Interview body language: Do’s and Dont’s

To make sure you don't conclude your interview before it even starts, here's an article about the do's and don'ts of interview body language.

Usually, in an interview, the recruiter judges you within the very first 7 seconds. How are you going to maintain your interview body language in that situation to display the right message? The first impression is the strongest and something which no one would ever forget.

The do’s of interview body language


1] Enter with confidence

It is very important for you to enter the room with confidence since the recruiters even check with the people at the reception about the interview body language. They believe in observing right from the start and noticing all the changes. First impressions matter, and sometimes, they matter the most. Don’t be too nervous and take deep breaths to calm yourself.


2] A firm handshake

As mentioned above, a firm handshake makes an interviewer feel your energy and determination. But remember to let go at the correct time. A firm handshake makes them believe in your self-assured personality.


3] Sit straight

Make sure to keep your back straight (not too stiff) and maintain your interview body language and posture in such a way that your legs are firmly placed. Lean in towards the recruiter to give the impression of you being engaged in what they speak.


4] Maintain eye contact

 It is extremely important that you look right in the eyes of the person who takes the interview. Make eye contact with everyone present to look confident and trustworthy. You don’t have to keep looking directly into their eyes the entire time. If you get nervous, it helps to look at their nose for a while.


5] Wear a bright smile on your face

No one would want someone who is sour and grumpy. While it is important to answer the questions seriously, it is also necessary to show them the lighter version of you. Smile and make them see you as a friendly and agreeable person. Moreover, it makes you look less nervous, so it is a plus point!


6] Pay attention to your hands

Hands should never come in between the direct line of sight between you and the recruiter. Don’t make a fist or fidget or bend your knuckles. These are some of the things that you should avoid. Focus on making movements with hands, or you can even start taking notes. Doing that will not let your hands be idle and won’t attract any unnecessary attention.


Some extra tips for do’s of interview body language

  • Keep your phone in silent mode during the interview
  • Always carry a working pen in your pocket
  • Place your feet on the ground firmly to seem more confident


The don’ts of interview body language


1] Overconfidence

Overconfidence should be avoided when it comes to interviews. Disrupting the recruiters and making them think that you know the company better than them are the things which will surely make you look cynical and arrogant. Be polite, gentle, and use your curiosity in a thoughtful way. This is a very important point in the common don’ts of interview body language.


2] A weak handshake

It shows your lack of confidence and joy. You must try and reflect the handshake of your recruiter if you want to look bold and cheerful. Please don’t put too much pressure as well because it can make you seem aggressive.


3] Don’t slouch too much

If you bend outwards too much or keep your shoulders slumped, then it’s time for you to fix it before you appear for an interview. There is nothing more irritating than a lazy candidate who looks uneasy all the time.

4] Stare blankly

There is a difference between maintaining eye contact and staring blankly. If you maintain eye contact for more than 15 seconds at a go, then it would undoubtedly make your recruiter uncomfortable. Staring at the other things would make you seem distracted. Be the focused person they are searching for.

5] Play with your pen/hair

If you have a practice of clicking the pen frequently or fixing your hair too often, then you should exercise some ways to prevent these. These actions make you look gross, and interviewers would surely be irritated with them. You are not there to annoy them.


6] Fidgeting 

This is a sign of restlessness. Shifting the position of your hands, legs, or even fingers can severely affect the flow of the interview process. No company would want a person who is so inattentive that he disturbs everyone around him. This is one important thing you must remember about the dont’s of interview body language.


Some extra tips for dont’s of interview body language

  • Chew gum
  • Keep checking the time
  • Being overfriendly or going for a hug
  • Taking a call


Almost 60% of first impressions are created by interview body language; it should definitely be an important part of your preparation.

You don’t need to practice in front of the mirror, but keeping the do’s and don’ts in mind before your interview will definitely help you improve the way you present yourself.

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