How to apply for online jobs from home in India? For students, without investment

Here's our step-by-step guide of how Hiredd helps you in applying for online jobs from home for students and professionals, all at one platform without any investment.

The recruitment methods are on a constant change since the inception of the internet. Today, anyone has access to apply for any online jobs from home. allows students to apply for online jobs from home without investment and even provides the opportunity to take their first career step via internships.

Hiredd is one of the leading internships and jobs platform in India that allows its users to search and apply for online jobs from home. Be it online jobs from home for students or online work from home jobs; you can find it all at Hiredd.

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Step by Step Guide to Apply for Online Jobs from Home for Students

Follow this step by step process to find your perfect online jobs from home without investment. Students can also search for internships by switching the Type tab at Hiredd.

1. Go to Hiredd

Visit the Hiredd homepage by entering Hiredd.comm on your address bar or simply click here


2. Enter the Job title

Type in the job you are looking for in the Title box located on the homepage of Hiredd. You can also type in the relevant keywords or company names to find related job listings.


3. Enter the location

Next, type in the desired job location in the Location box on the Hiredd page. You can either enter the city, state, or zip code and select from suggestions mentioned. 


4. Select Job Type

Select your job preference from the Type section. If you’re a student or a fresher, you can opt for the Internship option, on the other hand, if you have some previous experience, choose the Job option.


5. Click on Search

Once you’ve typed all the details about your desired job role or internship role, click on the Search Now button. 


6. Add Filters

Once you click on Search, the job results will be displayed on the screen. Add the desired filters like Salary Estimate, Job Type, Company, Job Title, to filter out the results further. 


7. Apply for the job/internship

 Click on the job/internship you wish to apply for. Text displaying the job’s roles and functions and qualification requirements will be displayed. Click on Apply Now


8. Fill the Details

Fill in the required details asked by the employer for the job portfolio and upload your resume or register on Hiredd beforehand, along with the updated resume and apply for jobs directly.


9. Chat with the employer

Communicate via instant chat with the employer and accept the job terms to get started.


These were the overall guide to apply for online jobs from home using in 9 steps. Ensure that you create an impeccable resume to increase your chances of getting hired at Hiredd. Moreover, professionally answered questions asked by the employer would help you rise in the shortlisted list of the job. 

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