Fellowships in India

In this article, are some of the fellowships in India which are made especially for youngsters who have a thirst for acquiring knowledge

Sometimes you get that motivation that you have to do at least something for the society and induce a positive change? How well do you handle challenges? Do you like solving problems? Here is something that you could do. There is a list of fellowships in India mostly made for the youth.


What are fellowships?

Fellowships are a short term professional work opportunity that is available in your school or college. It can last for a period of a month to several years. They are offered to students by several organizations. There are many fellowships in India which you can easily take part in, and I can guarantee that it would be of great use to you for your career.


What can you benefit from fellowships in India

1 ] Hands on learning experience

You will have access to advanced technology. Moreover, whatever your experience may be, that is of a lab assistant or the creation of a new product, the opportunities you get are undoubtedly rewarding.


2] Long term benefits 

Even if the project you have applied for is short term, you will get the rewards of this experience along with your career.


3] Get paid by doing something you actually like

There are both paid and unpaid fellowships in India. Unpaid fellowships are also worth it for the experience that you will get but getting paid to do something you like would be a great bonus for you.


So here are some fellowships in India you might be interested in

1] Teach for India fellowship

This is a part of the “Teach for All” global network. This is a two year full time paid fellowship in which professionals are placed as full time lecturers in low income schools. It is a rigorous program that provides the Fellows an opportunity to be a leader and transform the lives of those children whom they are taking care of. Students who have a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for the fellowship.

For more information, visit https://apply.teachforindia.org/.


2] Young India fellowship

This is a one year program for young changemakers. It is a post graduate program that brings at least 100 young students from all around the country and sets them on their leadership journey by introducing them to a set of diverse subjects. There are teachers present from all around the world

Click on this website to get to know more about this program



3] Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament Fellowship

It provides for bright and young citizens of India to have a good impact engagement with the policy making process. They place one legislative assistant to abet with one Member of the Parliament. The fellows are engaged full time for eleven months to work with the MP.


4] William J Clinton fellowship

This is one of the fellowships in India that selects highly skilled young professionals with leading NGOs in order to make a positive impact and create projects that will be effective and sustainable. It includes ten months of service and also fieldwork. Through this, fellows gain knowledge of development in the fields of public health, social enterprise and harnessing their growing skills and many more.

For more details, visit https://aif.org/fellowship/.


5] Gandhi fellowship

Gandhi fellowship in an intensive two year rural program which is residential. It helps talented young children to develop the necessary skills required for creating a positive change in the society. This is one of the Fellowships in India that challenges them to support the headmasters of primary schools to transform their institutions. During this process, Fellows will discover what they want to do with their lives and how they can transform it in a better way. During this time period of 2 years, each Fellow will be appointed to 5 schools. They have to bring a change in these schools.

For more details, visit http://gandhifellowship.org/.


6] Prime Minister’s Rural Fellowship

This is one of the initiatives taken where the main focus is to reduce poverty and make the lives of the people living in the rural areas much better. During this two year fellowship, they will work with the District Magistrates of backward districts in improving program delivery. They will participate in a post graduate degree program through e-learning. After the completion of the two year fellowship, they are required to spend a year in public service as a full time employee.


7] Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship Program

This is one of the fellowships in India that provides an opportunity for you to explore the many dimensions of education and also to discover if this is what you want to do. It lasts for a time period of 2 years. A fellow will be able to understand the realities of the rural schools.

For more information, visit https://azimpremjifoundation.org/fellowship.

So here are some of the Fellowships in India that are available for you if you want to change the society in a positive way


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