Are Domain Names Case Sensitive?

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Domain names are all lowercase, although all browsers ( at least the last ones ) do not care what case you are using them.

If you type a domain with capital letters in IE 6, they stay there, but once you click on a link, even links with the domain with capital letters that are hard to encrypt, it returns to the lower case.

The case in domain names is not sensitive to the comparison, but it does not say anything about maintaining it.

Since the earliest days of the internet, host and domain names have been insensitive and are still expected to be accepted or processed by most software companies ( such as browsers and mail servers ).

If the resolution of the name is sensitive to pings, it is not done by DNS.

For years, no one used a hostname or FQDN in local t domain with a capital letter, so we never noticed that our internal domain was sensitive.

As BillThor said, it is not sensitive to DNS or net biological resolution.

There is nothing wrong with case - sensitive URLs if your server supports them.

With many servers, it is possible to use long URLs and load the pages, but for long - term durability and simplicity, it is almost always better to use smaller URLs in URLs.

First, if someone decides to customize their existing website to use lower case letters instead of upper case letters in their URLs, we strongly recommend that you use 301 redirect to make sure that users do not end up with a group of 404 errors, as you mentioned.

Usually no, if your website uses lower case URLs throughout your website and your sitemap has only lower case URLs, you don't need to redirect all capital URLs to lower case.

If your site is hosted on Linux, then the two addresses are considered to be two different sites.

Also, if you use upper case letters for your URLs on a Linux server, users get a deadlock when they try to use all lower case letters to access a page.

People expected web addresses as small and small letters, and URLs will not harm your search ranking.

Then you have to create 301 redirects from the old URLs ( which use uppercase ) to the new URLs, which only use lower case letters.

Think that something will change for Google and Wikipedia, etc. and other significant sites that use the URLs of the end pages in capital letters, and if so.

In addition to being annoying for geeks like me, there are many reasons why you should redirect long URLs to smaller ones.

Domain names such as HTTP: www seoverflow are not sensitive to cases, so you can show them as you like, whether they are on the internet or in marketing materials.

Readability and branding are the most common reasons for people to show their URLs in capital letters.

The brand is another excellent reason to capitalize letters in URLs, especially when distributing printed matter that has individual target pages.


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