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Cool Math Games was introduced to make the learning process of Math to be enjoyable, and for this reason, were founded in the year 1997. They help in lessening the level of discomfort and also the scares of the people who find it very difficult to solve. Most of the kids of this generation do approve Math as a subject which is both complicated and frustrating as it encloses lots of numbers and formulae. These kids do a lot of tantrums and throw illogical excuses when it comes to the subject of learning Math and run away from it.

So how are these Cool Math Games helpful for such type of kids? Firstly, these games are available online and are free of costs, and they do come with multiple options. Secondly, it's the way of learning method they make use of is what is praiseworthy. They make use of different techniques and approaches to make kids love maths and do not follow the conventional methods used for learning. 

And finally, not just the kids it also helps adults who are interested in the subject and can learn Math. This interactive technique will quickly improve the adults, no matter which age group they belong to, to learn those numbers and formulas by different forms of games.

Benefits of Cool Math Games:

The various interests which can be acquainted by the usage of these Cool Math Games are:

These games help in enabling you to learn and grasp the concept of Math quickly and efficiently. And how do they help in doing it? By the presentation of various games which are thrilling and exciting, which not only provides you entertainment but also helps in improving your skills and knowledge on the subject. 

• These games do make use of simple instructions, which is the reason why they consist of rules and guidelines which are one-lined and are quite comfortable and sensible to understand. They also help in utilizing your qualitative abilities such as logic and speed and even aids in improving them.

Cool Math Games have designed with games which house different challenging levels, and the reason these are implemented to make people understand the subject and learn it efficiently. This step by step approach enables you to test yourself on a higher level. But how? Whenever you pass one level of difficulty in a game, another level with a higher level of difficulty will appear on the screen for you.

Cool Math Games provide the student with various choices of games, which essentially means that he can choose his favorite among the 100+ decisions made available for him. These options help in getting the student engrossed within the game, which will not let him get bored while playing the games. 

• These Cool Math Games do enclose some of the sets which have specially designed and structured to enhance your skill and acquire perfect knowledge about the subject. 

• Some of the games include games such as Flash Cards, Graphical Quizzes, and Puzzles which help in increasing your abilities to a higher level. 

• And guess what? All the games in Cool Math Games can be played free of cost. But it needs a working internet connection which is available in almost all of the houses. 

Cool Math Games consists of games which cover the entire syllabus of the math subject such as Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, and Mathematical Analysis.


Reasons why Cool Math Games are useful for Kids:

Cool Math Games help in introducing the kids with the subject most innovatively and intriguingly. It motivates your kid by teaching the various concepts of math in an interactive manner which will assist them in learning the questions more easily.

• These games help in enhancing the critical and analytical thinking of your kid. Along with these abilities, it has aided in developing the problem-solving skill of your child. 

Cool Math Games help in strengthening the base of the subject for your kid by letting it educate the basics of the issue. This step helps in encouraging your child to embrace the theme and quickly solve numerically the problems involving necessary math steps such as addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction.

Cool Math Games assist in building the confidence of your kid by polishing his mathematical skills by the process of interacting with them in a unique way, which makes them learn the subject without their knowledge.

• These games help in keeping the student engrossed into the student as they stay away from the conventional methods of teaching. Topics which have a higher difficulty level are also dealt in the same way and have taught in a manner through which the kids learn the concept by themselves. 

• Last but not the least Cool Math Games help in breaking down the problematic notions of Math into accessible and straightforward examples. These games make your kid an active participant throughout the game, as these games can be solved only with a strategy to pass a level and help in letting your kid access it by his own.


The Top 10 Cool Math Games loved by Kids:

1. Run

A fresh and interactive game, this has been voted as the most popular game by over 87% of the users on Facebook. One of the oldest games in the Cool Math Games website, Run has been evolved as Run1 and Run 2 progressively within the years.

But its successors haven't been as capable as its original, as even today people will play the original itself. The game encloses of easy and straightforward rules where a 3D character has to run, jump, or skate around the available 3D spaces and make spaces for itself to move. 

The game can be played efficiently by the usage of arrow keys. How does this game help? It helps in increasing your concentration and memorization skills, as you have to keep looking for free spaces and memorize the maze accurately before you run, I mean in the game.


2. Papa's Freezeria:

Another innovative game in the Cool Math Games website, Papa's Freezeria has been the liking of over 94% of people on Facebook.  This game helps in increasing the concentration and as well as assisting in utilizing the memory skills of your kid. This game runs on the concept of a restaurant, wherein customers come, and you have to remember their orders and serve them. 

Special instruments named as save slots are available in the game, which is provided to customers to remember the niche in which their order has to be collected.  In the game, what you have to do is to make an ice-cream, put the right toppings on it as desired by the customer. So this is where concentration and memory have put underutilization. And what do you get on completing the order properly? An excellent tip from the customer for providing it quickly to the customer. 


3. Diggy

Diggy is a game where you to help the lead character dig to the center of the earth and find the wandering treasure at once.  You can use your mouse to aim in the direction where Diggy should start digging or drilling.  Once you start digging in that direction, you can locate the hidden objects or treasures present in the center of the earth.

But Diggy gets exhausted throughout his journey, so you have to buy him some upgrades to keep his energy always full by the treasures you have found out.  Here is where you have to apply proper strategy and think properly to buy the things according to your money available. This games also helps in making your kid learn geometry with the usage of angle to aim at the correct spot along with addition and subtraction, which helps in calculating the cost while buying those upgrades.


4. Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple:

Another game in Cool Math Games, wherein strategy has to apply extensively is the Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple game. Here, you have to lead the right path for both Fireboy and Watergirl amidst a thick forest. The dense forest has embossed in the way of a maze.

Keyboard keys A, W, and D help in moving the Watergirl and the arrow keys help in moving the Fireboy. But here is the catch in this game, water and fire don't mix along with each other right? And in the forest, there will be a presence of water lakes as well as fireplaces. So what one has to do is to keep Watergirl away from fires and keep Fireboy away from water lakes and keep them both away from the green lakes which come across in the maze.

This game requires skills such as decision making, strategy, and concentration to move accordingly with the maze and finally win the game. It is the liking of over 92% of people visiting the website for playing games.


5. World's Hardest Game:

One of the most challenging games which require high concentration and memory, World's Hardest Game has been liked by over 75% of people visiting the website. So how does this game works? Arrows keys have to be used to move the square through the maze, which has enclosed within balls. So if you move the red square out of this maze, then you will win the game. 

But its not so easy. While moving the red square, you have to make sure you avoid the blue balls and collect the yellow balls. Calls for higher memory and concentration, right? And also you have to look at the colors correctly and make a way out of it. It's hard, try it out.


6. Wheely:

Are you a car race enthusiast? Then you will surely have a liking for this game. Wheely is a game which encloses a red car, and what you have to do is simple. You have to use the mouse to push buttons, flip the switches, and crank the cranks which come on the way efficiently.

If you do these things properly, then you will move onto the next level. A game which is skill-determined, it helps in increasing your speed and concentration while looking out for obstacles in the game. The game is also followed by Wheel 1 and Wheel 2 and liked by around 92% of users on the website.


7. Red Ball 4:

A game which requires both skill and logic, red ball has a liking of more than 92% of users playing on Cool Math Games. The game has simple instructions which can be playable in a more relaxed manner. You have to use the arrow keys to move the red ball towards the goal. 

You have to make sure you hit the stars which come in the way which helps you in moving on to the next level. And yeah, you have run from those bad guys who come in between your way. The better way to tackle them is by jumping over them rather than getting hit by a corner. 


8. Duck Life:

Another cool game in Cool Math Games, Duck Life is worth a try as it is one of those games which provide a sense of calmness to a tired mind. You can swim, run and fly depending on the various situations arising in the game. 

Usage of arrow keys will help in calibrating these movements. Grab as many coins you can, as it will help you later while buying food to the duck. Liked by more than 92% users, this game helps in increasing your concentration, skill and also necessary math calculations such as multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction. 


9. Johnny Upgrade:

A game which helps in increasing your memory levels and concentration Johnny Upgrade is a game worthy for aspiring kids. Use your arrow keys to move the lead character around. 

And guess what? You have to memorize every move of yours, which helps you in finishing the game faster. This step will help you in winning upgrades which will help you in the next level. No wonder, why this game has been liked by over 89% of the users in Cool Math Games right?


10. Space is Key:

An illustrative and interactive game, Space is Key is a tough game when compared to most of the games in Cool Math Games. It encloses of a maze which consists of obstacle courses which are hard to crack.

So, you have to emboss a witty brain to crack this game, which can be played by just using your spacebar, which will help in making the jump over those obstacle courses. It requires apt timing, which can be done only with a sheer concentration on the game. Liked by around 82% of the users, this game helps in enhancing your speed, timing, and concentration skills.



Many surveys show that some kids find it challenging to learn their subject when the teachers are still teaching them with the old conventional methods. But because of the presence of Cool Math Games, children find it fascinating to learn their difficult question. Many parents opine to the fact that it is one of the most effective ways to teach their kids ideally. Having this sort of method in teaching kids their difficult subject can help them to get genuine pleasure. 

It serves as a platform to help in making some sense to the student what the subject is and benefits them. Through the application of Cool Math Games for children, they get quickly drawn towards the brighter arts. Also, they offer different varieties of how to solve some math games.
That's the reason this website is one of the very few online game sites which are not blocked by schools. 



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