How to easily get an internship at IBM

In this article, we'll get to know how you can easily get an internship at IBM and pursue your dream career.

IBM is one of the most reputed firms in terms of the number of employees; they are known for its specially designed internship projects. An internship at IBM is highly reputable all around the world.

Types of internship at IBM

Suppose you want to unleash your business acumen in the professional world, with the help of one of the worlds leading technology companies. In that case, you can check out IBM’s extreme blue Technical Leadership program, which is specially meant for interns. It is a ten to twelve weeks long internship starting in May and ending in July for Indian students. Extreme Blue projects are like mini startups within IBM. There are technical interns working on solving technical difficulties of emerging technologies and the MBA interns working to gather business solutions for the products. You will also take part in brainstorming and personal development workshops.


Who are eligible to apply for the internship at IBM

It offers internships to undergraduates, postgraduates, and Ph.D. students of Computer Science, IT, electrical, and management stream.

IBM Research Labs at Gurgaon and Bangalore provides summer research opportunities every year.


How to apply for the internship at IBM

There are three different ways a student can apply for an internship at IBM.

1] Through campus recruitment: IBM visits IITs and few other reputed colleges across for hiring interns. The T&P cell of your college has to get in touch with the recruitment team for collaboration.

2] Apply on the website company: Go to

and directly apply. You can filter down your location and field through keyword searches.

3] Through a referral: If you have contact with someone who works in IBM, you can ask them to try and refer you. This would only get you a telephonic interview, and your performance determines your future.


After applying for the internship at IBM

Students will be required to upload their resumes while applying. You would also have to fill out an application form. Once the resumes and applications are reviewed, a telephonic interview or an online aptitude test called as IPAT is scheduled. The IPAT (Information processing Aptitude Test) is an online assessment with each question having a time limit of 2.15 minutes. About 20 number series questions and 20 aptitude questions are asked. Some of the most asked questions are 

1] Find the next number in this series 1,5,17,73…

2] Word problems are based on numeric reasoning and are classified into Ratio and Proportions, Time and Work, and Basic Geometry

The telephonic interview has both technical and general aptitude and personality questions and will not be too complicated. Some of the sample IBM internship questions that are asked are,

1] Questions about Object Oriented Programming(OOPs)

2] What is a Red-Black Tree, and what would you use it for?

3] Predict C program output

4] Some questions from OS and Networking concepts(Numerical and Conceptual)

5] What are your goals and how will this internship help you to achieve your goals 

6] Tell me one of the biggest problems you have faced, and how did you overcome it?

After this, shortlisted students will be called for a walk-in-interview. Depending on the team that you have applied for, the first round of interviews will be conducted by 2 to 3 senior members of IBM.

Some of the commonly asked questions for the internship at IBM are

1] If you are given a time of 2 months, provide a model for the completion of the project with time allocation for different phases

2 ]What are some of the problems you faced during your previous projects, and how did you overcome them?

3] What is Inter-Process Communications and Critical Sections.

4] What are your strengths and weaknesses?

5] Why should we employ you for this project?

6] Some puzzles and coding questions.

Tips from ex- interns

1] Get ready to be hard working: You will have to come up with creative solutions while working on many concepts and ideas.

2] Pre-Placement orders: You will find innumerable networking opportunities as you will be working with a series of senior IBM officers, team mentors, and project heads. You need to leverage these opportunities, identify and communicate areas of interest, be open to varied roles, perform well during the programs, and get yourself a PPO.


Some extra pro tips

1] Have open source contributions. Having a GitHub link in your resume improves your chances of getting shortlisted during the screening

2] An involvement in social media in the programming community makes you aware of the latest developments in your field and improves your chance of success 

3] Resources: There are many online resources for students to help with the preparation of the interviews. There is an official skills roadmap for the Extreme Blue projects through which applicants can understand the projects’ required skills and practice it.

These are some of the ways to get an internship at IBM. It is not too complicated. You just need dedication and the willingness to work hard.

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