Best NGO in Mumbai: How to apply for NGO Jobs? [in 2020]

In this article, we've talked about the top NGOs in Mumbai and how they are helping serve humanity with their project and initiatives. Alongside this, you'll also learn how you can apply for jobs in NGOs.

In our world full of atrocities, there are a few who have taken the initiative to make the world a better place. Some of the NGOs from Mumbai listed down below are helping people going through tough times with the help of their initiatives and volunteer work

top ngo in mumbai

In this article, we’ve talked about the top NGOs in Mumbai, along with the procedure of applying for jobs in the same. Not only do you gain a chance to develop your professional skills, but also contribute your part in building a better place for the deprived.


How to Apply for NGO Jobs – The Easier Way

Going through the process of applying for NGO jobs through the methods given above can be a bit complicated. However, at Hiredd, you can apply for NGO jobs in one-click. Here’s how:

hiredd blog

  • Go to Hiredd by clicking here
  • Type NGO in the Title box
  • Choose Job or Internship
  • Enter the preferred location
  • Click Search Now
  • Select the desired NGO job or NGO Internship and click Apply


How to Apply for Jobs in NGOs – The Complicated Way

Before talking about the top NGOs in Mumbai, let’s discuss how you can get a job at one. There are typically two ways in which you can gain access to jobs in NGOs given below,

  1. Careers/Jobs Page: We’ve mentioned the website of each NGO down below. Check the website’s career or jobs page where you’ll find the job vacancies available in the section. Next, follow the instruction given on the page to apply.
  2. Email Enquiry: Extract the email id exclusively dedicated to inquiry or job purpose from the page of the NGO. Write an email enquiring job vacancies at the organization and follow the next steps, as told. 


Best NGO in Mumbai 

1. Akshara Centre

Akshara Centre

Akshara Centre is an NGO that aims at empowering and encouraging women towards leading a life with dignity, free from violence and discrimination. The organization works towards making women independent by providing them with job skills and scholarships for education. 

The organization also works closely with the State and Police Administration, providing efficient helpline numbers for women in need.

Click here to check job openings at Akshara Centre. 



Top NGO in mumbai ALERT INDIA

ALERT INDIA stands for Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation, and Treatment-India and was started almost three decades ago with an aim to eradicate Leprosy as a disease from India. ALERT works towards the identification, prevention, and treatment of Leprosy in and around the suburbs and rural areas of Mumbai. 

Click here to visit ALERT INDIA’s website.


3. Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation works towards building an enlightened society in which senior citizens feel secure, confident, and valued. The organization provides productive opportunities and social support services for senior citizens. The foundations hold certain value systems as an organization- equality, simplicity, positive thinking, self-belief, and perseverance.

You can visit the Dignity Foundation’s website here


4. Door Step School

Top NGO in mumbai Door Step School

The Door Step School is an NGO that aims at providing primary education to the underprivileged and marginalized sections of the society. Instead of taking the children to school, the organization takes the school to children, providing education on the streets and even slums! 

You can visit the Door Step School’s website here


5. CRY – Child Rights and You

CRY - Child Rights and You

CRY is an NGO committed to providing a healthy, happy, and creative childhood for every child. Through their CRY supported projects, the organization aims at providing access to free & quality education, primary healthcare, and safety from abuse, violence, and exploitation for the children. 

You can visit the CRY’s website here


6. Welfare for Stray Dogs

Top NGO in mumbai Welfare for Stray Dogs

Welfare for Stray Dogs is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping street dogs by providing proper vaccination and medication in tough times. The trust was set up in 1985 & is registered as a charitable trust under the Bombay Public Trusts Act-1950. The organization runs projects like mass sterilization, rabies eradication, healthcare, adoption, and education & awareness drives for the strays.

Visit Welfare for Stray Dog’s website here




SNEHA, Society for Nutrition, Education & Health Action, is an NGO that operates in Mumbai and works with women, children, & public health & safety systems. It aims at providing assistance to women and children through various stages of their life, including pregnancy, childbirth, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The organization works with an aim to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, child malnutrition, and gender-based violence.

You can visit SNEHA’s site here


8. Greenpeace India

Top NGO in mumbai Greenpeace India

Greenpeace India is the Indian branch of the global environmental group Greenpeace that aims at providing a sustainable and cleaner environment for the future generations to live in. Greenpeace seeks towards:

  • protection of biodiversity
  • Prevention of pollution and abuse of the earth’s environment
  • Ending all nuclear threats
  • Promoting peace, global disarmament, and non-violence amongst the communities

Click here to check job openings at Akshara Centre. 




AASRA is a non-profit organization that provides voluntary, professional, and primarily confidential care and support to the depressed & the suicidal. It offers active listening or non-judgmental & non-critical listening to anyone who would like to avail of their services when they feel anxiety, stress, and despair. The people in need can either call them or meet their volunteers in person. 

Click here to check AASRA’s website. 


10. Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre

Top NGO in mumbai - Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre

The Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre is one of the first and largest organizations that aims at empowering and encouraging children with intellectual disabilities by providing them with healthcare, education, skill development, and support services. 

You can visit the Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre by clicking here


These were some of the top NGOs in Mumbai that are serving humanity through their transparent and worthy initiatives. Other than looking for jobs at these NGOs, you can also volunteer for most of them, thereby taking a step towards kindness and goodness in our society. 

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