I bought a domain now what? [2020 Updated]

So you’ve finally taken the first step towards taking your business online and have purchased your dream domain name. But now what? What is the next level?

Startup India Scheme has played an active role in promoting multiple startups under various industries combined along with Digital India, which acted as a catalyst for businesses joining the online marketplace.

In this article, we’ll be guiding you on what to do once you buy a domain name. Follow this step by step guide and mark your online presence in the sea of online opportunities.

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I bought a domain now what – Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Sync Domain & Hosting
  2. Create a domain email address
  3. Create a website for your domain
  4. Add website contents
  5. Submit site to search engines


What to do After Buying a Domain Name – 5 Steps

1. Sync Domain & Hosting

Once you purchase a domain, it is necessary to mark its place on the world wide web so that potential consumers can reach out to you. Services like GoDaddy (1) & Namecheap (2) provide you with some excellent web hosting plans.

After purchasing your selected web hosting plan, connect your domain name with the hosting server.


To link domain & hosting:

  • Login to your hosting account
  • Find the Nameserver under General Information
  • Copy Nameserver
  • Login to the domain provider
  • Add the Nameserver under domain settings
  • Your domain & web hosting has been synced


2. Create a Domain Email Address

Create your domain email address that will be used for all your business-related communication. Usually, a domain-specific email address comes with your domain purchase.

To set up a domain email address like [email protected], go to your hosting cPanel to create a free domain email or purchase domain email at $5/month from Google Apps. 


3. Create a website for your domain

Create a website using your domain name on your own using softwares like Wix (3) or WordPress (4) or hire an agency to create the site for you.


Some great website that offers web development services are:

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4. Add Website Contents

Once the layout, design, and theme for your website has been created, get on with adding content to your site. When an individual visits your site, he’d want to know more about your business, which will lead him to your about page.

Create quality and relatable content to grasp your visitor’s attention. Some of the pages you need to take care of include the about page, contact page- number, address, social media handles, products page, FAQ page, press page, etc.

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5. Submit site to search engines

To gain traffic on your site, you need people to be directed to your sites. The easiest way to increase your website discovery is through search engines.

Create a sitemap (5) for your website and submit it to search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

As soon as your site gets indexed by search engines, you’ll start gaining traffic from the respective search engines.


We hope we were able to guide you through the five steps you can take once you buy a domain name of your choice. Create the most aesthetically appealing website with the use of advanced and interactive tools from website builders.

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