Jobs after BBA: What are your options? [2020 Updated]

Individuals often get confused about their future after getting done with their degrees. Here, we have down some jobs you can get after completing your BBA.

While the majority of the Indian population strives to pursue MBA for better career growth, some rely on committing to the field in their bachelor’s with their BBA degree. An individual with a Bachelor in Business Administration holds textual knowledge of businesses, including management, finances, marketing, etc.

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There is a wide scope career-wise for graduates after BBA (1). You can start through entry-level jobs in advertising, marketing, management, IT, Banking, and more such fields. However, you can also try your hand at jobs before pursuing MBA (2) if you need to speed up your career.


Jobs After BBA: 9 Job Options You Can Go For After BBA

There are several types of job opportunities that you can look up to if you are looking for jobs after BBA. Here are some of the jobs that you can do after completing your BBA degree. 


1. Manager

Salary: Rs 152k/ year to Rs 1,889k/ year

As a BBA graduate, you can become a manager (3) for a startup, company, company’s department, bank, and much more. As a manager, you’re required to manage your staff and ensure all the work is being completed efficiently and on-time.

Tip: Prior internship experience helps immensely while cracking job interviews.


2. Finance Manager

Salary: Rs 154k to Rs 2,025k/ year

As a finance manager (4), you’ll be responsible for maintaining the finances of a company. You need to produce timely financial reports of the company while bringing in inputs, assisting executives in making sound decisions for the firm.


3. Human Resource Manager

Salary: Rs 8k to Rs 61k per month

Human resource managers (5) ensure all the HR tasks are being performed timely by the HR department. They serve as a link between the company’s executives and its employees and ensure the rights and responsibilities of employees are satiated.


4. Marketing Manager

Salary: Rs 8k to Rs 60,000 per month

A marketing manager is responsible for conducting all the marketing related activities for a firm. A marketing manager (6) is required to be an outgoing, sociable, and spontaneous personality, alongside being focussed, detail-oriented, and highly creative. 


5. Information Systems Manager

Salary: Rs 8k to Rs 51k per month

An information systems manager (7) serves as a link between an organization and technology. The main focus of an information systems manager is to ensure the network connectivity and network security is not compromised. It also includes taking care of the systems for updates, installation, and maintenance.


6. Business Consultant

Salary: Rs 8k to Rs 52k per month

As a business consultant, you’ll be providing professional and expert advice about your field expertise, be it business, banking, finance, HR, etc. You can either work in an independent business consulting environment or work as a business consultant for a bigger corporation.


7. Business Administrator

Salary: Rs 15k to Rs 50k per month

Business administrators are responsible for handling the operational, organizational, and managerial responsibilities of a firm. Business administrators are also known by other job titles like operations manager, general manager, or a CEO. They are often required to be all-rounders, holding the ability to perform multiple functions for the company.


8. Entrepreneur

Salary: Not fixed

Now that you hold business expertise through your degree, you can try to startup (8) and open up your own company. There are pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be responsible for designing, launching, and running your business with your team. 


9. Sales Executive

Salary: Rs 8k to Rs 41k/ month + incentives

Sales executives act as individuals who serve as the crucial bridge between a company and its clients and is responsible for carrying and performing all the sales-related tasks. As a sales executive, one is responsible for working closely with the marketing department and bringing in methodologies that would help promote their products/services.



Overall, these were some of the top careers that you can pursue once you’re done with your BBA. However, if you aim to earn higher salary packages, you must go ahead and pursue an MBA degree as that guarantees higher salary packages and your chance to be placed with the top multinational companies in India. 

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