8 Reasons To Work With A Startup

It might appear in the beginning that a job in an established corporate company is more secure and pays more, but people usually ignore some of the tremendous opportunities and benefits offered by a job in a startup.

After you have your college degree in hand there are jobs that will be laid before you, some of them will be from well-known companies that you have often heard of- you might have used their product and you might believe in the past and heritage of the company. Some jobs, on the other hand, will be offered by startups, these will be jobs that incite your curiosity and somewhere or the other you will be able to see yourself working for them in the future.

If you have trouble deciding as to which job you should choose, we are here to make you understand how a job in a startup offers more promise than a regular job.

#1 You Can Make Important Decisions

When you join a startup you shall be the part of a smaller, compact team which might include as little as two to three people. The benefits of being a part of small teams ensures that your creativity and your ideas have a say in every decision that you take and that your word counts. This way, you will have much more say than you would have in a corporate job.

#2 Better Exposure

Since the startup will involve lesser number of employees, every task that comes up before the startup as a whole is discussed by all the members of the foundation. This allows you to apply your creative skills to a large number of problems, often times, if you choose to work for a startup, the situation will work itself in your favor to such a degree that you will get to represent the startup on bigger platforms. You could be  writing articles for big newspapers and magazines, which- on a corporate job- would have been done by someone much more senior than you.

#3 Improving Different Skills

Working in a startup will ensure that you are not stuck doing only one kind of job. Usually, when you start working for a company, you are stuck either only writing, only proofreading , only editing spreadsheets and so on. In a startup, however, you will have to wear different kind of hats and employ your expertise to various areas in the business field- you will be engaged in field marketing one day and writing blogs sitting on your desk the other-this improves your skills and gives you a chance to grow.

#4 Innovators Will Be Your Leaders

In a regular job, you will probably be working under a division of the leading company, and your seniors will merely be the employees of the bigger parent company who will be working under the directions given by someone above them. However, if you work for a startup you shall be working in the guidance of people who themselves have envisioned an idea- you shall be in the company of real entrepreneurs and innovators who will always challenge your versatility and will prove to be more lively and animated leaders than you will find anywhere else.

#5 You Shall Receive Due Recognition

In a larger,  bigger company- the amount of work done is usually so much that a good task or a good job done by an employee is usually went unnoticed or the credit is taken by somebody else who has been present longer in the game. The absence of due recognition of the work that you do, hampers your working ability and discourages you to work more; in a startup, however, every task which will be well performed by you shall receive due recognition and you will be duly applauded for the efforts that you put in.

#6 Your Work Environment Will Be Energetic

All the benefits that you will be receiving from working in a startup will also be shared by the other people working alongside you. This means that if you are full of vigor and energy, the people around you will be filled with an excitement too; it’s actually a fact that in a startup, the working people are highly enthusiastic about the tasks assigned to them. Thus, your office hours will be full of fun.

#7 You’ll Learn To Manage Money

Working at a startup means that your pay might not be as great as you want, however, as the startup starts doing well, your wage increases to a great degree and in the process you also learn to manage the resources that are at your disposal.

#8 You’ll Have Great Work Ethics

At a startup, all your expertise is called to work- along with the moral standing and ethics that you have. You will have to put constant hard work, will be constantly challenged to be creative and versatile and at the end of the day you will love your work life.

Shreyas Aravind
Shreyas Aravind
Shreyas Aravind is a mechanical engineer by profession. He is a good orator and writes with passion. Shreyas Also a vivid learner and an eager enthusiast.

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