How to get a Siemens internship

Are you looking for an internship at Siemens but have no idea on what to do,you have come to the right page.Here are some ideas on how to pursue your dream career.

Siemens is the largest German engineering company in Europe. It has its headquarters in Berlin and Munich. Siemens summer internship is highly appraised all over the world. So, now the question emerges, how to get a Siemens internship.


Types of internships and who can apply


It has internship programs for undergraduates and postgraduates of mechanical, electrical, industrial engineering, and business administration students. Siemens internship is for a time period of 2 to 6 months, depending on the availability of the students. Interns are hired for different divisions according to their profiles.

How to apply for a Siemens internship


You can apply through the following methods
1]Fill out an application online: Go to the company website and search for the option to apply online for the internship you are interested in.
2]Campus recruitment:Siemens visits various colleges across India and hies interns.Get in touch with your placement coordinator and arrange a campus visit.
3]Mail the HR executive: If you know any employee who is currently working at Siemens, you can ask them to help you to get in touch with the HR. You can mail the HR directly and attach your resume and cover letter along with it. They can help you to get a Siemens internship
4]Through a referral: If you know anyone working at Siemens, you can ask them to give you a referral. You can even check out Facebook or Linkedln, which can help you to get a siemens internship.


Next step after applying


Students have to submit their resumes while applying online or sending hard copies to the Siemens office where they want to intern. They are shortlisted based on their CGPA, skills, and past projects.
After that, there would be a telephonic interview which can go on for about 30 to 45 minutes. It focuses on the willingness to learn. Usually, fundamental questions are asked. For example
1]Tell us about yourself. Are you comfortable in relocating?
2]What are your most substantial technical areas
3]Why do you think you have to be hired for this job?

During the visits of colleges, the telephonic round might be replaced by a basic aptitude test, which consists of questions based on logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, arithmetic aptitude, and data interpretation.
After this, there would be a face to face interview, which would contain both technical and HR questions. Technical questions can be about the projects you have worked on previously. Or you could be asked to relate to your specific knowledge on the company’s technical activities or might require candidates actually to solve technical problems they might face in the job. Some of the questions are
1] How will you print the number in descending order in BST?
2] Name some differences between C++ and Java?
3] Name different types of OSI layers
4] What do you know about RDBMS?
5] Describe the use of pointers.

The best way to go through this round is to learn about all the details
and facts provided about the company and the job like the job description, essential skills, personal specification, etc. Brush up on a few equations that you probably might not use but what was essential when you were studying for that qualification. And of course, keep practicing and show your methodology.HR questions include your behavioral competency with the company. Some questions that they might ask are

1] Describe a problem you faced in your previous work, and how did you overcome it?
2] Why Siemens?
3] What are your strengths and weaknesses?
4] What do you know about Siemens?
5] Tell me about your greatest achievement
6] How long would you be available to work with us?
You can refer to for more information.

Once the internship begins, you will be assigned to a mentor. For outstation candidates, a week of free accommodation will also be provided. The stipend is about 20K to 25K per month for interns, but it can vary depending on profiles. Some other perks include free lunch, snacks, car facilities, flexible work hours, and a gym.


Some words of advice from ex interns


1] Open working environment: There is no partiality shown. All the interns are treated as an important part of the company. Top management is easy to approach, plus interns get a chance to experience a hands-on on an important project.
2] Placements: An internship at Siemens would be beneficial and improves your chance of getting a full-time job. The PPO depends on your mentor’s reviews. You might even have another technical interview.


Some pro-tips that might be useful


1] The interviewer will notice your problem-solving ability. The way you think is more important than giving the correct answer.
2] Go through your resume and previous projects as they are most likely to ask you to explain about it.
3] Do some research about the company before going. If they ask you why you want to work in their company, you can link your answers to your future goals.

I hope that reading this would help you to get an idea to get a Siemens internship. Don’t panic; just stay calm. All the best!

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