How Much Does a Domain Name Cost? [in 2019 & 2020]

There is one thing that serves a business well- the right investment that guarantees you exceptional returns on your business. In today’s digital times, a premium domain name is the best investment for your business. 

The right domain name is one big blessing in disguise, especially for new businesses trying to succeed in the present cut-throat competition. 

But why should you go for a premium domain name when there are multiple standard domain names available at lower prices? To cross-question that, what would you, as a consumer, prefer or remember- or


Case study –

What price are you willing to pay to buy your premium domain name. Consider this,, the Kohinoor domain of the automobile industry, has been valued at a whopping $872 million. 

But what makes this domain asset so highly valued? (1), is a 4 letter, easy, relatable, brandable, & catchy domain name, has a total visits count of 22.09 million with 94.17% organic website traffic (2), this traffic’s estimated value is $42M every month, as per ahrefs traffic tool (3).

Important: Note that the domain is directly linked with its product- cars.

You can consider these domain names for an app:

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Case study – India

The Mumbai-based real estate search portal has a history that goes back seven years. The company, founded by 12 students IIT Bombay, purchased the domain name (4) along with telephone number 03-333-333-333 in 2013 for $1 million (5). has accumulated a total visit count of 9.12 million, with over 84% organic website traffic. Today, the domain name, which was initially shunned upon, holds a massive value.

Important: Note that the domain is directly linked with its product- real estate.

You can consider these domain names for a media company:

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Power of Domain – Why Choose Premium Domain Names?

A regular domain name, on an average, can cost you around $2 to $ 20 per year. Despite being affordable, standard domain names come with their pitfalls. 

With a premium domain name, your business can make its share of a hassle-free one-time investment that would provide you a shorter, catchy, and memorable domain name. 

  • Credibility: A premium domain name guarantees a revisit from your visitor as it provides your visitor with a sense of trust instantly with the right domain name. 
  • Word of Mouth: Its easier to promote and market your product via word-of-mouth, which is how the potential consumers reach you. 
  • Instant Branding: A premium domain name comes with an instantly recognizable branding.
  • Search Ranking: A premium domain name comes with a pre-acquired audience and a good Google Search ranking.
  • Memorability: The right domain can assist in multiplying your visitor count with its memorable brand name. 
  • First Impression: The right domain name would guarantee a good impression on your clients, helping increase your brand reliability.

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

The cost of a domain name depends on multiple factors,

  • Extension: The regular audience is habitual of adding the .com extension to any site they mean to visit, making it the most popular extension.
  • Purchase site: The cost of the domain name depends on the domain seller you’re buying it from. For example, Killerlaunch severs as a marketplace for domain names.
  • Length of name: The price of a domain name varies according to the character length of the domain name. Usually, a domain name under ten characters is considered excellent. 
  • Quality: Domain names having a pre-occupied audience base and a good Google ranking come under the premium domain names category and offers the buyer an advantage over the common domain names.

The worth a premium domain name provides your business with might come at a higher domain cost than the regular domain name, but remember that in the long run, the domain name is the foundation of your online business, and a strong foundation builds a stable structure. 

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