20 professional tips for a Perfect Job Interview

Preparing for an interview and want to come out with flying colors? Now that you have applied to your perfect job and are being asked for an interview, some useful tips might come in handy. Here are a few tips for you.


1. Explore the industry properly


You might be asked about the company and its status in the whole industry. You should have information about the rivals of the company, the company’s ambitious benefits, and some future suggestions for the company.



2. Specify your “selling points.”


Always be equipped with three to six crucial selling points. You should have a valid answer to why you are the most suitable candidate for the said position. Also, be quite clear to the interviewer about why you are willing to go for this job.



3. Forecast the interviewer’s expectations


There are a large number of candidates applying for the job along with you. So, you should be prepared by keeping in mind the concerns that interviewer might carry have. Do not give them a chance to exclude you.



4. Thoroughly prepare for frequent interview questions


You can find several books that offer a wide variety of interview related questions. You can explore a large number of frequently asked interview questions and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge.



5. Come up with questions for the interviewer


You should also be ready with some brilliant questions for your interviewers that exhibit that you are well-learned about the company. It is certain that the interviewers will ask you for any questions or doubts and make sure you have some to ask them.



6. Prepare rigorously


Upon asked “Why should our company hire you?” you can answer it in numerous ways. But which answers do you feel more confident with? What to say and what not to? The best method is to rehearse rigorously to avoid sounding ridiculous.



7. Ace the interview in the initial minutes


You must have heard a lot many times that the interviewer decides on your candidature by your performance in the initial few minutes of the interview. Show enthusiasm and appreciation towards this interview.



8. Be on the same page with the interviewer


While the candidates try to impress their interviewers, they, on the other hand, are willing to be quite antagonistic in the interview sessions. So, you should always express your willingness to be a part of this organization and try to be on the same page with the interviewer.



9. Don’t be overly docile


No need to be overly passive in the interviews. Although you might be highly cordial, it is the candidate’s responsibility to exhibit his/her selling points properly. The interviewer won’t ask much about your achievements.



10. Keep yourself open to improper questions


You may be interviewed upon questions concerning your age, religion, gender, or marital status that feel entirely inappropriate in the situation. One way to tackle such a job is to say “I am unsure about how this particular information is concerned with my application”.



11. Have transparent “selling points.”


If you believe that you have presented your selling points to the interviewer and it was not properly perceived, then you cannot be that effective. Always mention about your selling points to the interviewer and provide supportive instances as well.



12. Have a positive mindset


You shouldn’t be too much complaining in nature. It’s your responsibility to mention the odd points along with a positive side to everything you say.



13. Conclude on a very positive tone


Provide your interviewer a positive outlook on you. You should always express that you are willing to take this job. Show that you were enthusiastic for this position earlier and are now more excited about this.



14. Always carry a resume to each interview


Even if you have submitted your resume to the interviewer, make sure that you carry at least a copy of your CV whenever you are going for an interview. In case of any misplacement, you can always hand over your resume’s copy.



15. Being over-prepared is not wrong


Preparing intensively and thoroughly rehearsing your answers doesn’t mean that you are over-polished. You will rather sound confident and smooth during your interview.



16. Have an extensive “Tell me about yourself” session


Interviewers initially ask the question – “Tell me about yourself”. Answer it about your details, your key points, and other strong aspects.



17. Display the correct body language


Make sure that you establish proper eye contact, correct posture, speak fluently. These will give positive vibes about you to the interviewer.



18. Be open to interviews focussing on your behavior


Provide interviewer about your behavioral abilities that are suitable for the particular position. This will help the company to reach a proper decision.



19. Send some thank you wish


Send warm thank you notes to you interviewer via email or paper writings. This will create a cordial relationship with them.



20. Finally, never lose faith


Failures are bound to happen. These are the ways by which you learn about your mistakes. So, never lose faith, create a positive mindset, and strive ahead.

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