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The future of decentralization is at Blockonix

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How is security incorporated by various mechanisms?

Gone are the days, when people used to assume that providing security means hiding the data from all the individuals. On the contrary, the concept of current generation is to distribute the information among the people without any hassle with complete information with each of them. This might be very intriguing to the newcomers in the Blockchain field, where security is incorporated, not by hiding but by openly exposing the details, to all the individuals around the world. The distributed ledger of Blockchain ensures that no data is duplicated within different nodes and the value is accepted only when 51% of the total majority, agrees by the decision.


Blockonix doesn’t aim for wealth, but for an impact

Blockonix may not be the only cryptocurrency exchange which is operating through a decentralized mechanism. But the organization is so futuristic about the democratization of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in the world, that they have absolutely 0% transaction fee model implemented on a practical basis. Even though it is known that some amount of transaction fees are utilized, it is to be understood that all the collected funds are invested back for the development of the company which indirectly leads to the company’s, sustainment in this highly competitive market. Zero percent profit is extracted from the incomes for any kind of personal expenditures, as the team members at block Onyx are dedicated to initiate a transformation towards the decentralized financial economy.


Blockonix is customer oriented

Crypto exchanges are mere, an intermediate platform, which is to be utilized for trading and investment purposes. The pre-eminent goal of such exchanges must not be profit-oriented, but they must be contributing for something bigger than themselves. Blockonix stands as a testament for such an ideal cryptocurrency exchange. The profitless model incorporated by Blockonix is also cited as the future of the blockchain world, by many professionals in the field. Futile remarks on the centralized exchanges have become a common news, where they are accused of being profit oriented, but not customer oriented.


Perks of the native blockchain asset of Blockonix: BDT tokens

The native asset of Blockonix, the BDT Tokens play one of the major roles, in shaping the future of this world-class crypto exchange. It powers the entire ecosystem by providing various incentives. The customers gain access to exclusive features of the crypto exchange, through the usage of the BDT tokens. The trading fee on the exchange is around 0.1% for every transaction, however, a flat 70% reduction is one of the premium features that the exchange offers for the transaction fee, through the usage of BDT tokens. The Tokens also get burned intentionally, so that the value of the remaining Tokens would jump, due to scarcity. Specifically, they are sent to an address which completely burns them.


BDT is listed on LAToken Exchange

The collaboration of LaToken and Blockonix is a mutual cooperation between two of the most decentralized form of exchanges. Both are very futuristic, as they are actually moving the crypto legacy towards decentralization. Briefly, the BDT tokens are listed on the LaToken exchange according to professionals. This would mark an increase in the liquidity of the tokens and indirectly attuning the investors and users towards it. The LaToken exchange incorporates world-class security, similar to Blockonix. Most of the Crypto funds on the exchange is safeguarded through the multisignature cold wallets.


Blockonix is the best-decentralized exchange

Blockonix is invariably a great gift to the cryptoverse by the amazing masterminds from India. Absolute decentralization was the only option for them, for a long-lasting impact on the society. Although Centralised exchanges might be dominating the current era, their success is absolutely on a very short-term basis. The world yearns for such facilities, that Blockonix has to offer. Therefore, people are highly recommended to adopt the crypto exchange for all their Crypto operations and may also consider BDT in their portfolios. People are highly advised to jump on Blockonix platform before they miss the bus.


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