KillerLaunch Partner Program: Refer your friends, share on social media and win

Promote the KillerLaunch platform as a Partner Program member by referring it to your friends and use the social media to spread the word to win exclusive redeemable rewards.

KillerLaunch, one of the top job sites in India, is launching its Partner program that enables you, a student, graduate, or professional, to be a part of the nationwide influencer movement. By being a participant at KillerLaunch’s Partner Program, you get to promote the KillerLaunch platform’s services with the use of influence and social media and rewarded.

KillerLaunch is amongst the leading jobs and internships search platform that has been providing its users with excellent employment opportunities from multiple industries. The platform aims at making a killer launch for the students going from pathshala to Internshala and others seeking to advance in their fields.

The employment search platform aims at providing equal job and internship opportunities to its users. KillerLaunch offers its users a chance to find jobs and internships from different industries and locations, according to their personal preferences, enabling them to work in the company or startup of their choice.


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Be an Influencer

Every individual holds a certain degree of influence in his/her life. KillerLaunch invites everyone to be part of its Partner Program as an influencer. By being an influencer, you get to promote KillerLaunch’s services with the help of the assigned tasks on the platform, both online and offline. As one of the top internship sites in India, KillerLaunch aims to give a killer career launch to students and young freshers looking to take their first step in the corporate world.


Refer Your Friends

Refer your friends for joining the KillerLaunch platform, as an influencer or a user and gain exclusive rewards from the KillerLaunch team. KillerLaunch is a staunch believer of word-of-mouth and is adherent to the fact that talking about the platform with your followers or friends serves as one of the most engaging and efficient ways of promoting services. 


Social Media is Your Best Friend

Promote the KillerLaunch platform on your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and win exciting rewards from home. Use the power of social media to spread the word and promote KillerLaunch as the Partner Program member and make use of your channels to make a killer impact in the market.


Win Rewards

KillerLaunch will be rewarding all of its Partner Program participants with exclusive prizes as and when the candidate completes the tasks assigned by the platform. Every task holds different points, which depends on the relevance of the task. Every time a task is ticked off the list, the participant will get rewarded with points that can be claimed for vouchers and gifts later.


KillerLaunch is a leading jobs and internships search platform in India that aims at providing equal work opportunities to all its users, be it, students, graduates, or working professionals. Students and graduates can find relevant internet opportunities according to their personal preferences, and others can find suitable job opportunities according to their experience and upscale their career at KillerLaunch in a few clicks. Participate in KillerLaunch’s Partner Program and win exclusive redeemable rewards today!

Saumya Uniyal
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