How to get a Texas Instruments internship

Have you heard of Texas Instruments Inc. ? It is one of the most reputed companies all over the world.Do you wish to get a Texas Instruments internship or even work there?Then read this article to get some very helpful tips.

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) is headquartered in Texas, United States. It is an American electronics company and is one of the top twenty semiconductor producing companies in the entire world. Every year they hire students from various reputed colleges across India. So would you like to get a chance to get a Texas instruments internship?


Who can apply for the Texas instrument internship?

Texas instruments hire 3rd year Electrical and Electronics and communication Engineering stream undergraduates for analog as well as digital profiles. Students who are studying computer science and information technology are employed for the software profile. The company visits colleges from the month of August.

How to apply for the Texas instruments internship

The students who are interested can apply through their Training and Placement department. There is a cutoff CGPA which varies from college to college below which students are not eligible to apply for the hiring process. Students can also apply through the company website, i.e.,


The next step after applying

Either a written test or an online test will be conducted by the company for each of the profiles separately. Based on the results, students are selected for the next few rounds of interviews.


The first round

The first round consists of a technical interview. The questions are based on the basics of analog, digital, or software, depending on the profile that you have chosen. The most common questions based on analog and digital profiles are asking the expected response after adding a component like a switch or a capacitor in the given circuit diagram. And as for software profiles, questions can be asked about any language that the candidate has chosen during the interview.

The second round

In this round, the interview is taken by the HR. The main objective of this interview is to ascertain if you would continue working in the company if you were offered a pre-placement offer(PPO).
Some frequently asked questions are
1] What are your strengths and weaknesses
2] What interests you the most
3] Do you wish to pursue higher education
4] Tell me about any difficult situation you have faced, and how did you overcome it?
5] Do you have any extracurricular activities?

The results of this round of the interview will be declared on that day itself. Each intern is assigned a mentor with whom they will work with and who will guide them. Basic field training would start during the first week of the internship. Initially,the starting 3 to 4 weeks is basically just a learning experience for the interns, after which the real project starts.

The evaluation consists of a midterm and an end-term evaluation on the basis of which your mentor will recommend you for a pre-placement offer. If that happens, there would be another round of interview which will be taken by the HR team. Questions they might ask are
1] How did you find the work experience in our company
2] What was your contribution? Are you satisfied with it?
3] Did you interact well with the team?
4] If you were given the opportunity to work in our company, would you want to work in the same team?

After all these interviews, depending on the positions available, the interns will be hired for full-time positions. In case if there is a shortage , then a technical interview may be conducted.

Words of advice from ex interns


Interview tips: The questions that are asked in the personal interview rounds are mostly basics of your certain profile. Your CGPA won’t matter too much if the interview goes well.
Stress on these fields:
Analog: RC circuit, opamps, non-ideal effects
Digital: Logic gates
and software: Logical reasoning and coding

Stay focused and dedicated: Your dedication will definitely be rewarded with a PPO. Keep your mentor updated on your work progress. Once you commit to a certain job, please don’t stop until you finish it. Feel free to ask any doubts.

Unequaled work culture: No time restrictions. You can enter the office whenever you want and leave whenever you want as long as you complete the work given to you by your mentor. Many cultural activities also take place inside the campus.

Great mentorship: Your mentor is going to guide you till the end of your internship. Even if you do not join the company, you can count on your mentor to help you with whatever you need.

A Texas instruments internship has been a dream for many students and is something they would like to grab with both their hands. But if you think that such reputed organizations need the right connections to get into, that’s not true at all—Shekhar Jain, who is an Electronics student from Sri Venkateswara College got an internship at DRDO without any connections or letter of recommendation. So keep your hopes held up high! Don’t worry, just a little patience and confidence, and you are set.

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