How to utilize a cover letter

In this article, we will get an understanding of how a cover letter makes an impact on your job prospect.

If you believe that a decent resume is what you need to get a perfect job, this article will definitely be for you. While most of us believe that a good resume the most important thing for finding a great job, we tend to undermine the importance of a cover letter.

It is not something which is just a present-day thing. It has been around in the job market for decades.


What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is basically a piece of document which will be attached to the resume. It calls attention to different aspects of the candidate and justifies why the candidate would be fit for the job.

A cover letter for resume mainly explains the achievements, qualities, qualifications, or other aspects that might help impress an interviewer. The format of your letter has to match with the industry that you apply to. There is no proper format for the content you add in it. It would be best if it is visually organized.


Role of a cover letter in your profession

A cover letter for the job you are applying for has a value of its own. It is the first glimpse of the unique characteristics of your professional career. A resume holds its own value, but a cover letter gives a very descriptive detail. 

It is a distinctive document in which a candidate has a chance to describe his/her achievements.

Every interviewer has a difficult task to do even before the procedure of the interview starts. Among a number of resumes, shortlisting a few is not an easy job. Here is where the cover letter will be helpful.

Each candidate who applied for a job should write all the important things in their resume, but a perfect cover letter attached to a resume is what will make a difference. The professionalism & devotion of the candidate is also well showcased to an employer.


Successful cover letters include

1] Memorable introduction

2] Specified examples of relevant work and problems solved

3] Conclusions with a call to action 

How to utilize a cover letter effectively.

Writing a cover letter is something, but writing a perfect one for a resume has the most chances of getting shortlisted. 


Here are some tips to achieve it


1. Short & crisp: You can’t expect an interviewer to go through an entire storyline. Keep it short & deliver your message in small descriptions.


2. Know what to write: It’s not necessary to mention everything about your career . There might be things which you want to keep away. So think before you write anything


4. Don’t be repetitive: Do not keep stressing over the same thing. Repetitive could show you to be repulsive. Put your unique skills firmly ahead; however, don’t be repetitive.


5. Why are you different: You are not the only one who will attach a cover letter for this job. Always try to be unique among the crowd. Focus on how unique & creative you can be. What makes you different from everybody else? Emphasize on the qualities that make you the best choice. Point out your abilities and skills.


6. Proper information: Make sure that you give correct information. Educational qualifications, experience, abilities, skills, etc. Be as honest as possible.


7. Avoid errors: As humans, we tend to make errors when we write something. Proofread your letter once you are done with your letter. Check for all possible errors and edit it before you attach it to your resume.

What to avoid?


1] Here are some phrases that most recruiters wouldn’t like

  • To Whomever It May Concern
  • I’m unsure if you know
  • Dynamic
  • Feel free to
  • Significant
  • Self-Starter
  • Really, deeply

They go through a lot of cover letters and would have gotten tired of these clichés. They’re looking for something new and interesting to come along.

2] Don’t include irrelevant information

Irrelevant information will confuse and bore the interviewer, making them miss the important points in your cover letter.


3] Your salary requirements or other expectations

Don’t include your salary requirements unless asked to do so by the interviewer. It’s necessary to show the employer your interest only in the job and not make it seem like money is the only thing in your mind.


Submit your cover letter

Always go according to the instructions given in the job description before submitting your cover letter. If you are going to submit it from a website with fillable fields, make sure that no formatting errors have occurred.


A small error could ruin your entire application. Now you know how to write a perfect cover letter.

All the Best!

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