Career after B.Com in India (In 2020)

We are going to present you with a detailed outlook on the career after Bcom and what you can pursue after studying in India. is one of the top educational courses in India. Bcom is considered as the most viable course to pursue after completing the commerce stream in 12th standard. Bcom is preferred because it opens up a whole new career field after completing it. The students have a lot of options as the career after Hence, if you have your doubts on the type of career, you should choose, then read on to find the top career after and know your fit. 

Career after in India:

1. Chartered Accountant (CA)

This is one of the most popular careers after Chartered accountancy is viable for all those students who opted for a commerce stream in their 12th. These CA exams are conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India, and the participant has to clear three rounds of tough examinations to get an official CA certificate. Now, there are a few options for your career after Bcom in the CA field. They are:

a. Company secretary

A certified CA can start his career in the commerce stream by joining financial institutions like Banks, MNCs and many more. These are all high-profile jobs and pay a lot. 

On average, if a student chooses CA as a career after Bcom, then his/her average annual salary lies in between 6 lakhs and 30 lakhs. 


b. Administrative jobs- public sector:

All the PSU companies BPCL (1), Gail (2), ONGC (3), BSNL (4), hire the freshly graduated CA students from the college. Hence, administrative jobs are also viable for a career after Bcom. The annual salary for the administrative jobs is around 7 lakhs to 16 lakhs per annum. However, one disadvantage in this sector is that career growth is minimal. 


c. Economist

After working as a CA in a firm for a couple of years, you are viable to become an economist. If you aim to choose economist as a career after Bcom, then you have to pass the CA hurdle first. Many financial institutions and even the government needs economists to analyze all the various economic issues of the country. An economist earns around five lakhs per annum to ten lakhs per annum, depending upon the popularity of the firm that he/she works with. 


d. Investment consultant:

You can work with many huge international companies if you choose Investment consultant as a career after Bcom. Many MNCs like Goldman Sachs and Merlyn Lynch hire a lot of investment consultants. The main job of an investment consultant is to advise clients on investment strategies and how the stock market behaves. The investment consultant also has to prepare the quarterly and annual performance reports of his/her company. An investment consultant is a very high profile job, and an average investment consultant in India earns around 25 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum. 


2. Pursuing M.Com:

To be honest, before starting their career after B.Com, many students pursue and complete M. Com. Here are a few jobs and careers after Bcom and Mcom.

a. Accountant

One of the most common careers after Bcom and even Mcom (optional) is becoming an accountant. There are two types of accountant roles.

  • Junior accountant- A junior accountant has to maintain financial records and analyze the balance sheets of their company. 
  • Senior accountant- A senior accountant prepares all the significant financial statements and even analyzes all the major balance sheets. Besides this, a senior accountant also analyzes the revenue and expenditure of the company. The average salary of a senior accountant is around three lakhs per month and thirty-six lakhs per annum.


b. Auditor

An Auditor is considered to be much more qualified than an accountant. If a student chooses Auditor as a career after Bcom, then they have to pass the Accountant hurdle too. Because the position of an Auditor is considered to be higher than an accountant. Some of the significant roles of an Auditor are:

  • To plan financial audits 
  • Verifying all the assets and liabilities of the company. 
  • Assess the risk control factor and take steps accordingly. 

In our country, all the major banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis, etc. hire an internal Auditor to manage the work. 


c. Loan officer

The loan officer is a simple and less-hectic job. If you have that goal, then the loan officer can be your career after Bcom. The job of a loan officer is to evaluate all the loan applications submitted by the applicants. They have to verify these applications with the documentations of the applicants. Loan officers also check and verify the client’s financial status. Based on this, the loan officer decides whether to accept or reject your loan application. A credit officer is just another name for the loan officer, and the job is the same.

Almost every significant banks like Axis (5), HDFC (6), ICICI (7), etc. has a loan officer the average salary of a loan or credit officer varies around ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 per month. 

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