How to Create a YouTube Channel & Start Earning like a Pro

YouTube started its journey back in 2005 when the internet had just stepped into our lives. In the last 14 years, YouTube (1) has changed the lives of many individuals, giving them a perfect platform to showcase their talents.

Lilly Singh, Vanossgaming, PewDiePie (2), and Jenna Marbles (3) are some of the few popular YouTubers who have been successful in establishing a profitable YouTube career with their content.

While some people use Youtube as a side hustle, many turn it into a full-time profession, and why shouldn’t they? In 2014, Lilly Singh (4) was named the 10th highest-paid YouTubers in the world, with a reported $10.5 million earning. Further, in 2019, she was listed as the world’s 40 most powerful people in comedy. 

So if your conventional mind is still questioning YouTube’s potential, its time to switch it. 


Here are the 8 steps on how to start a new YouTube channel to begin earning like a pro:

  1. Create a YouTube channel
  2. Decide your content niche
  3. Design your channel
  4. Research the market
  5. Be original
  6. Upload your first video
  7. Be consistent
  8. Build a strong audience via social media


Once you build a good YouTube channel, its time to start earning your fortunes via:

  1. Collaboration & partnerships
  2. Ads
  3. Instagram posts & promotions
  4. Brand deals


1. Create a Youtube Channel

Create a Youtube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is as easy as signing up for a platform, to be precise. To create YouTube channel of your own, follow these steps. 

How to create a YouTube channel:

  • Type in the address bar or click here.
  • Sign in by clicking on the top-right corner
  • Click on the user icon on the top-right corner again
  • From the drop-down list, select Create a channel option
  • Select your email name or select a custom name
  • Add a profile picture and fill out details like channel description, add links to your site and social media
  • Congratulations! You have commenced your YouTube journey.


2. Decide Your Content Niche

Decide Your Content Niche

Since it’s your YouTube channel, you decide the type of content you want to provide your audience with. Why are you starting this YouTube channel? As a mode of promoting your talents or as a source of producing business for your pre-established venture?

Various types of niche content popular on YouTube are:

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Education
  • Advice
  • Music, etc.


3. Design Your Channel

First impressions last long, and the same goes for your YouTube. The first thing a visitor notices while visiting your YouTube channel is your channel’s design.

Ensure that your channel is visually appealing by designing a visually appealing banner and profile picture. This serves as a very crucial element of your YouTube channel as it would be your first chance to grab a user’s attention. 

Note: The recommended YouTube channel art size for the cover photo is 2560×1440 pixels with a maximum size of 4 MB. 


4. Research the Market

It is essential to know the market you’re doing business in. Research your competitors, their content type, the audience requirements, etc. to reach the top of your YouTube game. 

Find ways to make your content relatable for your audience. Create content that resonates with your target audience in innovative ways. 

Note: Relatable content for your audience will help you build a larger and loyal fan-base. 


5. Be Original

I understand that there are moments when you compare yourselves to others and feel low, but remember one thing, YOU are YOU, and there’s no other person like YOU. 

Don’t shy away from being your authentic self in front of the camera and show your real self to your audience.

Your originality is something that sets you apart from the world. Strive to give the best content to your audience and never get caught in the act of comparison. 

Example: PewDiePie has established himself as one of the first YouTuber of his kind with his unique content and original commentary.


6. Upload Your First Video

Now that you know your niche & have researched the market, its time to direct your first YouTube video. Don’t stress yourself out, your first video is the first mark of your YouTube career, but that doesn’t mean it has to be flawless?

So stop overthinking and upload your first YouTube video! I promise you won’t regret it later. 

Suggestion: Try to introduce yourself to your audience in the first video and then move ahead to your content. This would help create an interactive video session.


7. Be Consistent

This point cannot be overemphasized enough. Many YouTubers fail in their initial days of commencing their YouTube journey because of their inconsistency in uploading and creating content.

When you create a YouTube channel, you commit to providing consumable content to your audience regularly.

It takes time & effort to create a successful YouTube channel, and users expect to hear from you often.

Suggestion: Take baby steps and start your journey by uploading one video per week and increase the amount in the future. 


8. Build a Strong Audience via Social Media

Social media gives you an excellent chance to interact and engage with your users. It is essential to appreciate your audience and stay connected with them at every point.

Ask your audience for Q&As, reply to their comments and messages, and always listen to what they want from you. 

Suggestion: Keep your audience engaged by asking them questions & suggestions for content. 


Start Earning Like a Pro!

1. Collaborations & Partnerships

The best way to expand your audience base is by collaborating and partnering up with other YouTubers and celebrities. 

Initially, you might work collaborate for free, but eventually, you’ll start gaining your cash flows via collaborations and partnerships. 

There will be times when you’ll be approached for a project from firms and labels outside the YouTube community. At this point, you must reanalyze your market worth and charge accordingly for projects. 

Note: You can approach TimesNext, a renowned startup media firm, which is open for collaborations and partnerships. 


2. Ads

Once you enable your channel for monetization, you can start earning revenue from your videos via these ads. The amount paid by brands for ads to YouTubers depends on the number of clicks and revenue generated by the ads from the person’s YouTube channel.

Note: The ads are served through AdSense. Read more about AdSense by clicking here


3. Instagram Posts & Promotions

A successful YouTube channel turns you into this massive influencer that has the power to inspire and motivate your followers with your words. 

Different influencers get paid for uploading Instagram posts and stories from their accounts about the firm’s products. For example, an individual having a beauty channel will be approached by cosmetic and beauty brands, while a fitness channel will be contacted by health & fitness brands. 

Fact: Influencers like Kim Kardashian (5) get paid up to $500,000 per Instagram post. 

YouTubers also get paid hefty amounts for promoting a product or service on their YouTube channels. 


4. Brand Deals & Business

According to a publication by CNBC’s Make It, the top 10 YouTube influencers earned around $180.5 million in 2018 (6).  

Major YouTubers gain brand deals for being the brand ambassador of their product for substantial amounts, contributing to a significant portion of their income. 

Other than signing up for brand deals, you can also start your business line for your consumers like the ones started by YouTubers like Jeffree Star and others. 

Fact: Ryan ToysReview, a YouTube channel by the 8-year-old Ryan, earned a massive $22 million last year.


5. Make a Website

Professionally, a website is a must-have for a YouTube channel. With a website, you can integrate all your platforms, showcasing your work on one platform. 

Additionally, writing blogs on your site can also help you expand your audience base and bring additional income via blogs. 

Creating a website involves multiple steps like finding a domain name, finding the cost of domain names, deciding a website theme, selecting interactive tools, etc.

Editor’s tip: The hassle of designing and developing a website can often be chaotic. Keeping that in mind, I highly recommend you to select your domain name from KillerLaunch and get your dream website custom created by experts from Dinosoft Labs



A. How to change YouTube channel name?

You can change your YouTube channel name by clicking account-> settings-> Edit on Google-> Channel name. Edit your channel name and click OK.


B. How to delete a YouTube channel?

You can delete a YouTube channel by clicking account-> settings-> advanced settings-> delete the channel-> I want to permanently delete my content-> confirm-> delete. 


C. How do YouTubers earn money?

YouTubers earn money mainly from ads, brand deals, promotional content, and sponsorships.



Many people start their YouTube channel to earn extra income and often quit too soon. You first need to work hard and consistently to establish your audience base with your quality content. Making money comes way ahead of that, but once it does, it becomes your treasure basket. 

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