On this page, you will learn how to crack interviews very easily. There are many tips which you might be useful to you.So go ahead and check it out

Most managers face difficulties in the recruitment process. In today’s competitive world, it has become quite a tough job to crack an interview. So the question arises, how to crack interviews? Every interview is a new learning experience.

It is not an easy job!

With each new interview, you meet different kinds of people, and you exhibit yourself in a way that the recruiters would want you in their company. You need to show your skills and be enthusiastic.


Some tips on how to crack interviews


1] Do some research on the company

Go to the company website and study its requirements, objectives, history, etc. You have to be able to tell what they do and what the company is based on. Know about the foundation of the company and also their perks.

Some of the things you can do are:

1]Look through the website

2]Check them out on social media

3]Find out their competitors

4]Check the reviews on the company

5]Research on their recent events or any news

6]Seek an opinion from trustable people

Look for companies that suit your needs and share your values.

2] Go through the requirements and the description carefully

This is really important if you want to know how to crack interviews.You should make sure that the job description suits you and your skills. Writing a list might help.

3]Some common interview questions 

You can make a list of commonly asked questions and go through it thoroughly. They might be basic questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses or maybe something complex. It would work better if you had the answer ready in your mind.No matter what, practice well before going to the interview. Check out websites like, GeeksforGeeks, etc.

4]Prepare your file

The day before your interview, keep all your documents ready. Your resume, a notepad, a pen, and anything else that is required. And be neat and organized

5] Ask questions to the recruiter

Ask as many questions as possible. Do not hesitate. It shows your enthusiasm and willingness to join the company.You can ask about the company’s values or what are the day to day responsibilities. Anything that comes to your mind

6] Be presentable

Always dress formally for an interview. Wear appropriate shoes and do not look messy. Avoid too strong perfumes.

These were the things on how to crack interviews to keep in mind before the interview.

7] Be punctual

Being late for an interview ruins the first impression the company gets on you. If the place is distant, leave at least 30mins than the actual time you want to leave. Make sure you arrive at least 20mins before the interview

8] Make a good first impression

Greet them with a friendly handshake and make kind remarks like “Pleasure to meet you!” or “how has your day been going?”

9] Show confidence in your body language

Win them over with your genuineness and originality. An optimistic and confident candidate is always preferred. You can add a little bit of humor too if you want to

10] Be honest

This is an essential thing to know on how to crack interviews. Even if you do not know an answer, say you will look into it.

These were the things on how to crack interviews to keep in mind in the course of the interview.


After the interview,


 11] Acknowledge your experience 

Enquire about the next steps in the employment process. Thank them for giving you the opportunity and acknowledge that you look forward to meeting them again. Please give them your feedback

12] Send a personalized letter

Most managers pay attention to how you write a thank you email or a note after the interview. You can also refer them to a piece of content or your interests or something that you spoke about

13] Do not stalk your interviewers

You do not want to overwhelm your recruiter by popping up on every notification on their screens. Take your mind off. After a day or two, connect with professional networks.

The main goal is to make a connection with the recruiters without overwhelming them. So keep calm and have patience.

14] Start prepping for the next round of interviews if any

Succeeding in the first round of the interview boosts your confidence. It will have you thinking that you have already gotten the role you have applied for. Confidence is good, but overconfidence is not. And because of that, you might not prepare thoroughly for the next round. Sometimes the second round can also disqualify you. Do not wait until the last moment. Always keep prepping yourself, and then you would be aware of how to crack interviews.

15]Keep your hopes held high

If they do not get back to you soon, do not panic, you can still keep following up with them. If there is an affirmative response from the company saying that it was a pleasure interviewing you and they are looking forward to working with you, you have a high chance that you have gotten the role. If you do not get the position, then it is okay, don’t lose your self-esteem. Other companies are waiting for you to walk in for an interview.

Finally, one thing you should know about how to crack interviews is to show that you deserve it. You are enthusiastic, friendly, optimistic, and capable of joining the company. Convince them that you would do the job correctly and show them that you are good at whatever you do. After reading these tips on how to crack interviews, I’m pretty sure that you will ace your next interview! If you want to know how to boost your confidence check out 10 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence in 2019

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