How to make an Internship Report? [in 2020]

In this article, we are going to learn about everything you need to know to make an internship report. At Hiredd, we help you with your internship report.


A period of work experience under some organization to develop professional skills is called an internship. An internship is always associated with the development of a skill that might be beneficial for you in the future. To sum up your experience and learnings, a report is submitted at the end of the internship. This report provides insight into your experience as an intern. In this article, we are going to learn about everything you need to know to make an internship report.


What is an internship report?

An internship report is a document prepared after the completion of your internship under any organization. This report documents a summary of your experience as an intern. While this report might not be mandatory, colleges and schools ask for an internship report. An internship report informs the authority about your tasks, skills developed, and overall experience. 


Your Internship report includes:

  1. The position held by you during your internship
  2. Your daily tasks and responsibility during that time. 
  3. The skills you developed as an intern
  4. A summary of the overall experience


Why do we need an internship report?

Not all institutes ask for an internship report, but if requested, you should prepare it carefully. A student should invest a sufficient amount of time in making a report. Your internship report should reflect the professionalism you are expected to have garnered during your internship. This document will be used as a reference to what you have learned and achieved in the time you invested in your course. 


Tips to remember in the beginning

Before we get into making a report, there are some things we need to remember. 

  1. You should design a cover letter for your internship, as it looks good.
  2. After the cover letter, there should be a cover page and an index. Remember to number your pages carefully. 
  3. A bound report always looks professional.
  4. Keep your language articulate and professional. Do not use abbreviations. Address everyone in the report with their post and full name. 
  5. Take care of the length. Do not lengthen the report unnecessarily. 
  6. If you are not given any specific font, ”times new roman” is used. With sizes 12 for paragraphs and 14 for headings. 


How to make an internship report?

An internship report covers all the essential details of your work during that period. It includes an overview as well as details of your experience. One thing to keep in mind is that you should first read the instruction given by your institute regarding the report. The guidelines will provide you with format, font, sizing, content to include, etc. If you are not given any specific instruction, below we have written how to create an internship report.


We have listed steps to create an internship report:

1. Title Page

A title page is necessary for your report. A title page includes your details, your college’s logo and name, name, and place of your internship, etc. When someone looks at the title page, they should understand that it is an internship report.


2. Index

The index page is mandatory for any report. The reader should be provided with a list of content in your report with carefully numbered pages. This helps in navigation.


3. About the firm

Your report should consist of the details of the firm. The founder, number of employees, how it contributed to society. The mission and visions of the firm. All these should be molded in a paragraph, so the reader gets to know about the organization.


4. Your job

This report’s fundamental purpose is to document your experience. It should include a section which describes the position held by you, the task in your daily job, how these tasks helped the firm. This paragraph should highlight your role as an intern. The reader can use this to talk about your overall experience.


5. Skills developed

A section should be dedicated to your learnings. The purpose of an internship is to help students work in a professional environment. Your report should highlight how beneficial the course turned out to be. Describe the skills developed by you and how they will help you in the future.


6. Conclusion

In conclusion, summarize your experience. Give insights into your expectations from the internship. You can use this section to express your view regarding your internship. You could include your current status as an intern, the future of your internship if you got a job offer from the firm.


While making a report, always keep in mind that multiple individuals from various backgrounds will read it. Your teachers, classmates, juniors, internship supervisor, can read the report. Thus keep professionally documenting your experience. Communicate respectfully while writing the report. Proofread our document at least three times, and if still in confusion, ask your seniors for help. This report will be your official account of the internship along with your certificate, thus make it as neat as possible. 

Shreyas Aravind
Shreyas Aravind
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