Which is the Best Country to Live for Indians?

This article gives you a complete outlook on one of the best country to live for Indians.

Earlier, Indians used to get excited about hearing the fact that they were going abroad and living and working there. But now, that excitement has vanished into thin air for the Indian citizens. Because it has become widespread for most of the Indian to work abroad at some point in their life. Hence, that charm if living abroad is lost. However, even though developed countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are still considered as one of the best country to live for Indians, tighter and stricter visa rules and regulation has made it extremely difficult for us to move there and find work.

Now, if you want to live and work abroad, this article will prove useful to you as it mentions all the top and best country to live for Indians around the world. 

Best country to live for Indians:

The countries mentioned below provide excellent career and academic opportunities for Indian citizens. Besides this, these countries are relaxing their visa regulations to make it easier for Indians to enter their country. 

1. State of Qatar:

The state of Qatar is considered as the best country to live for Indians. With a Gross National Income of $116,799, Qatar regarded as one of the wealthiest countries. 

Besides this, India and Qatar enjoy excellent bilateral relations. This is because the largest community residing in Qatar is Indians. Approximately 700,000 Indians live and work in Qatar. This is about 1/4th of Qatar’s entire population. That was why the Qatar government started relaxing Visit, Business, and Work visa rules for all the Indian nationals. Qatar Airways operates direct flights from Doha to many important cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, and many more. 


2. United Arab Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates remains a top destination for most Indian citizens to live and work. Hence, we can consider that the UAE is one of the best country to live for Indians. During the Gulf Boom of the 1970s, Indian workers would go to the UAE to seek fortunes. They would find a lot of fortunes in Dubai, a part of the United Arab Emirates. There was a lot of availability, as the oil industry was booming at that time. 

Even though Dubai and Abu Dhabi are developed, the UAE government is trying to develop the rest five cities. Hence, job opportunities like Engineers, architects, and many more are available now. 


3. Kingdom of Belgium

Belgium is a lovely country with snow-capped mountains and grassy fields. Antwerpen (1), the Belgian port city, has a diamond bourse that serves the world. As of 2020, almost 7,000 Indian citizens are settled there. They are approximately third largest as French and Dutch take the first two positions. This is the reason Belgium is as the best country to live for Indians. Getting a work visa to Belgium is a difficult task as the country has to follow the rules of the European Union and the Schengen Treaty. However, besides this, Belgium is a lovely country to live in and has a liberal society. The official currency of Belgium is Euro. It is relatively cheap to live in Belgium. 


4. Republic of Singapore

This small country is very famous and popular in the world. Singapore is often considered one of the best tourist destinations, as there are many interesting places there. Besides this, Singapore is the best country to live for Indians. 

Singapore also shares the title ‘Business Hub.’ Hence, rest assured that there are no job shortages here. 

Singapore has been home for many Indians since its birth. Two Sanskrit words derive even the name Singapore. Hence, Indians always feel at home in Singapore. But, Singapore is not that liberal with work visas for Indians. You can get a work visa if your qualification is perfect for the job you are seeking. The weather of Singapore is very similar to the climate in coastal regions of India. 

The cost of living is very high in Singapore, but so are the salaries


5. Federative Republic of Brazil:

Brazil is very far from India, and it takes approximately two nights to reach Brazil from India. Even though it’s pretty now, it is still considered the best country to live for Indians around the world. This is because the Government of Brazil began extending its on-arrival visa facility for Indian citizens. Now, the Brazilian government allows Indians to work in their country. According to a recent report, approximately 10,000 Indians are residing in Brazil and working. The majority of these Indians live in Sao Paolo, which is the financial hub of Southern America. 

Besides this, many Indian pharmaceutical companies are opening and starting their operations in Brazil. This would open a lot of job opportunities for the Indians.

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