Learnings from internships you should remember

Internships give you an experience like no other. You can acquire many learnings from internships if you have the will.In this page are some of the things that you can learn from an internship.

The main aim of internships is to gain exposure and also gain learnings from internships. Some of these learnings might not be enough to get you a job, but can be lessons that you will never forget. These are the learnings from internships that will stay with you throughout your entire career.


It would help if you got recognized more than one time.

If you are used to getting compliments and praises in your academic or personal life, you might expect the same in your job too. But your internship experience will not go that way. You or your work might not always get recognized; therefore, more than just one achievement or assignment would be required to get into the “good list” of employees. However, you should not take this to heart as it might lower your confidence level. Please take it as a learning and move on and try to keep getting better.


Everybody will not be as nice as you think.

If you are used to people being nice to you, you cannot expect the same in this professional life. People will be mean and might not say things that you wish to hear from them. Moreover, they will want your work to be done and never try to be pleasant. But, this is one of the most critical learnings from internships that you can ever acquire. But it would be helpful if you don’t let it affect you in any way. In addition to that, it shouldn’t affect your morale.


Being right is more essential than being nice.

¬†Sometimes being nice won’t go well with being true to your work, so, it’s okay if you put your career above anything else at that point of time.

If you have to choose between doing your work properly or being the nice person around, you should know which is the best option!


Good communication skills are essential.

This is one of the learnings from internships that will teach you how vital speaking skills are. Without proper communication, it isn’t easy to keep an organization running. This would be important to you for the rest of your career; hence you should never forget it.


Practical knowledge and skills

The theory that you had learned in your school or college might not be too useful in your career, but, instead, your practical knowledge and your skills will. At the end of the day, handle the work given to you. Remember to learn the practical aspects rather than just the theory part.


Work smart

Being hardworking is essential, although being smart is more necessary in internships. Even though you work hard for an entire day, the person who comes up with a more intelligent idea in a lesser amount of time is appreciated, and no one would notice how hard you have worked. Working smart is more vital than working hard. Remember this as one of the key learnings from internships. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should try to finish your work as soon as possible and not checking for any errors made.


Learning never ends

So after your internship is over, you think that you have learned everything and have gained all the knowledge that you require, but that is not true. These are just some learnings from internships, and you still have a long way to go. You will realize that the internship is over, and you will have to start all over again. The things you learned previously, of course, does matter, but there is still a series of other things to know.

Never let your thirst for knowledge die!


Building relationships

The relationships that you build during your internship is going to impact your career in a positive way. Making connections will not only help you to enjoy your work every day but also help you to gain a lot of achievements in the future.



We are so used to being spoon-fed all our lives, hence working independently has been proven to be very helpful for self-development. You will be able to make decisions on your own and will not have to depend on anybody else for anything at all. All you need is some guidance, and then you can be off on your own


You’re more important than you think.

You might think that you are always at the bottom, but you are important, and even your basic work will be appreciated. You might get only a short time to get recognized. However, it is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and gain experience.


Life will keep throwing opportunities to learn at us. The faster you grab it, the better your life will be. These learnings from internships are going to help you throughout your career and your life. Exploit all these lessons to have a bright future ahead. And most importantly, believe in yourself. I am sure you can do wonders if you just have a little faith.

I am currently pursuing my engineering in JSSATEB.I have a habit of reading novels, especially , mysteries and thrillers and i also write poems and short stories in my free time. I believe that i should keep expanding my knowledge and upgrading myself as much as possible .Travelling and exploring as many places possible has always been my passion

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