Selection Commission examination throughout the year where they can apply for a various number of posts in government offices offered regularly. But for this to happen, every candidate must redeem himself in and has to go through the phase I, II and III of the examination and sometimes even phase IV. 

These factors require the candidate to be at his best to join the government sector as the SSC exam is a tough nut to crack because of the supreme level of competitiveness involved in it. It also calls for a higher will power from the candidates as they might feel strenuous due to the pattern of the exam. 


How to Get Ready for the Staff Selection Commission Competitive Exam:

Does preparing offline is enough to crack one of the toughest exams in our country? Is it sufficient to get a job through SSC exam just by studying books and materials related to it? Lots of people say it is possible, but it is not. Many people are sticking to the illusion that studying days and nights will help one in cracking SSC. But it is not valid. Then how does one prepare for it? Let’s look at it below.

As they say, a movie is never perfect with proper sound, the same way offline preparation must always be combined perfectly with online training. This method helps in quickly getting the best results in SSC exams. The Internet has become a trustworthy friend in this regard and aids you in attaining the preparation level of 100%. What is best is that online preparation also assists you in providing the comfort of carrying forward your training at home without any difficulty. It also aids in these candidates sign up to excellent courses created by eminent faculties who teach for SSC subjects. 

These factors are the main reasons why both online and offline preparations are essential together. It provides you with an adequate base, which is the need for preparing into these written examinations and also lays the groundwork about any particular studies.

How does One Prepare Efficiently using Online Coaching?

A new phenomenon to attract students nowadays is the advent of Online Coaching. Even in coarsely remote areas, people are dependent on Online Coaching, and the reason is the widespread network coverage and growth in the rate of smartphones in our country. These factors have helped in the creation of many online coaching centers which provide ample resources to crack your respective examinations. 
It has also been the prime reason for the development of various organizations who continuously work towards diverting the old method of conventional academics into an interactive E-learning environment. But yes, the candidates must cleverly choose and plan for opting these online coaching classes and invest their money according to the course content they offer.

They should also keep in mind that the online coaching classes must provide legal and valid resources for cracking eminent examination, Candidates should never believe in coaching classes which deliver unfair methods to cracking the exams which might put their whole life at stake. 

Now, let’s look into some of the rewards offered by the online coaching classes:

1. Online Coaching gives provision to these candidates to access ample resources, and they can plan well with adequate time available: All the online coaching classes always strive hard to provide you with the best possible resources and study material required for cracking any examination. This ways of training will also help you in understanding your abilities correctly and train for them. They also aid in helping to learn on your own and do it with ease. They help in instilling a significant amount of self-confidence within you by the provision of weekly tests and assignment.

Most of the aspirants who love to give SSC examinations differentiate into various age groups. These age groups may include people such as part-time workers, homemakers, members of the armed forces, students who are still learning, and many more. 

These people predominantly lack adequate time for their preparation as they cannot attend classes physically. Hence, online Coaching comes as a boon for these people. They can easily crack the SSC examination by preparing in their free time due to these online courses. 

2. Online Coaching costs less compared to Offline Institutes: The main advantage of these offline courses is that they are available in user-friendly rates to the aspirants and come in full modules. So you necessarily will be stress-free as they complete everything present in the course. Online Coaching will also lessen your total expenses as you can listen to them staying wherever you are. It involves no travel expenses nor any accommodation expenses. 

But always before buying courses online, do check their compatibility and compare their prices and features with the other courses available online. Most of the online courses do provide their material for download, and do supply most of their study material taught by their tutors. So these things have to keep in check to prepare correctly for SSC examinations.

3. Online Coaching provides with a well-planned and intensive study material apt for your preparation:  These online coaching centers offer courses which are structured efficiently and help in increasing the all-round performance of the candidate. It also gives ample confidence to the candidate by providing sufficient practice tests to them and also by keeping a tab on the scores they have achieved.

They also provide the candidates with weekly doubt sessions, where they can interact with the tutor directly and solve their long-lasting doubts. They prepare the aspirant well for the examination by providing them with mock tests, preliminary exams, and practice tests. They also aid the aspirant to understand the integrity of the study by providing them with sets of previous year question papers to give them a clear idea of the examination they are about to take.

4. It provides a realistic approach and supplies the candidate with overall content: Most of the online coaching centers structure their courses in such a way, that it helps the candidate in understanding the problematic subjects at first, followed by other issues. This method gives the candidate a realistic approach of how to conceive the exam and also gives him ample time to rethink his strategy of cracking the exam.

These online courses also provide you with tiny bits of vital information from the people who have already cracked the exam before. These small bits of information will also help the candidate to assess his abilities and quantities while writing the examination. 

They also provide relevant questions in each of their sets, to make sure the candidate doesn’t get diverted in between the duration of the course. These courses also help in increasing the speed and caliber of the candidate by motivational talks from toppers and proper assurance form teachers. These tutors also assess the performance of each and calibrate with them according to it. Finally, they will help the candidate master the course thoroughly, which will bring them one step closer to cracking their exams.


Lastly, let us glance into some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of SSC Examinations:


1.    A promising and secure job for your future.
2.    The prime chance of becoming a part of the Central Government and its Ministry
3.    You will be provided with a good income and also with many benefits for you and your family.
4.    You will achieve a well-known status, and your respect gets increased in society.


1.    There is a high level of competitiveness in this examination, as the number of test takers is high.
2.    It requires sheer hard-work and focused dedication and determination.
3.    It requires acute patience, as job growth in this sector is prolonged.



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