How to Make a PayPal Donate Button?

There are several organizations and individuals from around the world like NGOs, bloggers, etc. who often ask their audience to donate for a cause or charity events. 

Creating a PayPal donate button for your WordPress site is the best and easiest method of accepting donations from individuals on your website. Other than being super convenient, PayPal is known for its secure payment getaways, allowing users to trust the site for donations.

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3 Methods of Creating a PayPal Donate Button

  • Via PayPal website
  • With WordPress Plugin


A. Create PayPal Donate Button Via PayPal Website

You cannot create a Donate PayPal Button until you have an account on PayPal. First, sign up on PayPal and then follow these steps,

  1. Go to PayPal Fundraising page (1)
  2. Scroll down the page and click on ‘Learn about creating a donate button.’
  3. An Add a Donate Button  window will pop-up
  4. Click on Create a button
  5. Choose a button type- Donations
  6. Ensure that the organization name field is filled in
  7. Customize your button– text, size, image, etc.
  8. Choose the acceptable currency type
  9. Select the contribution type– fixed or manual
  10. Select ID for accepting payments– Merchant ID or primary email
  11. On the step 2 module, ensure that you’ve checked off the Save Button at PayPal checkbox
  12. On the step 3 module (optional), allow contributors to– send messages, give their address, direct them to links on checkout
  13. Once you’ve added all the customizations, click on Create Button
  14. Congratulations! Your PayPal Donate Button has been created.

Now that your Donate PayPal Button has been created, follow the next steps to add it to your website.


Add PayPal Donate Button to website

  • Select the entire button code and copy it
  • Go to your WordPress site and click on the Dashboard
  • Select where you want the code to be added– page, post or widget


For page–>

  • Add the page title and click on the Text tab
  • Paste the button code in the text editor
  • Click on publish, and your PayPal Donate Button has been added on your website


For Widgets–>

  • Go to Appearance
  • Select Widgets
  • Widget window will pop-up
  • Drag the Custom HTML option to the place you’d like your button to be placed in- header, footer, sidebar, etc.
  • Click on the downward arrow icon on the Custom HTML button
  • A Custom HTML window will pop-up
  • Fill in the donation cause in the title
  • Paste the code in the Content
  • Click Save
  • Your PayPal Donate Button widget has been added to your website


B. Create PayPal Donate Button With WordPress Plugin

For the individuals who are already familiar with the concepts of coding, this method is another excellent way of adding PayPal Donate Button using plugins.  

To create a Donate PayPal button with WordPress Plugin, follow these steps,

  1. Select the Donations plugin by clicking here. We recommend using the PayPal Donations (2) plugin because of its fantastic 5-star reviews.
  2. Once, you’ve selected the plugin, click on the Install Now option
  3. Once the installation is complete, click on the Activate button
  4. Go to Settings of your WordPress Dashboard
  5. Click on PayPal Donations
  6. Fill in your PayPal details to make the button functional
  7. Fill in the required fields– currency type, page style, return page
  8. Fill in the Defaults (optional)- amount, purposes, reference for donation.
  9. Customize the Donation Button– size, type, language


Add PayPal Donate Button to website

For Widgets–>

  • Go to Settings > Widgets on your WordPress dashboard
  • Drag the PayPal donations widget to the desired positions- header, footer, sidebar, etc.
  • Next, type in the required data for the PayPal Donate Button like the title, text, purpose, reference
  • Click on Save
  • Your Donate button will be added to your desired spot


For Shortcode–>

  • Copy this code: [paypal-donation]
  • Select the Page or post for the Donate Button
  • Paste the ShortcodeShortcode into the editor
  • Add the title for the donation
  • Click on Publish
  • Congratulations! Your PayPal Donate Button has been added


PayPal Pricing for PayPal Donate Button:

  1. PayPal charges a 2.9%+$0.30 transaction fee
  2. Manual donation collection-via iPads and swiper- carries a 2.7% transaction fee
  3. PayPal Donate Button usage is 100% free


These were some of the best and most convenient ways of creating a PayPal Donate Button for your WordPress website. Follow these steps to create your own customizable Donation button today and gather funds for a cause. 

Saumya Uniyal
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