Placement interview questions

Are you preparing for an upcoming interview? You can read about how to answer placement interview questions in this article.

A good interview is one critical step in landing into the job you have always wanted to do. Online career portals and different websites that can advise you to prepare common responses to these questions so that you can remain confident about yourself. So, here are some placement interview questions that you can go through before your interview.


1]Tell us about yourself

This is one of the placement interview questions that will help you make a first good impression. Do not be boring and just say your name, qualifications, etc. The interviewer wants you to tell details that aren’t already in your resume. You can speak about the values that you possess and then tell them your strengths. Tell them why you would be suitable for the role that you applied for. You only have to show members of the panel that you want to genuinely work for their company. Share your career plans and your goals with them as well.


2]Tell us some of your strengths and weaknesses

This is one of the most typical placement interview questions. Emphasize only the on strengths required for the role that you have applied for. As for weaknesses, pick those which are not relevant to the job. Have you heard about SWOT analysis? It is a technique used to identify your strengths and weaknesses.SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites, and Threats.
For more information about SWOT analysis, check out


3]What are your likes and dislikes?

Your likes can be concerning anything, like, clothes, pets, transport, places, etc. The same applies to dislikes as well. Your likes can be your hobbies too.


4]Where can you see yourself in a couple of years?

Think about the industry that you want to join. Get a knowledge of how long it would take to get a promotion by talking to professionals. You have to be honest about yourself. It would be best if you also showed that you are willing to learn and make progress.

5]Who is your role model?

Think about someone who you admire for certain qualities. They do not have to be celebrities, but can be your parents, friends, or someone who you know quite well. List down the qualities that you admire in them. If you do not have any role model, you can mention that you think that every human is special in their own way.


6]Will you be comfortable working in a team?

Most of the organizations focus on teamwork. It involves a lot of adjustments that aren’t going to be easy. You can talk about the projects you worked on as a team previously and how well you managed it. When you are working as a team, many arguments can occur as everyone will have ideas of their own. You should make sure that no one takes things personally and feel left out of the team.


7]Have you ever thought about higher education?

This is one of the tricky placement interview questions. You can give a diplomatic answer by saying that as of now, you haven’t thought about it but might consider it after gaining work experience.

8]Why should we hire you?

Mention your strengths and link them with the requirements of the job you applied for. Mention a few examples where you displayed excellent skills. You can say that you are hardworking, have good communication and oral skills, a presence of mind, and whatever you feel you possess. But one important thing is that you should never lie about your skills.


9]Why do you want to work in our organization?

You have to gather all the information about the company by visiting their website, or if you know anybody working in that organization, you can ask them.


10]What is the salary you expect from us?

Check out the average salary in that industry that is being paid and also check out on the position you have applied for. Be careful when answering this question. Mention that you are flexible. If you have a work experience of more than five years, you have the freedom to demand the salary.

11]How soon can you join?

If you need time to join, let them know. If you have to shift, then obviously, you would need the time to be free from your domestic commitments. Due to anxiety, a lot of candidates state an early date without thinking about whether it will be possible or not. Later on, if you keep postponing the date, it would create a wrong impression.

12]Do you have any questions for us?

It is important to ask questions at the end of the interview. It shows that you are keen on joining the job .avoid asking something that has already been mentioned while asking the placement interview questions.

Be sure to practice and go through these placement interview questions before going for the interview. Stay calm and think before you answer. All the best!

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