Chatib: Is it really fun or a fake app?

Chatib: What is this free-chatting platform?

Chatib, the name itself suggests that this website is created primarily to chat. The noteworthy feature of Chatib is that it presents you with different chat rooms to join and additionally also allows you to create your chat room. By this virtue, you can have your chat room and also manage the different chat rooms available on the platform. 

The best thing about joining Chatib is that it helps you in letting know new people all around the world. It presents you with two options either you can join by signing up on the website or can log in without doing any registration. Yes, you heard it right; you can start chatting and making new friends without the need to set up an account on Chatib. 

How does Chatib work?

Precisely, we can characterize Chatib as an avenue that lets you meet single individuals every day for having fun conversations and for making friends. You can also reach them directly once they become friends, but this feature will be at the sole discretion of the other person. 

But have a strict note here that usage of obscene language is restricted and prohibited in the app. Respect is a prominent quality that everyone deserves, and it is the prime responsibility of the platform to make sure that everyone is treated with respect, though they are strangers. 

If you like to join Chatib by registering your details, then you have to provide your chosen username or alias, your age, gender, country, and your city. After submitting these details, you will be asked for the usual Captcha verification.

It won’t ask for any other details other than this, and once these details are given accordingly, you will be redirected to the home page of Chatib. Once you get redirected to the home page, you can join any chat rooms which get provided and start chatting with the people present there. You can begin by entering these chat rooms and choose who to chat with right away. 

Unlike other chatting platforms, Chatib also presents several different features which can make your chat with other individuals on the platform more enjoyable and funny. 

What are the different chat rooms housed inside Chatib?

Chatib is not just a free chatting platform, but it also lets you exchange messages with other people interacting with you on the platform. The various chat rooms which are hosted by Chatib are as follows: General chat room, Singles chat room, Thiscrush English, This Crush Spain, This Crush Italy, der213, HornyFOnly, and Panchali. As already explained above, you are free to join any number of chat rooms, and along with it, you can also create one of your own. 

But what if you like to have a private conversation with someone you find attractive on the platform? Yes, even this feature is present in the app. Chatib allows you to have a private conversation with anyone by sending them private messages on the platform. Along with this, it also lets you attach your photos in those messages so that the other person recognizes you.

How is the Design of Chatib?

Coming to the design of Chatib, it is quite plain and simple. It comprises of a font which is not too small or too big and is pleasant for the yes to read. The platform features no overwhelming images nor striking hues, as well. The site use colors such as green, pink, and light blue, which provide a pleasant feeling to the eyes. These are the factors that make the content present in the site easy for the users to read. 

The design of the website, with its functionality, is the prime thing responsible for the increased usability of the platform. 

The issues faced by the users of Chatib: The areas which should improve:

Though Chatib is a fun and free platform and not a fake one, it does come with lots of unwanted features. Some of its downsides are that the pages of the platform take a lot of time to load or are sometimes unresponsive. 

Sometimes, the messages or chats sent to an individual do not appear on the platform. Worse than this is the messages getting appeared for a few seconds when you click on it and quickly getting disappeared soon after. There are some buttons on the platform, which do not function properly, especially the ‘Favourite’ button.

A lot of users of Chatib have reported many technical issues they are facing on the site. The technical issues, the different technical glitches, and the other prominent problems which the users have experienced till now by using Chatib are listed below:

1. Error 502:

This message technically signifies a Bad Gateway Error has got encountered many numbers of times in the platform. Users have reported lots of complaints about this technical glitch they are facing on the chatting site.

2. Frozen/unresponsive pages:

Most of the time, the pages get frozen or unresponsive in the Chatib site. This technical issue is so bad that no matter what you click on, the pages remain unresponsive. This technical glitch has annoyed most of the users on the platform, especially when they are busy chatting with another user.

3. App Version:

The website reports that the chatting platform is available as a mobile app version, which is available in both Android and iOS stores. But contrary to this, there is no version of the mobile app found in both the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

4. Limited features:

This chatting platform has less number of features which makes it disinterested after some time of use. This website offers only chatting or sending individual messages and offers nothing else other than this. It doesn’t have a feature that lets you update your profile from time to time to make it look more appealing. Therefore a lot of users do exit from the site after using it for a limited number of times because of getting bored.

5. Boring chat rooms:

This attribute happens to be one of the most unattractive features on the website. The reason most of the individuals join Chatib is to kill their boredom and chat with new people and make them friends. But most of the time the chat rooms on Chatib are quiet and lots of people thought they are present online chat individually rather than in rooms. 

One more unattractive thing is that, though Chatib gets accessibility in a lot of other countries, the chat rooms housed under it consist of only a maximum of 15-25 active participants.

So, is Chatib fun to use?

Yes, Chatib is a free chatting platform and provides you enormous enjoyment and fun during the initial days of using it. But due to the technical issues prevailing on the platform, lots of users are getting annoyed and are leaving the platform day by day. 

Though this type of platform is unique to use, the technical issues are getting increased in the platform. So, it is high time the developers of the site look for a permanent solution for this, or else they may end up losing all of their active users on the platform.

Shreyas Aravind
Shreyas Aravind
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