Best ITI Courses that can Help people Shape their Future

Here in this article, we will know about different ITI courses that can help people shape their dreams and help them to achieve more.

Apart from our general education, we always look up to different vocational subjects that may help us on a more substantial basis and help us achieve more. Hence, one can always opt for some courses from the ITI course, which can help people succeed. One does not always have to pursue IIT degrees to achieve something in life. Even from the ITI courses, one can continue to be a technician or a mechanic. 

Hence, to your help, we will present the best ITI course list that can help you select and shape your future and work according to your dreams and choose the one which is loved by your the most. 

About ITI Courses

ITI Courses are of almost two years, which can be pursued by anyone who is a class 8th or 10th passed. In fact, people get a job almost as soon as they graduate from this course. ITI courses can be opted even by children and women if they feel about working and earning. 

Top ITI Courses

1. Electrician

Every one of us knows the job of an electrician. It can seem to be the right field if you have not completed your education and want to work and earn.


2. Fitter

People can opt for this course if they are class 10th passed. Even though this appears to be a low skilled job, but can provide opportunities to people who have not completed their education and yet have the dedication to work for earning. 


3. Foundry Man

People who haven’t completed their education and yet want to work can apply for this course. A person should be at least a class 8th passed to apply for this ITI Course. It is just a course of 1 year which can provide skilled people with job opportunities.


4. Carpenter

This ITI course has a duration of two years and is another job for less educated people. One can find different fields to work through this course and eventually start earning. 


5. Plumber

This ITI course has a duration of 2 to 3 years, which can provide rather excellent opportunities than the jobs mentioned above. People can get certified plumbers and eventually start earning as it is almost a job in good demand. 


6. Book Binder

This ITI Course is only available in the regions of Maharashtra and Kerala and is only a one year course, and people can take them and find excellent earning opportunities. 


7. Pattern Maker

It is available in the five states of India, and people can apply for this if they are Class 8th passed. The duration is for two years, and people can find excellent opportunities after this course.


8. Advanced Welding

This ITI course is almost one to two years long, and people who are class 8th passed can apply for this course. Many people take up this course and have a diploma in this course.


9. Mason Building Constructor

This is only a year-long course, and people who are class 8th passed can take up these. People are trained in works like mason work, renovation, etc. and create excellent opportunities for them. This is one of the best ITI Courses.


10. Wireman

This course is also for one year, and people can take up just after passing class 8th. People can find different jobs are completing this course.


11. Sheet Metal Worker

This course is one year long and is present in almost 15 states of India. One has to pass class 8th and can apply for this job.


12. Tool Maker

People in this field are almost related to chemical engineering, but this course concerns how to use up the tool and die, maker. This course is also one year long, and people get a diploma after this.


13. Moulder 

It is a vocational ITI course for which people have to be at least class 10th passed. It is a two-year course and is provided in more than six states of India.


14. Welder Gas

It is also a vocational training course provided by ITI, and people have to be Class 8th passed to have access to this course. This ITI Course is present in many colleges of Maharashtra.


15. Turner

People can get jobs in SAIL (1), GAIL (2), etc. The course is almost two years long, and people have to be Class 10th passed to get into this course.


16. Advanced Tool and Die Making

This can be a three-year-long course, and people have to be class 10th passed. The fee for this course can be pretty costly than others and can cost almost Rs. 20,000 per year. Although this subject provides many excellent job opportunities, unlike the other classes.


17. General Painter

One learns how to paint surfaces inside and outside in this course. It can be as long as two years and has the usual four semesters. People have to be class 8th passed to get enrolled in this course. General Painter is considered as one of the top ITI Courses available.


18. Machinist

People have to be Class 10th passed to take up this course and is almost two years long. People can even get a diploma through this course and can create excellent job opportunities.


19. Draughtsman Mechanical

People have to be passed from class 10th with a good knowledge of Science and Maths to get into this ITI Course. This is one of the most taken up and clearly, the best course to get employed through. The duration of the course is almost three years long and provides people with some good results.


20. Machine Tools Maintenance

It is somewhat a technical subject, and people have to be Class 10th passed with appropriate knowledge in Science and Maths. It is a two-year-long ITI Course, and people are taught about machinery and equipment maintenance works.

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