Best MBA Courses List in India (2020)

This article will present you with different MBA Courses list in India for the students who are looking up for post-graduation.

MBA, Masters of Business Administration, is one of the most famous Post-graduation course which is renowned between the people for India. Irrespective of people’s different under-graduate degrees, the various MBA courses list in India provides lucrative opportunities through which people enhance their career and is the most popular course in India. Students actively lookup for MBA as one of their post-graduation opportunity. 

Several states and foreign universities provide with MBA, and people can either opt for classroom studies or the online studies according to their choice and whether they are an option for a full-time course or a part-time course. There are several universities like IIM that have different MBA Courses list, which provides world ranking courses and some other universities like NMIMS (1), SPJIMR (2), etc. The renowned colleges of IIT have also begun to offer MBA Courses. Hence, to detail your MBA courses list in India, one can read all the information given below!


10 Fantastic MBA Courses List offered in India Which Has Immense Scope for Future

Best MBA Courses in India are provided by some of the top B-Schools, which not only provide quality education to students by having some best placements at the same time. Hence, read the information below, which can surely change up your mindset regarding the best MBA Course list in India.

1. Decision Sciences

This course helps people learn about different theories and techniques through which any problem or issue arising in the business can be solved easily without any issues. People learn to face and encounter various business issues which can be easily applied to practical life and eventually get ready to work at corporate levels in any company throughout the world. India’s IIM (3) offers the best Decision Science MBA Course in India.


2. Economics and Social Science

This subject makes students understand the usage of microeconomics, which mainly focus on points like Foreign Trade, Monetary Funds, International Finance, etc. People learn the business in various factors like Agriculture, Labor, education, etc. and make themselves prepare for the real world. 


3. Entrepreneurship

One of the most loved MBA Course in the MBA Courses list, which makes students learn about research methods and tools and is spread to an extensive range and covers different topics through which entrepreneurship is observed and practised. People learn various factors like economics, strategy, etc. and learn to apply theory in practical life.


4. Finance & Accounting

This includes works like Corporate Taxes, Finance management, etc. People deal with the main factors of finance and accountancy with business in this MBA Courses list. 


5. Marketing

Factors like specialization in Business to Business Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Product and Brand Management, Relationship marketing, etc. are encouraged in this field. 


6. Production & Operations Management

This MBA Course in India is mainly provided in IIM, which has subjects like IT Service, Cellular Manufacturing, Enterprise Resource Planning, JIT Operations, Health Care and Service, etc. in this field. It is further divided into subjects like Stochastic Models, Revenue Management, etc. 


7. Logistics and Chain Supply Management

This is a two-year course which will make students understand the effective logistics and chain management supply. As India was lagging in this field, now has much amount of boom and opportunities for students in India. People can learn subjects like Cold Chains, E-commerce, FMCG, etc. Hence, this is one of the new course in the MBA Courses list. 


8. General Management

This is the most common MBA Course in the MBA Courses list, which is actively take-up by the students. Not only in India, but some prominent MBA Schools also provide this course in their curriculum and is famous throughout the world. IIM Ahmedabad is the best school for learning General Management in India, but getting into it tougher than one imagines.


9. Social Entrepreneurship

As the startups in India are getting famous worldwide, this course is getting famous eventually and is getting much amount of attention. One can get this course from NMIMS and succeed in their filed. 


10. Real Estate Construction & Management

People who have completed Civil Engineering and are looking up for taking an MBA, then this must be the best field for them to take up. This is indeed a high demand program for which NMIMS offer at least 30 seats every year which is actively taken up by the students. Real Estate Majors of India support this program among students and Universities.

These are the top 10 courses in India which are the most demanded among all and have attractive job opportunities even at present and shortly also.


5 Upcoming Scope of Different MBA Courses in India

There are many uncountable MBA courses in the MBA Courses list of India which are famous among students and paving the way for more opportunities; the MBA courses list below are soon going to provide more opportunity for students of India.

1. Hospital and Healthcare Management

India has some of the best hospitals and Doctors of the world and hence, adding up to this field, Hospital and Healthcare Management is also coming up as a two-year full-time course for students who are interested in this field. 


2. Digital and Social Media Marketing

As the world is moving and paving the way towards digitalization, people have started evolving much of e-commerce businesses and hence, IIM is offering Digital and Social Media marketing as a course of MBA in India.


3. Event Management

This is a very lucrative field in India, which is providing immense scope of career and several private universities have started offering a two-year course with both full-time and part-time basis.


4. Telecom

India is the 2nd most massive Telecom and IT Market of the World. There are several B-Schools of India which are providing opportunity in the Telecom field as an MBA Courses in India. Although students are yet to make it a prominent area. Schools offer a two-year full-time course in this subject of MBA.


5. Corporate Communications and Public Relations

This is also one of the best MBA Course in India, which provides immense opportunities for students in MNC’s and Mass communication. This course is present in Symbiosis, Pune, which is a two-year program.


Employment Study from MBA’s

An MBA degree is the most cherished in India. But for disappointment, until and unless one gets into a top B-School, an MBA is not valued that much. People from comprehensive universities do not get enough opportunities as compared to the student who completes his MBA course from a top College in India.

MBA Courses in India provide some unique opportunities for students from top B-Schools, but students from usual colleges do face some of the other issues shortly. The above-listed courses in the MBA Courses list are some of the best courses. Hence, it is advised to study from the best possible college and gain immense knowledge. People with MBA have some great and bright future ahead! 

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