NGOs in Mumbai you must know about

Are you looking to make a change in the world and do something productive? Here is something that you might be interested in that is volunteering and an internship at NGOs in Mumbai.

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Who wouldn’t want to stay in such a beautiful city? Working at NGOs in Mumbai will give you exposure as well as the feel-good factor about yourself. Mumbai is filled with billionaires but also harbors Asia’s largest slum, i.e., Dharavi. From child labor to poverty and human trafficking to human rights, all the faced problems are varied. Thus,there are many NGOs in Mumbai that have given attention to these issues and have taken it up seriously and try their utmost to provide a solution. You too, can be a part of this by interning at NGOs in Mumbai.


Volunteering at NGOs in Mumbai gives you the following benefits.


1] Inspire yourself to help the society and make it a better place to reside in.

2] Overcome social issues firsthand.

3] Understand the working environment of NGOs in Mumbai.

4] Understand the ways in which you can improve the society.

5] Explore social development and probably make it as a career.

These days NGOs in Mumbai provide internships in a variety of roles.

Some roles that are offered are



2]Fund raising

3]Digital marketing

4]Public relations



7]Event management

Here is a list of NGOs in Mumbai


1]Door step school

This is one of the NGOs in Mumbai whose main focus is primary education. There are many underprivileged areas in the society that need immediate attention and require at least primary education. Hence,they bring education right to the doorsteps of the children, usually pavements or streets, and also offer classes to the children of age 3 to 14 in locations that are convenient to them. Go to if you are interested in volunteering.


2]CRY-Child rights for you

CRY is an NGO in Mumbai that focuses on children’s rights, which takes many initiatives. They deal with providing free primary education as well as healthcare and safe houses away from violence and they also team up with other NGOs and communities.

Check out this website for more information.


This NGO focuses on rehabilitation of women and children which are mainly for those who have been a victim of prostitution and human trafficking. They work with the women who are from Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest Red Light Areas and provide resources for education as well as job opportunities 

So,if you want to do an internship at AAWC, you can go to this website


This is one of the NGOs in Mumbai that supports and aids rural communities in Maharashtra.So basically ,they focus on many issues and address many issues like Women Empowerment, child education, village governance, etc.



This is a unique organization that is an accelerator for NGOs in Mumbai that work in the sphere of primary education,hence they act as a partner and a support and ensure that NGOs fulfill their mission of providing education

To know more information about ATMA, check out


6]Fandry foundation

If you have seen the Marathi movie “Fandry,” you would understand the concept. It highlights the plight of tribal communities. Founded in 2014, this NGO creates an awareness for education for the tribal people in Maharashtra and provides resources like stationaries, books, and even clothing for children. 

You can also make a small contribution by donating old books or clothing on this website

7]India Cancer Society

India Cancer Society is one of India’s first voluntary organizations for cancer awareness, detection, and cure.Therefore, it helps to provide aid to those who are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can be easily cured only at an early stage. Primarily, this organization works with those who are underprivileged and who do not have access to necessary medical facilities and also conduct early detection camps, awareness programs, etc.

To intern at India Cancer Society, click on this link

8]Teach For India 

This is one of the NGOs in Mumbai that is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to eliminate educational inequality and is a part of the global Teach for All network. It works on two levels to create an impact.Hence, Interns will work in various departments to achieve these goals.

 For more information on TFI, visit


9]Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research center

This is one of the first and largest NGOs in Mumbai and is an organization that works with children and older individuals with learning disabilities and they even have a school in Mumbai and runs programs through Maharashtra to provide support for these individuals.

Click on this website for additional information


10]Lawyers Collective 

Lawyers Collective is one of the NGOs in Mumbai that works with many disadvantaged communities and provides legal recourse and also creates policy changes and formulates laws that will support these communities. They are currently working with Women’s rights, HIV patients, Rights to Medicines, and many more.

Click on this website for more information

These are just some of the NGOs in Mumbai but there are a lot more. So get out there and bring a positive change in the world by volunteering with any of these NGOs in Mumbai!

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