15 Institutional investors that are most active in Crypto & Blockchain projects

There are many institutional investors who invest their money in securities, assets, properties, etc. and with the changing trend of world from traditional money to digital currencies and blockchain startups investors have been increasing ever since.


1. Digital currency group

They are investors who are currently looking into the opportunities of digital currency market. Their mission is to speed up the development the world for the better with a better financial system. They build and support the infrastructures and usage of bitcoin and blockchain. They use our ideas, suggestions and network to gain access to capital for investments.


2. Blockchain capital

They are investors with a mission and vision of helping the world become a better place by helping entrepreneurs stay on their feet and build a world of companies and support projects that work on a platform based on blockchain. They are focused on providing the necessary support and tools needed for making their mission and vision come true. They provide tools like expertise on investments, recruitments, etc.


3)Pantera Capital

They are investors located in San Francisco. Their vision depicts that there is not a better time to invest in digital currencies than it is today as the world is changing towards digitalisation and further managing such institutions. They are dedicated towards managing their roles responsibly and have a well-structured use of digital currencies.


4)RRE ventures

They are investor situated in New York. They believe that every idea that is unique and dreamy can be achieved when the heart of hard work is put into it. They are connected with the best team and dedicate themselves for the growth of a better world and a developed society. They make a strategy making sure their investments are recognised and reap profits and further projects.


5)Andressen Horowitz

They are investors looking forward to connect every single entrepreneur, dreamer, investor around the world and making sure that the technology that changes the world unites them making all process speed up and achieve result faster efficiently and effectively. They are focused on building the company with entrepreneurs and providing them potential insights for better investment opportunities.


6) Draper Associates

They are investors who are looking for shiny bright ideas, inspired and motivated teams that are looking for challenges and risks making sure that they solve big problems in new creative ways and they use these teams to suggest ideas for creative investments and opportunities in digital currencies. They are focused on discovering new industries and funding opportunities. They vision themselves to increase the wealth of the world in a better helpful manner.


7) Union square ventures

They are investors located in New-York. The manage a numerous amount of assets more than US $1 Billion. This particular investor is known for their dedication and their unaltered revenue generation from the funds and also for their smart exit strategy they follow every year. As an investor they keep looking for better opportunities and chances thus leading them to invest in blockchain projects and has invested In block stack labs and coin base.


8) Ribbit capital

They are investors who are focused on constant learning and experience from everything that happens around them and from the mistakes they commit and learn from them to be better the next time. They believe that change will bring new players into the markets and brands thus looking at blockchain and digital currencies as an opportunity to make the world a knowledgeable better place.


9) Fenbushi Capital

They are investors who understand the importance of changing along with the changes in technology and adapting to it and making sure that the changes happen at the right time and place building the company and making sure it grows at an accelerated rate by making the right digital investments and learning from their actions and getting experienced simultaneously.


10) Liberty city ventures

They are investors who are more focused on start-up companies as they believe more that the world changes with new changes that are brought with the changing technology and who is better than a new start-up to adapt and grow with the change. They innovate their business along with the technology and is located in New York.


11) 500 start-ups

They are investors who are looking to invest in similar kind of start-ups and are exploring their opportunities within the markets of digital currencies for better insights to provide.


12) Hashed

They are companies that focused on giving control to the users, empowering them and bringing innovation to the user and their company or business for a future where everything is not controlled by one single entity. Thus, making them to invest in digital currencies.


13) First round capital

They are investors who believe that nothing is impossible and nothing is every too late. There is always a chance for everything to change for the better and thus they are willing to go the length required to make sure they make a name for themselves in the changing markets of digital currencies in the hope for a better world.



They are investors who are looking for parameters for a shared passion, ambition to capture entrepreneurs who are willing to make the change needed for a boosted better success and thus exploring the options of investing in bitcoins and blockchain and other such digital currencies.


15) Launchpad ventures

They are investors who tie up with start-ups from U.S.  and India, assessing the markets and opportunities and focusing on targets that are potential to create value and engage the start-ups for technology adoption and thus creating a better environment. This has allowed them to see the potential of investing in digital currencies.


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