25 Most Expensive Domain Names ever sold

A domain name has transformed to become the most critical digital asset owned by a company, especially in today’s times when you are just one google search away from your potential clients. 

Consider investing in a premium domain name like buying an online property for your business. A property will always be an asset for you that will multiply your company’s worth instead of serving as a liability. 

The same is valid for domain names. A good domain name will always help you expand your business by attracting potential customers.


What Makes a Domain Name Expensive?

 A premium domain name can do wonders for your business. But what is it that values a domain name for over millions?

Factors affecting the quality of a domain name are- strong domain history, holding instant branding, a keyword with high search ranking, short, memorable, traffic-induced keyword, etc. 

A premium domain name holding all these qualities will save your time and increase your business just through a single domain name that will reach thousands of your desired audience within seconds. 


Expensive Domain Names – Examples:

Analyze the following domain names and their prices because of its premium domain elements, 

1. Cricapp.com- $14,995

In a nation where cricket runs in the veins of its population, Cricapp.com serves as the perfect domain name for building a cricket app. 


2. MondayPress- $12,995

The first thought that pops into your head after reading MondayPress.com is the reason why this domain is valued so highly in the news agency market.


3. CoinFarming- $9,995

CoinFarming.com serves the best domain name for a person aiming to go for wealth creation or cryptocurrency trading company. 

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25 Most Expensive Domain Names:

Over the past couple of years, multiple domain names have been estimated to be valued for over millions of dollars, and if you’re still wondering who would buy expensive domains, look at this list of the top 25 most valuable domain names ever sold. 

  1. Cars.com- $872 million (1)
  2. Lasvegas.com- $90 million (2)
  3. Carinsurance.com- $49.7 million (3)
  4. Insurance.com- $35.6 million (4)
  5. VacationRentals.com- $35 million (5)
  6. PrivateJet.com- $30.18 million (6)
  7. Voice.com- $30 million (7)
  8. Internet.com- $18 million (8)
  9. 360.com- $17 million (9)
  10. Insure.com- $16 million (10)
  11. Sex.com- $14 million (11)
  12. Fund.com- $12 million (12)
  13. Hotels.com- $11 million (13)
  14. Tesla.com- $11 million (14)
  15. Porn.com- $9.5 million
  16. Porno.com- $8.8 million
  17. Fb.com- $8.5 million (15)
  18. We.com- $8 million (16)
  19. Diamond.com- $7.5 million (17)
  20. Beer.com- $7 million (18)
  21. Z.com- $6.8 million (19)
  22. iCloud.com- $6 million (20)
  23. Israel.com- $5.8 million (21)
  24. Casino.com- $5.5 million (22)
  25. Slots.com- $5.5 million (23)

The domain names included in this list are the ones whose selling value was declared publically; there are many other domains like Crypto.com whose high-profile domain sales have been kept confidential. 

Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
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