Hiredd or Internshala? Which one to choose for finding Internships in India?

The introduction of internships has assisted the Millenials in boosting their career at an early age Internships are exclusively made for college students and fresh graduates to gain their first experience in the professional work environment, serving as a chance to enhance their resume and learn about the functioning of a corporate.

Hiredd and Internshala are both the leading internship search portals in India
Hiredd and Internshala are both the leading internship search portals in India

Hiredd and Internshala are two leading internship platforms that offer internship opportunities for students from across the nation. While one has marked its place in the market, the other is emerging to head a step ahead than the other platforms. Hiredd or Internshala- which platform should you choose for internships?


Hiredd or Internshala – You Choose

1. Listed internships

Hiredd and Internshala list down the internships from across the nation on its platforms for its users to see and filter out from. You can easily scroll down the list and select the internship of your choice in a few clicks. Both Hiredd and Internships offer great internship opportunities to their users, which cannot be argued upon.


2. Choose category

Users can easily choose the category or field of their internship at Hiredd and Internshala. The platforms offer internships in multiple fields and industries like engineering, social work, MBA, design, science, media, humanities, and much more. Hiredd and Internshala offer a wide variety of internships to choose from.


3. Change location preference

You can find internships from the field of your choice at Hiredd and Internshala alongside picking the internships according to your location preferences. 

However, Hiredd allows its users to precisely find what they’re looking for with their customizable search tab where a user types in the location and internship industry separately, making it convenient to find exactly what you’re looking for.


4. Company reviews

While both the platforms serve greatly as internship searching portals, Hiredd offers an advantage for its users. At Hiredd, users can check for company reviews beforehand, thereby gaining a better internship experience by applying for the internship according to the preferred work culture.


5. Resume builder

You can easily get your resume built on Hiredd and Internshala, which will be useful for your further application process of applying for internships. In Internshala’s resume builder, a user needs to fill in the details in the resume itself, whereas at Hiredd’s resume builder, you need to provide plain answers to the questions asked, and you’re good to go.


6. Choose jobs later

Internshala is an internship-exclusive platform, whereas Hiredd is a leading internship and job search portal. Once the internship tenure has been served, a user can use Hiredd to find the jobs of his choice using the same method.


7. Domain name 

Hiredd is the perfect domain name for an internship and job search platform. Hiredd is derived from the word hired, which means to employ someone. However, being an internship-exclusive platform, Internshala is a creative domain as well.


8. Ease of use

In our opinion, Hiredd offers a better ease-of-usability for its users. The plain white layout with clearly and precisely placed elements makes it easier for students to search for internships, without getting distracted with any overwhelming elements.


9. User experience

Both Hiredd and Internshala offer a great user experience for its users. The internship search platforms have made it more convenient to find internships in a few clicks. Moreover, with the help of their in-built resume builder, you find all your internship tools gathered at one spot.



Overall, both Hiredd and Internshala offer and marvelous experience for students looking to boost their careers at an early stage. However, Hiredd gives a few points of advantage for its users like that of future job opportunities, previewing company reviews, and easy search layouts. Find the best internships from some of the leading companies in India only at Hiredd.

Saumya Uniyal
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