A Beginner’s Guide To Content Writing

Do you want to learn how to begin content writing? Whether you are writing blogs, articles, or books, these tips will help you achieve an enhanced output.

Writing has been a dream work for many people. Some people write content for newspapers, and some become famous authors like Sidney Sheldon.

In this digital era, only writing what is on your mind is not enough. You have to connect your exceptional talent with the right way of processing. It makes your writing remarkably good.

How to begin with content writing?

1] Do a lot of research

To keep your ideas flowing for content writing, you will have to keep doing research. Take a moment and analyze what you want to write about. After you have chosen a topic, please do your research on it. Pen it down on your notepad and write the key pointers. You will always have websites to look up to, but it is more recommended to write down your thoughts on your content. 


2] Find your style

Writing the exact way and in a similar fashion as someone else is not a great beginning to content writing. You will come across many writers with a different and unique style. You can be inspired by it but try not to copy the same style. Each and every person is different and have their individual thoughts.

For example, Neil Patel has a unique style and can even make complex concepts seem simple. Every writer needs that uniqueness and individuality to learn how to start content writing online.

If you want to know more check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_writing_style


3] Stick to the point

Each piece of content is supposed to be on a single topic. Avoid getting to other topics. Talking about related things is okay but remember not to mix too many concepts in a single content piece. The reader might start losing interest.

If it is content writing on business, then you can talk about sharing it on Facebook or Instagram But, that is all. Don’t go into marketing. Usually, it is recommended to remove each sentence that doesn’t relate to the topic.


4] Be creative; let your thoughts run!

If you are writing something which is already posted on the internet, what is the point? This is not the way to start content writing. There are three main factors affecting your content, i.e., topic, idea, and view. The topic and the idea will have to be decided before writing, but the view matters the most. You should give the content piece a makeover and make it a better one. This will make it unique and different from the rest of the articles or blogs.


5] Think of a title and create the first paragraph

Forming a striking title is a significant part of content writing. Imagine you are looking through your Facebook or Instagram feed, and you find these articles 

1] How to start content writing

2] Amazing tips to start content writing

3] 6 unique tips to make a career in content writing

Even if all the above articles contain the same information, the last one seems more interesting

Moreover, the readers will decide if they want to continue reading the article or not by looking at the first paragraph. So make sure that your title and first paragraph are captivating


6] Keep it simple

Most people will not be able to understand your work if you add too many complex words and high vocabulary. Think about your audience before writing. Even a child should be able to make out what you are trying to say.

Most importantly, do not exaggerate the truth as it can make you seem unreliable. Keep your paragraphs short, and make sure that your words are readable.


7] Dont forget to proofread.

If you do not edit your content, it might not have a positive impact on your audience.No one would want to read an article that contains errors.

During the first round of editing, remove all the sentences that don’t go with the flow of the content. The second round should remove all the grammatical and spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

Finally, go through the content once and make sure that it has no errors at all.


8] Word count

There is a rule that the content with more word count has a higher search rank. In order to achieve that, it should be 1000 words at a minimum, and is usually between 1500 and 2500.


9] Keep practicing

Content writing is like most others skill – the more you practice, the easier it seems. You can even look for tools online that will help you to analyze your content and give you tips. 


10] Conlusion

End your piece of work with a strong note. Let it run through the minds of the people who are reading it. The aim is to cover the exact same things which are mentioned in your article but still leave an impression on your readers.


Sometimes you might not get positive feedback on your writings but do not take it to heart. You can actually improve yourself by paying attention to the criticism and taking it in a positive way.

I am currently pursuing my engineering in JSSATEB.I have a habit of reading novels, especially , mysteries and thrillers and i also write poems and short stories in my free time. I believe that i should keep expanding my knowledge and upgrading myself as much as possible .Travelling and exploring as many places possible has always been my passion

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