How to apply for BHEL internship?

If you want to do an internship at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, BHEL, but are confused about how you should proceed with it, then don't worry. We have gathered all the essential information about the internship at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, BHEL, for you. To know each and everything about your BHEL internship, read this article carefully.


  1. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited-BHEL
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  3. What are the eligibilty criteria for the BHEL internship?
  4. How can you apply for the BHEL Internship?
  5. What documents do you need to send to BHEL?
  6. Preparation for BHEL Internship
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Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited-BHEL

Before you apply for BHEL internship, you should know about the company a little. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, BHEL, started back in 1964. BHEL is one of the Maharatna Central Public Sector Enterprises of the country. It deals with the industries and sectors related to Power, Transmission, Industry, Transportation, Renewable energy, Oil & Gas, Defence, and many more.

Owned and established by the Indian Government, BHEL is an engineering & manufacturing company based in the capital region of India, New Delhi. BHEL is the country’s largest power generation equipment manufacturer.

A BHEL internship can be your golden chance for a prosperous professional career.


BHEL Internship

BHEL is engaged in the following work categories:

  1. the design
  2. engineering
  3. manufacturing
  4. construction
  5. testing
  6. commissioning and servicing of a wide variety of production systems and services for the country’s critical sectors, such as:
  • power
  • transmission
  • industry
  • transportation
  • renewable energy
  • oil & gas
  • defense

During your BHEL Internship, candidates will be working in close connection with their mentors, who will introduce them to the different aspects of the BHEL enterprise. Candidates will then be assigned a project to work upon. 


What are the eligibilty criteria for the BHEL internship?

If you are confused about the eligibilty criteria of BHEL Internship, then we are here to solve all your doubts.

Not everyone can apply for internships at BHEL.

Only those in the 4th and 6th semesters of their engineering course, such as Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and IT Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, can apply for internships in BHEL.

All the interested & eligible candidates can apply to their BHEL internships via their college’s Training and Placement program or office.


How can you apply for the BHEL Internship?

Anyone who wants to apply for BHEL Internships first needs to fill a training form.

Candidates can quickly get the training form in their college.

Fill it and address the form to the General Manager of the Human Resource Development Department at the BHEL office you want to work with.

BHEL is one of the most popular companies in the country. That is why they do not entertain personal forms and applications unless you have an intense contact or approach.

The whole process of recruiting interns is a matter of availability of the mentors and guides. The process is not transparent.  Candidates have to pay around Rs 500 every week for their BHEL internship.


What documents do candidates need to send to BHEL?

Once you have applied for the BHEL Internship, all the candidates need to send the hard copies of some relevant documents to BHEL’s office in their region or district.

The hard copies of the following documents needed:

  1. Acknowledgment Slip
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. All Educational Qualification Certificates/Mark Sheet
  4. Domicile Certificate
  5. Photocopy of Aadhar Card


Preparation for BHEL Internship

There is no fixed interview method for internships at BHEL. The candidates do not require any kind of screening.

Some candidates are interviewed via telephonic conversations, while others are asked to submit a letter of recommendation by any BHEL employee.

These are few questions that candidates can be asked in the telephonic interview.

  • What products does BHEL enterprise deal with?
  • Which division of BHEL do you want to work with?
  • How would working in the division help your professional career?
  • Which subject do you think is the most interesting in your branch? 

Depending on the candidate’s branch, a particular division is allotted, and they are asked to visit their assigned mentors. The BHEL internship can vary from four to six weeks. 

At first, candidates will be introduced to various aspects of BHEL, related to their assigned division. In the following weeks, candidates will be assigned a project, and at the end of their BHEL internship, the evaluation will be done on the project report. 

Some questions that HR Department can ask you while evaluating your project:

  1. Why should you be hired?
  2. What is your plan?
  3. What are the specifications of your project report?

Apart from the projects, guides can also give assignments to the interns for completion.


Bhel Internship-Reviews

Here are some of the reviews of ex-interns in BHEL.

  • Mentors matter

How much anyone learns during their internship would depend a lot on their mentor. Candidates can always self-learn, but only a good mentor can give you detailed knowledge and insights of your division. So it would be better if the candidates try building some contacts at BHEL and work under the mentorship of a known employee.

  • It is Worthy, even though you don’t get hands-on experience!

The projects given to the candidates involve applying the knowledge gained during the BHEL internship but are not an integral part of anything on-going at BHEL. 

For instance, an intern from the electronics branch can be asked to develop an algorithm for the smooth functioning of a coffee machine. But at the end of their BHEL internship, they will have a proper idea of how matters related to their field function/are made to work.

  • Conducive atmosphere for learning

The guides at many BHEL branches are highly experienced and have expertise in their fields. They are happy to help the candidates if they feel that you are making efforts in learning. Else, they don’t get paid anything additional for guidance, so do not expect that they will look out for you.

  • Word of caution

BHEL is a manufacturing plant. That is why the working conditions are rough. 

It is valid for branches like Civil, Mechanical, and Metallurgy. Thus, do not expect a full-time easy job where you will sit in your AC cabin and do all the work.

Even though a BHEL internship requires paying a fee, the experience obtained is entirely worth it. 


Some FAQs about BHEL Internship

1) Is BHEL suitable for an internship?


BHEL is a reputed company with so much to give to their interns. You get a learning experience, knowledge from highly skilled workers. BHEL offers amazing internships because of their wide variety of working branches.

2) How can I get an internship in BHEL Trichy?

All you need to do is to apply for an internship at BHEL Trichy.


3) Will BHEL recruit in 2020?

The company will announce the recruitment of employees for various posts via GATE 2020 (1). 

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