Beginners guide to Content Marketing

Do you want to learn how to get started with content marketing? This article is an easy guide and a reference for the aspects of content marketing.

The internet has given business a whole new meaning. People have gotten smarter at buying. When we purchase something new, we have all the information at our fingertips. So, how does a company send the right message to a potential customer? That’s when content marketing comes into the picture.


What is content marketing?

It is the process of creating appealing content that is related to your product and distributing it to a target audience. Most of the time, it is free and works towards entertaining the audience. When it is done in a creative way, it increases brand awareness and sales and also creates leads.


Importance of content marketing

1] It depicts that you care about their interests and issues and doesn’t portray you like a cold salesperson.

2] It creates brand awareness, which attracts new customers 

3] Cost effective and can pay dividends 


Types of content marketing

1] Blogs 

Storytelling and creative writing grabs the attention of the audience and makes them get connected with the brand as they would be able to relate to a real life experience. There are a number of people who are using blogs as a platform for content marketing. You can even publish the content that is created by users.


 2] Video Marketing

Video content would be most helpful for those who have no time to lose. It is the most favored medium for content marketing. They can be in the form of tutorials, vlogs, webinars, and so on.


3] Newsletters

Newsletters are emails that you send regularly and are usually based on a particular theme. It does not struggle to sell the service or product. They are commonly used for content marketing as the email marketing offers high conversion rates. If you want your newsletter to stand out, pay attention to the frequency, quality, and format of your content.

4] Social Media

Social media has evolved into a mode to build communities, and many companies are using it to increase their reach. Content marketing on social media is done by posting content on a certain topic, campaign launching, live events, and many more.


How to get started with content marketing?

1] Select a medium 

Find out which medium your audience frequently uses and create content based on that. For example, if you are fond of dancing, you can create a page on Facebook or Instagram or a channel on Youtube. Prioritize where you want to use most of your resources.


2] Explore different topics and choose the format

In this stage, you have to think like a customer. The three stages of the buyers. They are 

  • Awareness stage: This is the time when the buyer becomes aware about an interest that they want to explore. Once you convince them, they will want to know how they can go about it.


  • Consideration stage: The customer spends time to research their options. They will want to know about the specifics.


  • Decision stage: By this time, the customer would already have gained knowledge about what they want to buy. You have to find ways that tell the audience why your product is a great match.


3] Create a budget

That will depend on the content you want to create and the medium that you choose. If you choose video marketing, you have to consider factors like paid ads, equipment, etc.


4] Plan your schedule

Creating and uploading content frequently will help you to reach more prospects. You can also make a calendar to plan your content distribution.


Content marketing tactics

1] Guest blogging

This is a great way to improve SEO. It will help you to raise brand awareness , attract inbound links and get visitors and subscribes.


2] Gated Content

What’s better than putting your content on your blog for free? Hiding some of it for customers to subscribe. You can also gate news articles, webinars, checklists, etc.



Using FOMO is one amazing way to make customers anxious to buy your products. At the same time, FOMO affects almost half of social media users.

You can use FOMO in your content in the following ways

  • Using expiring content
  • Offer a content upgrade
  • Reward visitors for making the decision to subscribe at an early stage


4] Geomarketing

It is necessary to make the content relevant to the customers. Geomarketing allows you to convey content and messages tailored to your audience’s location.

Content marketing examples

1] HubSpot

This company uses content marketing to

  • Write detailed blog posts which meets their customer’s needs
  • Uploading videos on Facebook 
  • Using ebooks


2] GE

General Electric used Instagram for marketing. The company’s not only about home appliances, but about wind turbines, jet engines, and many more.


3] Blendtec

Do you want to make a business seem unique and interesting? Think outside the box. That’s what Blendtec did by increasing sales by 700% in three years with its viral Will It Blend? videos

You can watch one of their videos to get an idea


Content marketing keeps changing. The latest trends in content marketing involve videos and live videos and creating interactive content, like polls and quizzes.

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