How to get a Times of India internship

In this article, I will be giving you tips on how to get a Times of India internship very easily. I will also be sharing knowledge about the Times of India

Times of India is one of the most earliest English newspapers, which was started in 1838 as “Bombay Times“. It is the largest daily English newspaper in the entire world. If you are willing to contribute and play a part, find out how you can get a Times of India internship.


Types of Times of India internships:


There are various kinds of internships at Times of India. It offers sales, marketing, engineers, content writing, design, photography, editing, and many more.

Students and graduates from any degree are qualified to apply.

The time period of the Times of India internship can last from one month to a period of six months. And the stipend ranges from INR 5K to 15K.


How to apply for a Times of India internship

1] Direct referral-You can get in touch with the HR at the Times of India or any of the employees working in the field you wish to apply for through Linkedin and try requesting them to refer you for a Times of India internship

2] Apply on internship websites: Times of India posts internships on various sites such as Internshala. You can just fill out the application for the internship you want to apply for, submit your resume and wait for a response

3] Campus recruitment: Times of India interns are hired through campus recruitment as well, which takes place in institutes like IIM, XLRI, MDI, and FMS.

Don’t lose hopes if you could not get a Times off India internship from these mediums. You can get in touch with the resident editor and enquire about internship opportunities. The phone number can be found on the last page of the newspaper. Adding your resume with your email would help even more. You can even contact them by making a phone call to the Times of India center you wish to work at.


The next step


After you have been shortlisted for the Times of India internship, you will be called for a walk-in interview or a telephonic interview. There would be two rounds with first the HR and then the manager. The questions that they will ask will be related to your resume and the application that you filled out. Some of the common questions asked are

1]What projects have you worked on previously? What was it based on and why you chose to do that project

2]Why do you want to work as an intern at the Times of India

3]Do you have the skill to convince customers to buy our product

4]Why do you want to work in this media

5]What did you find the most interesting in today’s newspaper

6]What are some of the challenges you have faced, and how did you overcome them?

These are just questions for aTimes of India internship. Usually, only basic questions are asked about yourself, so prepare well and analyze yourself before going for the interview.

If it is a campus recruitment, the interview round will be followed by a written test on grammar and general knowledge. It is basically an aptitude test to assess your vocabulary skills.For some basic aptitude questions you can check


What to anticipate when your Times of India internship starts?


On the first day of your Times of India internship, a mentor will be assigned to you to guide you through the internship. As a sales intern, you would have to boost publication sales. This would give you an insight of the advertising field of journalism. In the marketing field, you would have to create and execute media strategy, manage social media, perform competitive analysis, etc. If you are an editing intern, you have to master the art of storytelling. You would have to conduct research, verify facts, and learn the complexities of the editing process. You can also write your own stories.

The Times of India internship would not necessarily require you to spend the entire day at the desk. You would be required to attend press conferences, visit different places across the city, and make contacts. You will even learn about newspaper production and might get to see the printing process as well

Take note of the names of the important people of the company. And be punctual, especially on the first day of the internship. The first impression always matters the most.


Few tips from previous interns:


Stay up to date on the current events and affairs and do not miss out on the news. You will be assessed based on your general knowledge during the aptitude test.

For an editorial profile, you should know what topics you wouldlike to work on.

You should know about general marketing terms if you are applying for a marketing and sales internship. Think of ideas to boost the sales of the publication.

You can go through the reviews of previous employees who worked as interns at the Times of India.

Now that you have gotten the idea of getting a Times of India internship, you are all set. Don’t let anything stop you. Nothing can hold you back now. Good luck!

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