The Best Extracurricular Activities For a Student’s Development

Previously extracurricular activities were one of the few sources of entertainment for students. However, the scenario is changing in the past few years with high-tech gadgets and other fancy gizmos taking over in the students lives. Moreover, the extracurricular activities will help you with your performance not only in your student life but also when you grow up. Here is the list of topmost extracurricular activities you could take participate in during your school and college days.


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In recent days, due to the introduction of high-tech computers, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets, students are putting extracurricular activities in the backseat. It is leading to quite a stationary lifestyle for students which could have possible adverse effects on students both mentally and physically. Students must try at least one co-curricular activity while studying to have an active lifestyle while also learning several vital skills. 

You could try and find out which action matches with your interest while also being appropriate for your age. You could get extra points by participating in these extracurricular activities during your school as well as in college courses. Your school is most likely to provide at least some of the listed extracurricular activities if they do, join one right away!


Topmost Extracurricular activities for students

Here is the top list of extracurricular activities for students that will help them mould and impact their personalities while also getting knowledge.

1. National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Corps or NCC is one of the primary extracurricular activities for every student in schools. Both male and female students who are at the age of 13 or above could join NCC. NCC has two divisions: Junior for school students and Senior for college students. 

Below are some of the skills you will learn as an NCC Cadet:

  • Discipline
  • Survival Techniques
  • Camping
  • Self Hygiene
  • Public Hygiene
  • First-aid
  • Crowd Management
  • Many other essential skills


2. Girls Scouts and Guides

Girls Scouts and guides are another essential extracurricular schools could provide to its female students. When you become part of girls scouts, you become a member of a community that has over 10 million female students from over 150 countries. 

Below are the skills you could learn by being a part of Grils Scouts that would help you get a leading position in business and work:

  • Leadership
  • Better self-understanding and understanding others
  • Public Speaking
  • Organization


3. Boy Scouts

Many schools in India these days offers Boy Scouts as part of an extracurricular activity. You become a community member that has over 40 million students from over 17- countries globally. It helps you gain many skills, including being a responsible citizen, leadership skills and many others which you can’t learn solely on academics. 


4. National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme or NSS is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and is available from many schools and colleges in India. It is about volunteering for various educational but exciting activities for the benefits of the community. 


5. General Knowledge Quizzes and Contests

There are so many quizzes and contents you could find in your college, school, and on the internet. In India, there are many shows and radio stations that conduct such materials and allow you to win prizes. Furthermore, having various certifications for general knowledge also gives you additional benefits to your job hunting

Here are some popular quiz contents where you could enrol yourself as a student:


6. Math Clubs

You will need excellent mathematical skills if you want to take your career further in the field of engineering and other professional courses. Your school or college could have a math club that you could join, or there are many match clubs available online where you could enrol yourself. It includes math clubs like  All India Ramanujan Maths Club (AIRMS) and  Indian Mathematical Society.


7. Chess Club

Students could improve their concentration power and their focus by playing the Chess game. Most schools and colleges have Chess as a part of their extracurricular activities for their students in their free time. Moreover, you could participate in various chess tournament by joining multiple chess clubs on the internet and in your neighbourhood like Alekhine Chess Club.


8. Essay Writing

Essay writing is already part of curricular for students. However, you could take your writing skills into new heights with having essay writing as part of your extracurricular activities. Joining various essay writing clubs and competitions would help you develop excellent vocabulary, grammatical, punctuations in your language. 


9. School/College Magazine

You could work as a reporter, subeditor or contributor to for your school or college magazine as a part of your extracurricular activities. You could propose your school to launch an online newsletter for students and faculties while also getting contributions from your classmates. It would help you develop your English language skills would come in handy if you decide to make a career in the media field. 


10. Debate Club

Many colleges across Inda organizes debate clubs and events for its student as part of their extracurricular activities. It is fascinating since students get to debate on a wide range of topics that gives you insight on various issues. Students could develop their English speaking skills while also overcoming any shyness or stage fright. It also helps you with many skills that are essential for your career growth, like putting your point of view without offending others. 


11. Science Club

You could join the Science club of your school or college if they have one or even find one in your neighbourhood or on the internet for your extracurricular activities. Students could join science clubs like  Vigyan Prasar, or Science Society from where they could conduct various experiments and participate in projects at their tender stage of life. 


12. Sports and Fitness Clubs

Having sports as a part of your extracurricular activities will get you many benefits during your academics as well as further in your career growth. Not only it gives you physical fitness, but the certificates from sports are also quite helpful since they indicate endurance and teamwork skills. You could join various sports activities like Cricket, Football, Martial Arts and many more.



The list of extracurricular activities could go on forever since there are so many other activities you could choose which are not listed above. Since the Indian Education System doesn’t pay much attention to the innate skills of their students, it is difficult for students in India to find or develop their inborn talents. 

Hence, having extracurricular activities will not only give you opportunities that your curriculum alone couldn’t provide, but you could also make a bridge between your innate and academics skills. On the final note, we encourage students to take participation in multiple extracurricular activities to develop your overall personality and expertise. 

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Rucha Joshi
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