Merchant Navy Salary with Full Job Description

This article will present you with the different types of Merchant Navy Salary and the description of different positions in the Marchant Navy.

Before we understand about Merchant Navy Salary, let us know what the Merchant Navy is all about. There are several jobs in India which are considered as the most prominent one’s and similarly, the role of a merchant navy is classified as one of the best positions in India. The position of a merchant navy is classified into two main categories given below.

1. International Merchant Navy: People in these positions fulfil different tasks such as carrying oils and natural gas from one country the back to India and similar jobs. 

2. Domestic Merchant Navy: Their works involve internally in the nation like carrying military hardware, crude oil, metal ores, etc. Although India has a small Domestic Merchant Navy group, there is a vast opportunity for people. 

Merchant Navy Salary

This might appear as a lucrative easy job for people to earn easily, but lesser-known facts are that Merchant Navy works are pretty exhausting. One has to be surrounded by the sea all the time and most of the days. One has to undergo rigorous tasks like prohibiting the vessels from collision to other fellow vessels, or suddenly a considerable rock appears in the sea from nowhere, and one has to avoid crashing on to them. These works may sound small, but in reality, things are a lot tougher than they appear. 

Although such risks, one gets best Merchant Navy salary packages based on the work they are specialized in and have different benefits of the job. People get to visit different foreign countries with paid holiday and leave. The salary is based on the work that they provide, and mainly, the Merchant Navy jobs are differentiated into three types:

  • Deck
  • Engineering
  • Logistics and Support


Salary of Merchant Navy In Brief

The actual Merchant Navy salary cannot be stated as it solely depends upon the factors like whom are you employed to, nature of your duties and the type of vessel you are working into. Broadly the Merchant Navy is further categorized into two types:

1. Licensed Crew: These people hold a certificate that they are certified through the National or International organizations and are eligible to take up licensed jobs.

2. Unlicensed Crew: They are used for simple tasks like assistants in every department. They don’t have the appropriate qualification, but yes, they do need a certification from a National or an International authority to work between different countries. 


Job Positions in Merchant Navy

1. Deck Jobs in Merchant Navy

  • Captain: These positions go by the name of Skipper, Master, etc. depending on the organization that one works for. They are in the leading authority on the ship and is the highest position that one can achieve. They receive the highest salary of approx Rs. 550,000 to Rs. 12,50,000 per month. Although the salary may seem pretty appealing, one has to go through a high amount of risks as if caught but pirates then these captains are kept as hostages. 
  • Second Officer: This position is directly under the Captain and reports anything to the Captain itself. They are supposed to keep a check on Vessel’s routes, Weather reports, etc. and interacts with the leaders of other crews to keep a check on everything. Their main work is to resolve the issues which occur within the crew members of different duties and check on to the wellbeing of every crew member. They are offered with a salary of Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 per month.
  • Third Officer: Their task is to manage the fuel efficiency of the vessel and technical operations like speed, position, gear, etc. They have to ensure the smooth sailing of the ship and has to check the safety measures in case of any emergency. This position is offered a salary of Rs. 400,000 to Rs 800,000 per month.
  • Deckhands: These are mainly the freshers who have just been graduated for a Maritime Academy and has to get experience before landing to a specific position. They are supposed to assist the second or the third officer and ensure the work to be done that are allotted by them. They are prepared to go through diverse fields, and their functions are not specified. They develop their skills in these positions. The salary offered to them is between Rs. 100,000 to 200,000.


2. Engineering Jobs in Merchant Navy

  • Chief Engineer: They rank almost equivalent to the Captain of the ship, and their salary is ultimately in par with the captain. Chief Engineers are responsible for the overall functioning on the vessel and ensure its smooth sailing altogether. They need to ensure that the power is adequately supplied to every part of the crew and their operation is going on without any issues. The Chief Engineer has to ensure whether the vessel is fit for the travel or not and if the ship gets unfit even between their journey in mid-sea or not. Their salary ranges from Rs. 500,000 to 1.2 Million per month.
  • Second Engineer: They are responsible for seeing the daily functioning of the ship and determining its position, fuel efficiency, navigation, etc. They have to ensure that all the emergency systems in the vessel are functioning correctly or not and to make sure that the tasks are being carried out successfully. They directly have to report to the captain regarding the situation of different crews on the vessel depending upon the circumstances that they are facing. They also have to maintain the environment safety and ensure the things are being carried out correctly or not. Their salary ranges from Rs. 400,000 to Rs 1 million per month.
  • Third Engineer: They have to ensure the electricity and electric functioning of the vessel and whether the communications are being taken out correctly between different crews or not. They have to maintain the hygiene in the vessel and are expected to see whether the vessel is fit for more travel or not and has to undersee the tasks like the painting of the vessel in the sea and if the goods are correctly stored or not. They have to see that all the crew members adhere to the protocols and work with dedication. They are offered with a salary of Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 900,000.
  • Fourth Engineer: They ensure the logistics and chain supply management in the sea and supplies that are needed in the voyage. They have to check the inventory daily for Oils, spare parts, engine working, etc. of the ship. They also assist the Second and the Third Engineers for the safe sailing of the vessel. They get a salary of Rs. 300,000 to Rs. 500,000.
  • Engineering Cadets: These people are the fresh graduates of maritime institutes and have just completed their course. They are assigned with the duties like repairs of Engine, check and filling of oil and keeping maintenance of the ship with several small tasks. These people mainly have completed their diploma from maritime institutes with mechanical & Electrical Engineering. 


3. Logistics and Support Jobs in Merchant Navy

They are mainly the unlicensed crew on the Ship and are supposed to undertake the nominal jobs of the ship which ensure the smooth working of the other crew members onboard the vessel.

These jobs mainly consist of positions like:

  • Motorman
  • Oiler
  • Bosun
  • Able Seaman
  • Ordinary Seaman
  • Seaman Cadet

Port Captain

This is a unique position of Port captain, which is considered to be the most critical post and is equal to the Captain and has high Merchant Navy salary. They are in charge when the vessel is on the seaport. There are port captains of different ships, depending on the person who owns the boat. They work on the land-based jobs and supervise the loading and offloading of the vessel with proper functioning and documentation of the complete process. They are offered with a salary of Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 10 Lacs per month. 


Perks Of Being in the Merchant Navy

With a high Merchant Navy Salary, one gets different perks of being employed in their working. Some of the significant perks other than the Merchant Navy Salary is mentioned below:

  • Paid Leaves as long as 90 days in every nine months of operation is given.
  • Free food and drinks in the voyage
  • Allowances for the expense while visiting different foreign countries.
  • Medical Allowances, other than the Merchant Navy Salary, is provided for the Family.
  • Accident and Life Insurance
  • Exempts from the Income Tax
  • Membership to seafarers clubs

Although these allowances and perks may differ from employer to employer and may have some difference even based on the posts, Merchant Navy Salary differs as one gets to experience on the sea.

Some of the top companies in India which offer the best Merchant Navy Salary are:



Merchant Navy people are offered with a high amount of Merchan Navy salary, but the endeavour and struggle are the same in most of such fields. As a person gets to experience, they eventually get skilled and thereby gets more wage. Merchant Navy is a very lucrative field in which one can work. 

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