6 Powerful ways to overcome failure in life

It is necessary to achieve failure in life before achieving success. Bad experiences teach valuable lessons. What we have to do is be strong and learn from our mistakes and avoid them in the future.

Ever wondered why you keep failing no matter how hard you try? Do you feel cheated and ask yourself why life is so unfair? Is this your destiny? Of course not! Failure in life is not your thing.

Everybody fails at some point in their life. But how do you deal with it? What do you feel about yourself at that moment? Do you get anxious or stay calm?

When you fail at something, for example, you apply for as many jobs as you can, but none of them have gotten back to you, it might seem like you aren’t good at anything, but that is not true. Quoting Thomas Edison (1),

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

What is failure in life?

Failure is a stepping stone. It can occur due to many reasons and knowing those reasons are very essential. We see it to be the worst part of our lives and tend to get depressed. This way of thinking has made people afraid of failing in life. But nobody is perfect. You should know that it is an inevitable part of your life. You would be shocked to learn that highly successful people are the ones who have failed the most.

Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, was once cut from his high school team. But he did not give up and kept improving to become a star college player.

Albert Einstein had speech difficulties as a kid and was also considered to be mentally handicapped. He failed many times in his life, yet a few years later, he had a Ph.D. and was recognized as a leading theorist and also won the Nobel Prize and was known to be the genius of our modern era.


Causes of failure in life

1. Lack of perseverance

Sometimes people fail in life not because they are not talented but because they quit. One must persist in what ought to be done and resist what should not be done.


2. Lack of confidence

These people obey blindly and comply with other people’s actions, even when they can be wrong at times. You should always know what is important to you and what is not because if you don’t, it will lead you to fail in life


3. Ignorance of past mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but not all learn from them. We need to have the right attitude. Analyze the situation and find out where you went wrong and make sure you do not repeat it.


4. Lack of discipline

This is one of the most important reasons for failure in life. Discipline here means self-control, sacrifice, and avoiding distractions. Always set a goal and work towards it and stay focused.


5. Laziness

If you cannot put in extra hours at work or keep postponing your work to tomorrow, it will make you a failure in life. Hard work always pays off.


Some ways to overcome failure in life

1. Accept the failure and embrace your emotions

Failure causes many emotions like anxiety, embarrassment, anger, etc. Do not escape this feeling. Sometimes thinking about your feelings rather than thinking about the failure can really help.


2. Consider criticism as opinions

People can be really mean and start making fun of you or even criticize your actions.

There is nothing you can do about it but let it go and take it as their opinion. It also helps to stay with the people who encourage you.


3. See your failure as a way to improve yourself

As you keep failing, you will learn to deal with your problems. And you would also get the inspiration to be a better version of yourself and won’t stop until you get it right.


4. Create a plan to move forward

Don’t keep on thinking about the failure but instead think of what you can do differently the next time.


5. What have you learned from it?

Failure is a teacher if you want to learn. You can write it down in your journal or anywhere so that you can keep looking at it and realizing that these are the lessons you need to learn.


6. Face your fears!

If you are someone who has a habit of running away from your problems, that has got to stop. Step out of your comfort zone. This would help you get out of your discomfort.


You are not a failure in life forever

There will be times when nothing is going right, but you should know that it is not permanent. If you can’t get something right at the first try, do not stop, keep trying, and keep correcting your mistakes. There will be many people to put you down, and that makes you start questioning your own abilities. Do not let anybody tell you that you are a failure in life.

Because you can do wonders if you start believing in yourself and never give up.

I am currently pursuing my engineering in JSSATEB.I have a habit of reading novels, especially , mysteries and thrillers and i also write poems and short stories in my free time. I believe that i should keep expanding my knowledge and upgrading myself as much as possible .Travelling and exploring as many places possible has always been my passion

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