A Beginners Guide to Business Success: Domain Names

What are Domain Names? 

Thinking of starting a business or a brand? Well, your first step will be to create a unique domain name. A domain name is an integral part of setting up your business and also ensures the recognition of the brand in the online market front. A domain is a certain section or subset of the internet, within the authorization of a certain company or brand. It can be a shared server amongst various users and can be used for a blog, a full-fledged website, or any page available on the internet. A representation of a domain, a domain name is a label by which your Domain is identified through the internet. Each Domain is a title or label given to a specific IP address registered on the server, directing towards a specific directory on the network. A domain name helps the user to locate the particular website related to the IP address easier and quicker. 

Components of a Domain 

A domain name is usually segregated into two parts, Second-Level Domain (SLD) and Top-Level Domain (TLD). An SLD or second-level Domain is the name of your website, the title of your Domain that points to a specific directory on the internet. It is the identification of your business or your brand in general and is directly associated with your distinct IP address. On the other hand, the TLD is the top-level Domain or the extension of a domain. Also known as the parent domain, a TLD is an integral part of a URL and is customizable. Anything in your domain names that comes after a dot (.), is considered as a TLD. It can be based on your country, i.e. “.in” or “.ca”, or general extension applicable throughout the world, i.e. “.com”, “.org”, “.me” and “.net”. Various other TLDs are also available through the internet for the users to choose from. 

URL and its relationship with Domain 

A domain name is an integral part of a URL. A URL, also known as the Uniform Resource Locator, is a distinguished and recognizable string of letters and numbers on the internet. A URL helps the user access a particular location or directory present on the server. It consists of a transfer protocol, represented by “https://,” a domain name, a directory, and the location of a specific post on your website. 

Setting up your website with the help of a Domain 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and similar is the case with your website. After purchasing a specific domain name suited for your brand, one can start the process of hosting. Hosting involves storing 

The domain name or your website on a local server, making it accessible by other servers on the internet. The construction of building your website is a follow-up procedure after the two tasks. A domain name, being a preliminary step towards building your website, is thus extremely crucial and significant. 

Why domain names? 

Each website on the internet is recognizable by a unique IP address assigned to the site. These IP addresses are a string of numbers, similar to a mobile phone number, thus often difficult to remember by the internet users. A domain name, on the other hand, is a distinct name or label assigned to a specific IP address, which directs you to a specified section in the internet directory or a website assigned to that IP address. Unlike IP addresses, domain names are easier to remember. Domain names also convey the personality of a brand, making it more recognizable within the market. An exciting or catchy domain name will ensure people remember your startup or company better and help in increasing its sales and stability in the market. 

On the occasion of the change of IP address, a domain name ensures stability within your business, as it is not transferrable within the servers unless requested. This will ensure the stability in your data present on your website, and will also make sure to not alter the basic intricacies of your brand in the online market. Having your domain name also ensures your credibility as a business, as people can gather information about your brand through your resources. Many upcoming startups readily register for a domain name as soon as they arrive in the market, ensuring their widespread business reach, stability, and credibility amongst their consumers. 

A suitable domain name will also act as an added booster for your SEO needs. A domain name of your brand will help the search engine to display your website more frequently and at the top, engaging more audience in your brand and ensuring better sales and services associated with your brand. 

Success through Domain names 

One of the brands that came up with an interesting domain name is Dunzo. A relatively new startup, dealing with delivery services, Dunzo got its name from a Californian Slang, Dunzo, meaning “Done” or “Finished”. The slang got famous by a reality show, MTV show Laguna Beach. Using a slang as a startup name, and in turn, a domain name ensured people knew about the brand, and it was something easy to remember. The usage of slangs has been prominent amongst the present generation and thus using a slang that got its popularity from a reality show ensured that most people on the market were aware of the word. This, in turn, made the identification of the brand on the online market front easier and ensured rapid success and growth for their brand. The startup gained popularity rapidly after launching in India in the year 2014. The easy services provided by the startup, along with good marketing technique and a catchy domain name helped the startup to expand in more than 7 cities in the country in 5 years.

Another significant example of this scenario is the brand “Bewakoof”. The interesting domain name for their brand originated from an Indian slang, used by everyone in the country, meaning “Stupid” or “Foolish”. It’s something costumers have used at some point in their life and readily remembered, thus becoming an integral part of their success by being relatable to a large array of their consumers. For their success, a lot of other factors are responsible too, but one just can’t simply ignore the role of a good domain or brand name played in their popularity and expansion. 

Shreyas Aravind
Shreyas Aravind
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