How to answer “Why do you want to work here?”

This article will help you prepare for the following possible answers to the interview question, "Why do you want to work here? "

Do not panic while you prepare for an upcoming interview. Try to as stay calm as possible and keep going through as many commonly asked interview questions! The most frequently asked question in HR interviews these days is – ‘Why do you want to work here?’ Prepare for some of the most commonly asked interview questions.


Possible Answer 1 to “Why do you want to work here?”

I am planning to build a decent career in my current field. My present job has shown me how to attain my long-term career objective. I have the necessary skills to an extent, and have got used to the way of working. I must prepare myself according to the necessities, which would help me reach the goal I have set. I think the opening in your company can guarantee my purpose and needs get fulfilled over time. I think this job will help me build a strong foundation. This is my answer to your question “Why do you want here.” 


Possible Answer 2 to “Why do you want to work here?”

The answer to this is pretty simple. This job opening at your respected organization has the prospects to boost my as well as provide sufficient opportunities to support most of my acquired skills – both professionally and personally. I think it would bring out the best in me as this organization will let me display my potential. I believe your company offers one of the most professional work environments to work in. I am confident that once I join, I will be able to grow in my career and contribute to the organization as well.


Possible Answer 3 to “Why do you want to work here?”

Honestly, I feel that this organization can offer me an environment where I can make the most of my skills and use my knowledge to make a major difference in my particular field, as well as help this company grow. To work in surroundings where I have the freedom to use my thoughts and bring out the best is what I am looking for. Mainly, this job suits all my requirements. I have spent a lot of time to develop and nurture my skills, and I feel that this is the best opportunity for that. This is my answer to “Why do you want to work here?”


Possible Answer 4 to “Why do you want to work here?”

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they question themselves, ‘What if I could have stood up for myself and accepted a challenge on my own?’ This job opportunity has made me ask myself. For me, this opening seems like a new challenge that I have to take up in my career. I want to prove to myself that I am capable of accepting this challenge and doing justice to it as well! It would help me boost my confidence as well as motivate me to work hard and sharpen my skills. 


Possible Answer 5 to “Why do you want to work here?”

When you ask me the question, “Why do you want to work here?” I think about the many opportunities this job provides, which attracts me towards it. Working with such a reputed company is one of the best plus points about this position. In particular, this job position can help me build my path towards a long-term career growth plan. It also provides good work surrounding where I can develop my skills gradually and sharpen them for future use. As I heard that you hire only candidates who meet particular criteria, I believe that the competition would be high. 

Possible Answer 6 to “Why do you want to work here?”

If your beginning is up and coming, you are likely to fly high. With such an oportunity being offered by your organization, it is more than anyone can ask for. Working with experts would help me grow and work as a professional. I can acquire abilities that are required to grow in my career. I can say that if I keep working hard towards it, I would be able to accomplish all the goals I have set for myself. I can ensure that I would be the best talent for this position. This is one of the most satisfactory answers I could think of to “Why do you want to work here?”


Possible Answer 7 to “Why do you want to work here?”

When I filled out an application for this job, there was one thing I was sure about. The job profile is perfectly made to suit my skills and abilities. . I needed a chance to prove myself and my abilities, and right now, I feel that your company is the best workplace for me. When you do not sharpen your weapons, you are likely to lose in the battle. I feel that I was losing in the competition which the corporate world provides and that I was always lagging behind. So, in order to obtain success, I need an opportunity like this to prove my worth. This job would be able to help me regain the momentum to go and fulfill my goals. This is my answer to your question ‘Why do you want to work here.”

Possible Answer 8 to “Why do you want to work here?”

I have a feeling that this job would help me develop as a professional in a complete manner. I don’t want to remain still, as my current work profile is not leading me anywhere. I am an innovative thinker and a quick learner therefore, I think I can pick up new and advanced technologies in a very short time. This is vital to the position where I am standing right now, and it also makes me a suitable candidate for you to consider my profile. I have developed a lot of skills, all mentioned in my resume, and this job would help me sharpen each one of them.


When the recruiter asks you ‘Why do you want to work here?’, it is because that person is interested in finding out what inspires you the most. They also want to see how serious you are about taking up that particular job. 

Just ensure that you are satisfied with your answer first. Only then will the interviewer be in a position to believe you.

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