Courses to help you start a career in ethical hacking

This article contains a list of some of the best ethical hacking courses which are going to be worth your investment and time.

Ethical hacking is gaining a lot of popularity in organizations with growth in vulnerabilities and threats. Many top companies, like Facebook and Microsoft, help ethical hackers in getting recognition.

Before we start, let’s get an overview of ethical hacking and the different skills one should acquire to become an ethical hacker.


What is ethical hacking?

It is a term that covers the intruding practices which find threats and significant cybersecurity flaws that can be found and used in the wrong way by an ill-intended attacker. It is a part of the software field for the previous five decades and keeps growing at a fast pace. Ethical hacking recovers the security of the network by fixing the threats. It is the operation in which hackers use the same tools as black hat hackers, but they will have to take the authorized person’s permission to do it.


Phases of ethical hacking

  • Planning
  • Scanning
  • Gaining access
  • Maintaining access
  • Analysis



Types of ethical hacking

  • System hacking
  • Web application hacking
  • Web server hacking
  • Hacking wireless networks
  • Social engineering


Types of hackers

  • White hat hacker: Use their skills for good reasons
  • Black hat hacker: Use their skills with bad intentions
  • Grey hat hacker: May sometimes go against ethical standards but does not have evil intentions


Importance of ethical hacking

In today’s world, measures should be taken to update the security of an organization regularly. Hackers keep finding new methods to invade through the barriers of firewalls.

Ethical hacking offers a new reach for safety. They can ‘hack’ into your systems and give you valuable information about your organization’s security position, moreover, you will get the opportunity to see your organization from the view of a hacker without facing any threats.

That way, you can update your security measures accordingly.



Some basic skills an ethical hacker must have

  • Basic knowledge of programming languages like C, Java, C++, Python
  • Knowing the various levels of Cyber and Network Security
  • Know about security tools such as NMAP, Nessus, Metasploit, Wireshark, etc
  • Knowledge of code reviews, social engineering, and wired and wireless environment assessments
  • Sandbox Tools like Cuckoo
  • iOS and Android(Additional knowledge)
  • Knowing about other malware analysis tools
  • Good communication, strong interpersonal and presentation skills, hard worker
  • Positive attitude and willingness to make progress



Top courses for ethical hacking


1] Practical Ethical Hacking- The Complete Course

You will learn more on the practical side and explore tools that will make you a successful ethical hacker.

It is hands-on and will cover many basic topics such as a day in the life of an ethical hacker, and, how much does an ethical hacker make? What type of duties will an ethical hacker have?

Course details

Rating: 4.7

Duration: 24.5 Hours

Skill level: Intermediate



2] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Bundle

This is made especially for those who want to learn web application hacking testing and how to secure websites from hackers. It is the most extensive ethical hacking course you can find.

It includes five different courses which have easy to follow video lectures, articles, and many other resources.

The different courses included are 

  1. Ethical hacking from scratch
  2. Website hacking testing from scratch
  3. Hacking using android from scratch
  4. Network hacking from scratch
  5. Social engineering from scratch

Course details

Rating: 4.5

Duration: 20.5 Hours

Skill level: Beginner



3] Penetration and Ethical Hacking

You will be able to learn the uses of cybersecurity like Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, reconnaissance with Social Engineering and Google, etc.

You will learn about the tools needed for the application of an effective threat prevention strategy to stop the attackers from getting into key systems.

Course details

Rating: 4.6

Duration: 24 Hours

Skill Level: Intermediate


4] Hacking in Practice: Certified Ethical Hacking MEGA course

This course is suitable for anyone, no matter what their skills and expertise are.

It assists candidates with bringing about concepts and the real-world tactics which hackers use in order to protect yourself and your network.

Course details

Rating: 4.6

Duration: 24 Hours

Skill level: Intermediate



5] Ethical Hacking: Hacking Web Servers

This course includes learning about the misuse of misconfigured servers, leveraging weaknesses in unpatched environments, etc. These are some of the different web attack vectors in a web server.

Course details

Rating: 4.2

Duration: 2.25 Hours

Skill Level: Beginner



6] Learn website hacking penetration testing from scratch

This course is mainly just practical, but it doesn’t neglect the theory as well.

First, install the needed software and then look at website basics, the different elements that make a website, the technology used, and then go straight into website hacking.

Course details

Rating: 4.6

Duration: 9 Hours

Skill level: Beginner



These are some of the best courses you can explore to learn ethical hacking. To intensify your learning experience, you can join an ethical hacking forum or even pay an ethical hacker to share their experiences with you. Most hacking software vendors will give you in-depth tutorials if you want to know about a particular tool or platform.

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